1.2 is a hidden video uploaded on September 25, 2016, together with "1.1". It was discovered by Reddit and is part of the SCRINIARII Code.

(Note: This video contains only one image, and is just 2 seconds long, so it won't have a "Transcript" section.)

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(No description.)

Analysis Edit

After users of Reddit and Discord discovered the secret link to the video "1.1" and the secret image that was in the video (that indicated the keyword "darkness"), these users have discovered a secret link when they join the word "darkness" with the link "" (similar method used in the first puzzle), getting the link "". This link leads to a pastebin with a code in ASCII85 that decodes to a BASE64 code that, when run through several iterations of BASE64, decodes to the URL of this video. "1.2", which is only 2 seconds long, shows the second page of the "East Coast Assembly Manifest", the first page of which was already revealed in the video "The Manifest". In a hidden frame at the end of the video "The Order", a message by the Observer raises a question about the identity of Henka Visæ, a mysterious figure of the cult, the Order, which recruited Mary Asher years ago. This new page of the manifest contains a detailed description of Henka Visæ, as well as a few other members of the cult.

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