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Box Analysis

Box Analysis is the thirteenth episode of TribeTwelve, and the 13th video of season 1. It was uploaded on September 16th, 2010.


I don't know what to do about all this...I am very afraid.


Text: Box Analysis

[Medium shot of Noah.]

Noah: Hey, it's Noah. It's been a while. Sorry about the long wait. My classes have just been catching up with me and I've been really behind in my work. I just had to postpone this video for my sanity's sake. So, I tried my best to analyze the contents of the box that was left outside my door. And this was the crumpled card that was inside. It says...

[The index card appears on-screen with Noah's voice reading it.]


[Cut back to Noah.]

Noah: I don't know what it means. I tried Googling it and I got no results. It just makes no sense. And on the back is... Yeah.

[The back of the card is shown, reading "NOAH" in large letters, with an Operator symbol. The screen cuts to black.]

Text: Electronic Parts

Noah: I went to a tech specialist about the electronic parts. He told me...

[Cut to a table, where all of the electronic parts are neatly lined up.]

Noah: ...that they all belong to various devices, including a VCR, a television, and a video camera.

Text: Cell Phone

Noah: Then I went to a phone shop to try and extract any information off the cell phone.

[Cut back to the table with the electronic parts. Noah holds the phone in front of the camera, as it appears to be going through a startup sequence. The screen is corrupted and nothing can be identified. He presses buttons and the phone appears to be scrolling through photos.]

Noah: The clerk couldn't repair the screen, so he got a similar model phone with the same user interface and used it as a reference to access and transfer the phone's data onto a mini SD card. He tried to get the phone's number and other identification info but he said that it was corrupted or something and it was unretrievable. But, he was, however, able to retrieve a few dozen pictures and three audio files.

Text: Audio Clips

[View of the audio waveform of Audio Clip #1. The clip begins playing a high-pitched noise, raising and lowering in pitch.]

[View of the audio waveform of Audio Clip #2. The clip begins playing what sounds like an outdoors area, with crickets in the background. The sound of someone crying can be heard, which is interrupted by a loud scream. The rest of the video has slight audio feedback, like someone tapped on a microphone.]

[View of the audio waveform of Audio Clip #3. The clip begins playing what sounds like be Noah laughing maniacally. A buzzing noise begins to play, interrupting the laughing for several seconds. The rest of the clip is the Noah's maniacal laughter.]

Text: Pictures

[A picture of someone drawing something.]

[A picture looking down off of a balcony somewhere. The photographer is very high up.]

[A picture of an exit sign on the ceiling in a building.]

[A picture of someone's feet, with their hand getting into the shot.]

[A picture of various sausages and meats at a grocery store.]

[A picture of a forest, with a large field in front of it.]

[A picture inside a forest, on a path.]

[A picture of a hallway in a hotel. A figure, presumably the Administrator, can be seen far at the end of the hallway.]

[A picture of a tray of curly fries, while someone on the other side of the table eats. The left side of the picture is distorted.]

[A picture of an intersection at a stoplight.]

[A picture of the outside of a clothing store, seen from a car. Various faceless mannequins can be seen, including one that looks very similar to the Administrator.]

[A picture of a bookshelf. The books include "Stolen Lives", "Wings of Destiny", "Trio", "Easter Lilly", "His Little Women", and "True Evil".]

[A picture of the back of a minivan/car.]

[A picture of two deer, grazing.

[A picture from inside a forest.]

[A picture from a forest clearing. A tower can be seen near the edge of the forest.]

[A picture from inside a forest. Another small observation tower can be seen.]

[A picture of a squirrel hanging onto a tree.]

[A picture that appears to be of someone's finger blocking the camera. Some distortion to the left.]

[A picture of another forest clearing, with the Administrator standing in the background. His tentacles can be seen, and the left side of the picture is distorted.]

[A picture of a hallway in a building, outside a bathroom. Of note is a tall stick figure.]

[A picture of a graduation ceremony. The left side of the picture is distorted and the Administrator is standing up in a boxed area above the bleachers, his tentacles slightly visible.]

[A picture of some fireworks.]

[A picture of a foggy road at night.]

[A picture of a building, possibly a hospital.]

[A picture of a teenage boy, extremely distorted. The left 3/4 of the picture is blurred.]

[A picture of a person's arm, holding a bottle of water.]

[A picture of what appears to be a dark alley.]

[A picture of a hand holding a red substance, possibly blood from coughing.]

[A blurred picture. Nothing can be seen.]

[A blurred picture of what appears to be the Administrator. His face is red, instead of pale white.]

[Another blurred picture of the Administrator.]

[Another blurred picture of the Administrator.]

[A blurred picture. Nothing can be seen.]

[Another blurred picture. It's difficult to discern what's in it.]

[A blurred picture of Noah's face. Noah is smiling, but in a way that seems to suggest that could be Firebrand, Noah's vessel.]

Text: Tape Footage

Noah: And then, we have the tape.

[Cut to the table with the electronics. Noah holds the tape in front of the camera, moving it around.]

Noah: It took me several hours to untangle and rewind the film back into its cassette. I wanted to be careful. I didn't want to damage it. And, luckily for me, it was all in one piece. I put it back into my camera and I played the whole thing.

[The video from the tape starts playing, with static only.]

Noah: Most of the tape was too badly damaged to be captured, but at one point near the end, I managed to recover some footage.

[The tape starts playing. A blue screen with a Play icon in the corner appears.]

[Most of the video is dark and distorted with static. It appears to involve Noah running around Victor Park at night. Noah walks around a playground. Noah appears to encounter the Administrator and, at the end, Kevin/Observer appears. As the video ends, a frame with a picture of the Administrator standing next to a young boy can be seen.]

[Cut to Noah.]

Noah: To me, that playground looks identical to the one at Victor Park, but I've seen others like it in similar parks around different states, so I'm not gonna jump to conclusions, but just judging from what I can make out, I can see that man again. And I just don't know what to make of it at this point.

Text: The Key

[Cut to the table with the electronics. Noah holds the key in front of the camera.]

Noah: Then, on a hunch, I tested the key out on the doors in my house. It opens my garage door. Now, I don't know if my parents made copies of my house keys and I really don't know how this person got a hold of one, but I called a locksmith and I'm getting my locks changed. I don't know if whoever left me this was trying to send me a message, or scare me or something. I don't know what the message is. The audio and the photos I got from the phone are creepy enough. And the tape. I know it sounds crazy, but I have a feeling that Milo must have had something to do with this.

[The audio becomes louder and the video becomes slightly distorted.]

Noah: His mom won't answer my calls and I don't know what to do, but if any clues pop up, I'll post an update. Until then, Noah Maxwell signing out.

[As Noah grabs his camera, the video begins to stutter at a high speed, getting darker until fading to black. Strange noises similar to the audio clips can be heard.

[A faint black and white image appears at the last frame of the video. It appears to be someone's face. It have the text: "FORGIVE ME".]


  • Whoever owned the phone was very paranoid and knew that they were being stalked by the Administrator. The photos at 3:54 (the clothing store with the mannequins) and 4:10 (the bathroom with the stick figure on the wall) are of objects that resemble the Administrator.
  • Several of the photos shows the Administrator: 3:49 at the end of a hallway of a hotel, 4:08 in a forest, 4:11 at the graduation ceremony, and 4:26–4:29. The last appearances appear to be the Administrator attacking the photographer.
  • During the recovered tape footage:
    • At 5:59, there is a frame with the word "YOU" etched into it, and at 7:30, there is a frame with the word "REMEMBER?" etched into it. These could signify that Milo might have lost his memory and that this was footage he had taken. This would align with the experiences of others who have been stalked by the Administrator. This is supported by the journal entry "campfire".
    • At 7:33, an infrared extreme close-up of the Administrator's tie and head is briefly seen.
    • At 7:57, the Observer, or the glasses-wearing man, is shown. This tape marks his first appearance. Which later revealed that was Kevin, Noah and Milo's friend.
    • At 8:07, the Administrator is seen standing next to Young Milo, and is revealed in Milo's journal entry "tendrils". This image was later included with "The Envelope".
    • Seconds before the footage in the park is shown, when static is playing, a shape is shown that closely resembles a skull.
  • The last frame of the video shows a posterized image of someone (possibly the Observer). Increasing the contrast reveals the words "FORGIVE ME" in the bottom right of the picture.
  • The owner of the cell phone has been confirmed to have been Milo Asher in the journal entry "campfire", who took the pictures after realizing he was being stalked by the Administrator. All the photos Milo took have the Administrator in them minus the storefront picture (which is merely a mannequin that reassembles him).
  • The young boy standing next to the Administrator on the boardwalk is confirmed to also be Milo Asher in the journal entry "tendrils", where Milo describes a dream where he was wrapped in the Administrator's tendrils whilst standing on the boardwalk.
  • The third audio clip, Noah was laughing maniacally to himself creepy, this confirmed in Milo's journal entry "tapes", and last photo, a face of a person grinning maniacally it was Noah grinning (or possibly possessed by his own vessel: Firebrand).
  • On journal's entries "tapes" and "mockingbird", The person who was walking with a white shirt, it's revelead to be Noah, who was sleepwalking around the Victor Park.