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Crawlspace is the fifty-second episode of TribeTwelve, and the 10th video of season 2. It was uploaded on February 27th, 2016.


footage is from december 12 2014 - aug 28 2015

went through months of tape to put it together

theres still a lot to go through


Text: The following footage takes place between dec 12 2014 - aug 28 2015

[Cut to a shot of the floor. A leaf sits on the ground. The journal's whispers are louder, and more audible than in "Fortunes".]

Journal: Don't let me down.

[Noah walks up to the camera and picks it up, holding it up to his face. He looks at it, scowling.]

Journal: Open me.

[Noah sets the camera on a high perch, looking down on his bed, then turns on its night vision and walks away to turn off the light. He walks back to his bed and sits down. The camera cuts as he turns off the lamp on his nightstand.]

Journal: Open me already.

[Noah pulls up his covers and goes to sleep. The footage is sped up as he sleeps. Then, it slows back down to normal.]

Journal: Wake up! Noah, wake up!

[Noah stirs.]

Journal: Wake up, Noah!

[Noah pulls his covers down slightly and turns to sit upright on the edge of his bed. His head is bobbing.]

Journal: Come get me.

[Noah slowly stands up and walks off camera. He comes back holding the journal and sits back down.]

Journal: You'll understand soon.

[Noah holds the journal to his chest and lies back down.]

[Cut to a close-up of a pile of fortune cookies. The camera is bobbing slightly.]

Noah: The more I find these things, the less I open them. Not letting them scare me anymore.

[The camera zooms out to show the cookies filling a cardboard box sitting on Noah's bed.]

Noah: Just kinda... collect 'em now. I mean, hey, I got a... I got a new lucrative hobby, fucking collecting unopened fortune cookies. You want 'em? I mean... mint condition. Shit, I--

[Noah swings his hand out, knocking the box over, spilling the cookies onto his bed.]

Noah: --fucking tons of 'em.

[Cut to Noah's face, dimly lit. The camera shakes around loosely as he holds it limply. Noah pauses, then yawns, then pauses again.]

Noah: ...Hey. [pauses] It's Noah. [pauses] Hey, guys, it's Noah. I've...

[Noah stops, shaking his head.]

Noah: [muttering] ...Fuck.

[Noah pauses again, turning back to the camera.]

Noah: Hey, it's Noah. Um...

[Noah trails off. He turns around his camera. Cut to a shot of Noah's bookshelf as he zooms in on a fortune cookie sitting inside a DVD tray.]

Noah: Fuckers.

[Cut to Noah picking up the tray and taking it to his bed. Noah groans.]

[Cut to Noah sitting on top of his bed, the overhead lights in his room back on. He sighs.]

Noah: [holding up the cookie] One hundred forty-eight.

[Noah looks down and unwraps the cookie. He's about to crack it open, but stops and just looks at it. He sighs again, and eats the cookie whole without bothering to read the fortune inside. He chews for a few seconds before forcing it down. He nods.]

Noah: It was a good one. Yeah. Uh... a lot of wisdom in that one. Thanks.

[Cut to a shot of Noah shaving. Then cut to Noah sitting down, glaring as he holds up the journal.]

Journal: Noah.

[Noah's thumb nudges the journal's lock. His finger feels the strap holding it closed.]

Journal: I have something very special to tell you.

[Noah stops, then turns his head apprehensively. He flips the journal over.]

Journal: Listen.

[Noah holds the journal to his ear. Pause.]

Journal: ...I watch you sleep!

[Noah frowns, then throws the journal aside. He glares at the camera before turning it off.]

[Cut to dimly-lit video of Noah sitting and working with the Sudoku Rubik's Cube. A part of the label comes off.]

Journal: You'll never solve it.

[Noah drops the cube. He takes out a cigarette and lights it.]

[Cut to night vision video of Noah asleep in bed.]

Journal: Wake up!

[Noah turns upright in bed.]

Journal: Take me.

[Noah sits up. Cut as he turns, his head bobbing.]

Journal: Go to the crawlspace.

[Noah stands up and walks toward the camera. He picks it up as the video begins clipping, thudding noises coming from his floor. The camera's video shifts from the usual night-vision green to bright red. An ethereal humming noise begins to sound.]

Journal: Take me.

[Noah picks up the journal. The camera soon shifts back to green.]

Journal: Soon.

[Cut to Noah as he sits at his desk flipping through one of the rolls of hundred-dollar bills from the briefcase.]

Journal: Spend it. Spend it all.

[Noah ignores the journal and continues flipping.]

Journal: It's your only choice.

[Noah stops, finding a fortune sandwiched between two bills. He reads it and sets it on his desk. He goes back to the roll and flips through it, pulling out one bill. He shoves it in his mouth, chewing it and washing it down with alcohol. After swallowing, he coughs. He then holds the fortune up to the camera, which reads: "Nothing is more difficult, and therefore more precious, than being able to decide." He drops it.]

[Cut to dim video of Noah scribbling on a crumpled-up sheet of paper.]

Journal: You'll never find answers this way.

[Cut to a shot of the Manifest under normal lighting.]

Noah: Been making some progress.

[Cut to a close up of a note Noah had written on the corner of the paper: "Who is Henka Visae???"]

Noah: I still don't know...

Journal: Milo knew.

[Quick pan to a note on the other corner: "CALL EDWARD"]

Noah: I gotta call him... but... can't do it.

[Noah zooms back out.]

Noah: I don't want to kill him. I don't him to die.

Journal: All of your friends will die.

Noah: Maybe another day. I'll call him another da--

[Cut to another night-vision shot of Noah sleeping.]

Journal: Wake up!

[Cut as Noah sits up in bed again.]

Journal: Let's go to the boardwalk.

[Noah gets up and walks off-screen. He comes back holding the journal and picks up the camera.]

Journal: Go to the crawlspace.

[Noah walks out of his room and into the main part of his house. Large thudding sounds. Eventually, audio distortion picks up. The camera stops at the refrigerator.]

Journal: Noah.

[Noah walks to the fridge and opens it. The distortion grows louder, accompanied by the same humming noise from earlier.]

Journal: Quick. He's coming!

[Noah pulls out a bottle of alcohol and drinks out of it before putting it back. The humming grows louder.]

Journal: He's right behind you.

[Noah swings the fridge door closed. The Observer is standing behind Noah. Noah holds the camera to his face as he walks back to his room, the Observer following right behind him, holding up a knife. Noah returns to his room and sets his camera back down before collapsing onto his bed. A loud, distorted laugh is heard, then the distortion ends.]

[Cut to Noah reading from a red book titled "Impossible Worlds".]

Journal: Noah?

[Noah turns a page.]

Journal: Hey, Noah? Over here--

Noah: Sssssh!

[Noah lowers his book, revealing the journal sitting beside him. He pulls his book back up.]

Journal: Read me instead. Cut me open. Please.

Noah: [frustrated] Shut up.

Journal: What are you waiting for?

Noah: [more forcefully] Shut up.

Journal: [voice deeper, more demonic] OPEN ME.

Noah: Shut up!

[Noah moves his book back down, showing the journal now standing on its end. Noah is startled, slapping the journal aside.]

Journal: [whispering again] It's only a matter of time.

[Cut to Noah sitting with the journal on his desk. Noah takes a drink from his flask, then drops it back on the table.]

Journal: Noah? What are you doing?

[Noah shifts around some tools on his desk: some scissors, a hex key, a pocketknife, and a safety pin. He picks up the pin and the hex key.]

Journal: Noah. Stop. Don't do it.

[He moves them to the journal's lock. Distortion starts as he works on the lock while the journal pleads with him.]

Journal: Don't do it. It hurts. Please stop. I'm in pain. Please stop.

[Noah throws his tools back, the distortion stopping. He tries using the pocketknife and begins sawing at the strap, distortion starting up again.]

Journal: You're hurting me. I am in pain. Stop it.

[Distortion stops as Noah throws the pocketknife aside and picks up the scissors.]

Journal: No, not that!

[Distortion starts again as Noah holds the scissors to the strap, but can't cut it off.]

Journal: It's going to hurt. Please don't hurt me, Noah. Why do you want to hurt me, Noah?

[Noah throws aside the scissors and picks up a pair of bolt cutters, moving them to the strap. Distortion grows stronger than before.]

Journal: Noah? I'm your cousin. Don't hurt your best friend. Aaah!

[Noah closes the bolt cutters, breathing heavily. He hunches over, sobbing.]

[Cut to a close-up of the strap. The cutters have only nicked it. Noah tries to force it open with his thumb, but it doesn't tear any more]

Journal: I'm in pain.

[Noah shoves the journal aside.]

[Cut to Noah flicking a lighter in front of the camera in pitch darkness.]

Journal: What are you doing?

[Noah holds the journal closer to the flame every time he flicks the lighter on.]

Journal: Are you going to burn me?

[Distortion starts. Noah holds the book right over the flame.]

Journal: Again? Everything will be lost. It will hurt me.

[Noah grimaces, the lighter flicking back out. Noah tries to keep the flame going, but he can't hold it.]

Journal: You will miss me. We're friends, aren't we? Friends don't burn friends. You're my best friend.

[Noah drops the journal, sobbing. The lighter goes out.]

Journal: Sssssh. It's okay.

Noah: [sobbing] I can't do it. I can't do it, Milo. I can't burn you. I can't burn you. Not again. I can't burn you again.

Journal: You did the right thing.

Noah: I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry--

[Cut to Noah re-watching "Submission #2" in the dark. A tear runs down his cheek.]

Past Noah: This boardwalk is always so peaceful.

Past Milo: Yeah.

Past Noah: Remember when we came here back in '03? They didn't have, like, any of this built yet.

Past Milo: That'd be true.

Past Noah: Aw, man...

Past Milo: That'd be true.

Past Noah: I remember this. I haven't been up here in ages.

Journal: You need to go back.

Past Noah: Man, I love the view from up here.

Past Milo: Yeah, it's definitely something.

Past Noah: Yeah, you can see the whole mangrove forest. Goes on for miles.

[Cut to Noah watching a different video: "Bridge to Nowhere".]

Past Jeff: You can't be— you're not gonna be the hero of this.

Past Noah: You're not making any sense—

Past Jeff: If you wanna help anybody, that's all you can do. You gotta kill yourself. It's... it's just the only solution—

Past Noah: I... I don't understand—

Past Jeff: And just stop filming this shit, and... kill yourself.

[Noah plays the clip back several times before pausing the video.]

Journal: Noah. You know what you have to do.

[Noah clenches his fist and slams down the Esc key.]

[Cut to another night vision shot of Noah sleeping.]

Journal: Noah?

[Distortion begins.]

Journal: He's here.

[The Observer walks onscreen.]

Journal: Noah?

[He stands above Noah's bed, leaning over briefly before standing back upright. The video speeds up through the night as the Observer stands in front of the bed while Noah tosses and turns. The video returns to normal speed, and the Observer twists his head with a crack to face the camera. He teleports in front of it as the video once again shifts red, distortion picking up.]

Observer: [distorted] Come play with us at the boardwalk, Noah.

[He breaks into laughter and sinks out of sight. The distortion ends, the video shifting back to green.]

Journal: Maybe you should listen to him.

[Cut to Noah re-watching the video of the Observer taken that night. He pauses it.]

Noah: Yeah. That's him. I don't know if I call him, is... is that even possible at this point? Eat shit. He probably wants me to do that. Now--

[Noah looks down.]

Noah: Really? Really?

[The camera tilts down to his slippers.]

Noah: That's a new spot for a fortune.

[Noah pulls his foot out of one. A leaf sits inside.]

Journal: What's that, Noah?

Noah: Hmm.

[Noah pulls it out and looks at it.]

Journal: Do you see that?

[Noah turns and sees leaves scattered under his desk.]

Noah: ...The fuck?

[Noah kneels down and picks up a small stem of two leaves.]

Journal: Maybe you should take a closer look.

Noah: Okay.

[Noah gets up, only to find that he's been teleported to the foot of the observation tower at the boardwalk. Noah starts crying out in fear. He hears cackling.]

Noah: No... no...

[Noah walks out, seeing the long stretch of the boardwalk on either side of him. The laughing continues.]

Noah: Fuck... fuck...

[Noah turns his camera, finding himself back inside his house.]

Noah: Okay. Hallucination. I'm alright. Uh...

[Noah walks back to his room and looks at his computer's time.]

Journal: That was very real.

Noah: What time is it, it's... 5:01, okay, we're-- just a little hallucination, is all, we're alright. A-okay. Haven't been better.

[Cut to Noah watching his camera footage from just before that moment.]

Noah: Huh. Looks like my camera was hallucinating too. Wow, what a coincidence. Jinkies, Scoob, let's split up and solve this fuckin' mystery, huh?

[Cut to Noah sitting opposite his desk.]

Noah: Okay.

[Noah crouches down and swipes the leaves out from under his desk. He then crouches under it.]

Noah: I'm waiting.

[He glances at the camera.]

Noah: Okay, come on. You trying-- you trying to tell me somethin'? Hmm?

Journal: Are you sure about that?

[Noah jostles the drawer above him with his head.]

Noah: Come on! What the fuck are you waiting for--

[Distortion starts and then ends as Noah disappears. The camera tilts up by itself as distortion returns, Noah reappearing in his house as several leaves fling across his hallway. Noah runs to his camera.]

Noah: Holy shit.

[Noah picks it up and comes back to his hallway. He looks at the leaves on the ground, then finds another fortune. He kneels down to look at it; it reads, "Our truest life is when we are in our dreams awake." Noah's hand shakes.]

Noah: Tomorrow. I'm going tomorrow.

[Noah crumples up the fortune as the camera cuts out.]

[Cut to night-vision video of Noah sleeping.]

Journal: Noah. Wake up. It is time. Time to go.

[Cut to Noah sitting up.]

Journal: Get up.

[Noah stands up.]

Journal: That's it.

[Cut to Noah returning with the journal, sitting back on his bed.]

Journal: The boardwalk is calling for you.

[Noah turns to the camera as it cuts to him walking toward it. Noah smiles as he picks it up.]

Journal: Now. Go.

[Noah begins to walk toward the crawlspace.]

Journal: That's it.

[Red distortion returns as Noah kneels in front of the crawlspace.]

Journal: Good.

[Noah's view shifts from the floorboards of his house to the planks of the boardwalk. He stands up, once again below the observation tower.]

Journal: Goooooooood.

[Noah walks out, back to where the boardwalk branches off to either side.]

Journal: Very good, Noah.

[Noah turns his camera to see the long stretch of the boardwalk in front of him.]

Journal: Welcome to our home.

[Cut to Noah as he walks down the boardwalk.]

Journal: Thank you for bringing me. I'm proud of you. You're a very good listener.

[Cut to Noah reaching the edge of the boardwalk. He looks out over the water and sets the journal down on the railing, then his camera opposite it. He steps away, his back turned to the camera.]

Journal: I'm going to miss you.

[Noah puts his hand on the journal, then lets it drop off.]

Journal: It's been fun. Enjoy your stay.

[Noah falls to his knees, then onto his rear. He snaps out of his trance, then gets up and realizes where he is. He grabs the journal and his camera, and runs back. Ghostly laughter fills the woods.]

Noah: Fuck. It's a dream. It's just a dream. This is a bad dream. Just like all the others. Yeah!

[Noah stops, the laughing growing more distorted as he pans up. The image tears before the camera focuses on the Administrator standing at the opposite end of the boardwalk. Noah turns around to see the Administrator now standing right behind him. He falls on his back as the figure raises his arms, which split into ten. Noah sees the journal sitting between them, then tries to reach for it. He's teleported back to his house, the journal gone, a fortune in its place. Noah turns off his camera's night-vision.]

Noah: No. No!

[Noah inches up to the fortune, which reads: "Your problem just got bigger. Think what you have done."]

Noah: That's unfair.

[He drops the fortune and stands up.]

Noah: [shouting] That's not fair! No! No! That's not fair!

[Noah gets up and grabs his jacket, his shoes, and his keys. He runs out to his door.]

Noah: Fuck. Fuck.

[Noah's hand shakes as he struggles with his keys.]

Noah: Shit!

[Cut to Noah driving.]

Noah: Why didn't I just open it? Why didn't I just open it, huh? You had months. You had a whole fucking year! You had all the time you needed. You stupid fuck! This is your fault! This is all your fault! Why didn't I just open it!? [sobs] You fucking idiot! You had so much time! You had all the time you needed! And then they fucking just took it! Like that! Like it was nothin'!


Noah: [sobs] It was my only lead! And you kept it closed! I fucking hate you!

[He honks his car's horn.]



Noah: It's still there, huh? Maybe it's still there. Maybe I'm gonna go and maybe it's gonna be right there where I left it, you know, you-- woah, maybe he left it, ha!

[Noah picks up his camera. Cut to him pulling into the parking lot outside Victor Park.]

Noah: It is... it is... here we go...

[Noah parks his car and grabs his things. As he opens the car door, the day wipes to night.]

Noah: What the fuck... what the fuck...

[Noah gets back inside his car and sits for a while. He opens his car door a few times, about to get out, but stops himself each time.]

Noah: Shit...

[Noah takes a few deep breaths, and then shoves the car door open and gets out. He shuts the car door behind him and walks to the boardwalk. He tries to turn on the night vision, but the video immediately turns red and the distorted music resumes until he switches it back off.]

Noah: Oh. Okay.

[The video cuts out. The final frame of the video is a black and white image of Noah standing at the end of the boardwalk with his camera with Future Noah's face grinning on the right side. There are words in Firebrand's font saying "The night has just begun."]


  • The titular crawlspace was first mentioned in "Fortunes".
  • The book Noah is seen to be reading is a real novel by M.C. Escher and Bruno Ernst, describing the philosophy behind the artist's famous mathematically-themed lithographs.
  • According to Noah's Twitter, August 28th, the date the video ended, was the same date the Observer took over his Twitter and answered fans' questions.
    • After the events of the video, Noah somehow retrieved the journal from the Collective, since he posted on November (3 months after the events of the video) a picture of the journal opened on his Twitter.
  • At 25:45, there's a note on the desk that says "TIME TO GO". It can been seen right before Noah's trip to the boardwalk.
  • The journal says that it's Noah's cousin, Milo.
  • This video marks the Observer's most prominent appearance on-camera outside of his own black-and-white videos.

Notes & Speculation

  • Milo's journal may be possessed by multiple different members of the Collective, the most obvious and prevalent being the Observer himself. However, in the video the journal comforts Noah after he tries to burn it. This could mean that it is in fact Mr. Scars, which is also a widely accepted theory. Though it is strange of Mr. Scars to torment Noah as was shown, it could be simply because of the "lesson" Noah needs to learn.
  • The reverse music when the red night vision starts is: "Ástiðir - Heyr Heyr himna smiður"