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Extraordinary Circumstances

Extraodinary Circumstances is the forty-third episode of TribeTwelve, and the 3rd video of season 2. It was uploaded on September 6th, 2013.


I opened it. This is what was inside. I'm bewildered. I was tempeted not to upload this, but there's no use in hiding anything at this point. It needs to be documented.


[Noah is sitting on a bed in his house, the briefcase closed in front of him.]

Noah: Alright everybody, Mary might be dead and all, but I got the briefcase right here. I'm unsure how it got here, or who brought it. Maybe Mr. Scars, but whatever, it is fucking here, and that is all that matters. So, in the "DEUS EX MACHINA" video, Firebrand says that "the combo is just the beginning."

[Clip from "DEUS EX MACHINA" plays, showing the briefcase lock with numbers scrolling past and the text ,"The combo is just the beginning."]

Noah: Now, that could mean a whole bunch of things. So, um, I got my viewer base to, uh, come up with a whole bunch of numerically significant combinations so I wouldn't have to go through the tedious bullshit of going through every single possible combination. Who knows how long I would be here if I had to do that? But I got a whole bunch of hunches, and I got this possible list of combinations.

[Noah holds up a piece of paper with typed 6-digit combinations titled "POSSIBLE COMBOS". There are notes in the margins pointing to specific ones.]

Noah: Got a whole lot here, hopefully one of them is my golden ticket into this baby.

[Noah pats the briefcase, then sighs loudly.]

Noah: But uh... yeah, if none of these work... we might be here for a while. Well, let's get to it.

[After a cut, Noah inspects the paper again.]

Noah: Okay, uh, a lot of these are dates, 'cause dates are numerically significant, so... what about my birthday?

[Noah sets the lock.]

Noah: 11-11-91. 

[He tries it and the briefcase doesn't open. Faint visual and audio distortion lead up to the moment, but cease as soon as the combo is tried.]

Noah: Nothing. Okay, um... what about... how about, for shits and giggles, let's try 111-111, because it's a recurring thing. 

[Noah sets the locks and tries it, but the briefcase doesn't open. The video and audio distortion continue to lead up to the moment of trying the combo, but cut out right as Noah tries the latches.]

Noah: No.

[He looks at the paper again.]

Noah: 05-28-10. That's May 28, 2010, which is the date of Milo's death.

[He tries the combo and checks the latches. The briefcase is still closed. The visual and audio distortion continue to come up in the same style of the previous distortion.]

Noah: No. Okay, let's try, uh... the date that my first video was uploaded, which was... June 4th, 2010, which translates to 642010. 

[He inputs the combo and tries the briefcase. The latches flip open.]

Noah: [Laughing.] Woo! That was easy! Oh man, saved me a lot of trouble. Fuck this! 

[He crumples the 'possible code' paper into a ball and throws it over his shoulder.

Noah: Oh man... 

[He places his hands on either side of the briefcase.

Noah: Oh, oh... okay... hopefully it's not a big scary fucking mouth. 

[Heavier distortion, then Noah opens the briefcase.]

Noah: Wait a minute... wait a minute, I know this stuff. Wait a minute, I know this stuff! Hold on a second...

[He pulls out a white Rubik's cube.]

Noah: This is... this is stuff I gave to Milo. This is the Rubik's cube I gave to Milo when he left in 2008. It's so old... but this is it! 

[Noah tosses the Rubik's cube aside and picks up a sheet of paper from inside the briefcase.]

Noah: [reading] "Dear Noah. May this case filled with my old belongings somehow aid you in fighting whatever is playing us. Unfortunately, by the time that you receive this, I'll surely be dead. I am sorry that I cannot explain more because I think it may jeopardize my life under the recent extraordinary circumstances of my current existence, but I think you'll be able to figure it out in the end. I trust you, old friend. Love, Milo Asher." This is... this is crazy.

[Noah tosses the letter to the side, then notices the journal and grabs it out of the briefcase.]

Noah: Oh my god! Th-This is it! This is his journal! 

[Noah hugs the journal to his chest, smiling widely.]

Noah: Yes! Fucking jackpot! Oh my god! I mean it - it has a lock on it but... but it's here!

[He hugs the journal again.]

Noah: It's here, man! Yes! Fucking score one for Noah, man! 

[He sighs happily, then laughs.

Noah: It's still here. Finally! Finally, might be able to get some fucking answers! 

[Noah sets the journal aside.]

Noah: What else is in here? Shoes... Oh! Wait a minute! Wait a minute, wait a minute, oh shit! These are the shoes I gave Milo! Oh my god, these are my shoes! Oh shit, I totally forgot. When Milo left, he said that he needed shoes, for some reason. So, I had an old pair of my old shoes, and I gave it to him--

[Noah takes out a shoe and tilts it, causing a tape with the intersecting eyes symbol to fall into sight.]

Noah: Excuse me? Uh, more tapes? Guess you wanted me to see something? Okay then. Is that it?  

[Noah throws the shoes out of the briefcase onto the bed, along with the tape. He feels around the "bottom" of the briefcase.]

Noah: What is this, black paper? There's something else under this. What are you hiding?

[Noah lifts the black paper out of the briefcase, revealing an expression of shock. He tosses away the paper. After a long pause, he takes out packs of $100 dollar bills, then twirls the camera off of the tripod, and points it at the briefcase, revealing even more packs of $100s. Distortion occurs as Noah points the camera at the inside of the briefcase.]

Noah: I...I'm rich?

[A voice suddenly comes from behind Noah.]

Firebrand: It wasn't easy...

[Noah quickly turns around to see himself, as Firebrand, standing in the doorway to his room and smiling.]

Firebrand: But you can thank me later.

[Suddenly, massive distortion occurs, change all color to black and white, and Firebrand's "Collective" visage appears shortly before returning to normal.]

Firebrand: Bye for now.

[Firebrand walks out of view, and Noah runs after him, distortion accompanying him. Noah looks both directions, and turns on the light, but doesn't see Firebrand anywhere. Noah then shuts off the light, shuts the door to his room, retreats to the open briefcase, and stares at it and its contents.]

Noah: Extraordinary circumstances...

[Cut to black, before revealing an image of Firebrand, with text saying, "Try not to spend it all."]


  • In the last hidden frame, Firebrand says: "Try not spend it all.", refering to the money that was in the briefcase. 
  • There is a note saying "Hello everyone" when Firebrand appears in the video (can be spotted in the bookshelf around 7:55 mark) 
  • Firebrand/Noah looks a little bit healthier/younger than the present Noah.
  • Oddly, Firebrand seems happy, despite their current situation.
  • When asked about it on his page, Noah responded that the money totaled up to about $100,000, and he also posted the same information on his Twitter and mentioned it in "Case Findings".

Notes & Speculation

  • Due to Firebrand looking healthier/younger, and him being happy, this could be Firebrand from before he was freed. Alternatively, it could also mean that Firebrand is back in the Collective, either by his own doing or because he gave up Milo's Journal.
  • Another possibility is that this Firebrand is an alternate version of Noah, created out of the events of "The Live Stream Incident", if Firebrand hadn't stopped the Observer.