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Livestream- Valentine's Day 2012

The full version uploaded on Noah's channel.

On February 14th, 2012, Noah hosted a livestream on his Stickam account. Most of it was recorded and uploaded to the Stickam playback servers, but was thought to be lost when Stickam shut down. During season 2, Noah finds the old livestreams that he held years prior on his computer.

It was then uploaded to his channel on Febuary 15th, 2015, five days after he first uploaded the "August 29th Livestream".


this is the second livestream i had recorded on stickam back in february of 2012
26:50 - observer begins posting messages on my twitter
1:37:49 - mom calls about john fletchers murder
1:45:35 - sarah calls me for the last time
1:53:23 - i take headache relief pills that observer replaced with some sort of seditives that end up drugging me into a paralysis
2:03:33 - i see the keeper standing in the corner of the room
2:08:08 - ?


Noah hosts a stream session for Valentine's Day. He films it in a guest room in his house, instead of his bedroom. When asked about Kevin, Noah mentions that he does not keep in contact with him. He tries calling Kevin but gets his voicemail.

The Observer posts a tweet to Noah's Twitter, posting an image of one of Noah's dreams. Noah uses his Twitter to his advantage and begins asking the Observer questions through it. Noah begins asking about each member of the Collective. The Observer responds to each question with a title of the member, a text symbol of a chess piece (black or white), and an image of the member. When asked who the Collective are, the Observer responds with "allofus", along with a set of black and white chess piece symbols, with two white pawns separated from the group. The Observer says that he wants to fulfill his purpose, which is to complete his session. His session is "whatkilledmilo". Noah is told to ask "existential" questions. The Observer tells Noah that "all this" is a game that Noah is supposed to play with the Collective, and it's the Collective's move. The prize and rules of the game are unknown, and the Observer says that only a few people have managed to win. The name of the game is "life". The Observer stops answering Noah's questions.

Noah tries calling Kevin several times, saying that he knows Kevin has his phone on, due to his voicemail message. Kevin answers and was sleeping when Noah called. Noah covers for himself, saying that he wanted to ask about homework for their Philosophy class. Noah suspects that Kevin was lying about being asleep. Noah tries calling Mary Asher. She doesn't have a voicemail message, but Noah hears Mary hang up the phone when he calls. He tries again, but Mary turns off her phone. Noah gives up, saying that his only choice is to find the journal.

Noah gets a call from his mother. John Fletcher was found dead in his car, by a bullet to the head. The police believe it was a suicide, but they aren't ruling out murder. Noah's mother believes that Mary might have killed him. Noah agrees, citing Mary's insanity. No evidence was found in the car.

Noah begins to wonder about the identity of Cursor. He believes that it could be Mary or his mother, because they both look similar to the woman in the photo. After ignoring claims from the chat that it could be Sarah, he receives a call from Sarah herself, who is watching the stream. Sarah tells Noah that Kat was found dead from stab wounds and, after the events of "Thanksgiving Footage: Day 2", Sarah believes it was Noah who killed Kat. She tells him that the neighbors saw a man with ripped clothes and a knife. Noah denies it, telling her that he had night classes for the past several days, making it impossible for him to have been near Kat. Sarah tells Noah that she's been seeing the Administrator, starts crying, and hangs up.

Noah blames himself, saying that he shouldn't have watched the 2008 tape. Noah takes 2 Excedrin pills for a headache. After midnight (EST), Noah says that he feels weird. Checking the pills, he finds that they weren't Excedrin. He begins to slur his words. Noah tries to call the paramedics, but has trouble dialing 911 and finds that his phone has no signal. Noah lies back and starts staring off into the distance. He says he sees the Administrator standing in the corner of the room, wondering where he misplaced his face. Noah says that he can't move. He says that the experience is interesting, not scary. He asks the keeper to play a game. Noah realizes that the game has been played since the beginning, and that he was always playing it. He starts crying. The screen turns black. Noah's crying turns into a fit of laughter, which persists for a few minutes until the stream ends.

After the stream, the Observer tweets that he and his keeper are wondering whether they should take Noah. He says that his keeper will let the Twitter followers decide. After a while, the Observer says that they will not take Noah and skips his "turn". He says that it is Noah's turn to move and only he can make it "fun".

It's notable that during the live chat, multiple people had said that as Noah moved closer to the camera, it would emit some sort of distortion. However, this was most likely mass paranoia, as there was no way that Noah could have applied these effects as he was recording.


  • 26:50 - The Observer begins posting messages on Noah's Twitter.
  • 1:37:49 - Noah's mother calls about John Fletcher's murder.
  • 1:45:35 - Sarah calls Noah for the last time.
  • 1:53:23 - Noah takes headache relief pills that Observer replaced with some sort of seditives that end up drugging him into a paralysis.
  • 2:03:33 - Noah sees the Administrator standing in the corner of the room.
  • 2:08:08 - Noah begins to laugh hysterically.