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Halloween Hotel

Halloween Hotel is the thirtieth episode of TribeTwelve, and the 30th video of season 1. It was uploaded on November 1st, 2011.


This footage was taken today, October 31st, 2011. I'm staying at a hotel for Halloween. He is here and he is fucking with me. As you can see on the tape, I was filming in the afternoon and then suddenly found myself inexplicably in the middle of the night. This was all one continuous shot, mind you. I don't understand exactly what the hell just happened, but I'm losing my shit right now. I'm locking myself in my room and hoping this video uploads on the shitty hotel internet.


[Cut to the inside of Noah's car. The camera is on the dashboard, facing Noah.]

Noah: Hey, guys, it's Noah. I'm on the road right now. I've decided to check myself into a hotel for Halloween, because A, I don't want to be bugged by trick-or-treaters, I don't want to deal with their bullshit right now. And B, because of the warning signs that I'm getting. So hopefully, I'm gonna check myself into a hotel. Hopefully, just circumvent any sort of bullshit that those things that are fucking with me wanna cause. Hopefully, I can get around these next few days without any trouble.

[Jump cut.]

Noah: I recently got a Twitpic posted on my Twitter account without my permission by, who else but the fucking Observer.

[The Twitpic appears on-screen.]

Noah: And it's very threatening. And it's like this hand coming out of this eyeball, I-I don't know, symbolically. He's trying to be a fucking hipster and telling me this, all this shit. Symbolically. I don't want to deal with his riddles right now. I just want to live my life, take my classes, do my work, and... just... not have to deal with any of them. But yeah, on the palm of that hand was written a date, "11-11-11". He has a fetish for ones, apparently, and the problem is... 11/11 is my birthday, November 11th. And if he's trying to signify something by that, I don't know. I just, I don't know what he's going to try to do. So I'm trying to make myself as safe as possible.

[Jump cut. Noah adjusts the camera.]

Noah: Right now, I don't understand this Observer guy. He wants me to do things that I am unable to do. I do not have the ability to perform these actions. Like, go to the boardwalk. He knows I'm not gonna do it, because of the last shit that he pulled with his buddies, over at the nature trail at Victor Park. No, I'm not going back. And he knows that. And he wants me to get the journal that I know Grandpa Karl has. I know he has it. He wants me to go and get it, but, 1, Karl's not gonna let me in, and 2, I don't even know where it is! He's pretty much telling me, "Hey, squirrel! Go climb this skyscraper and get this watermelon, and bring it back down to me." I can't do that! It is out of my physical limitations. And right now, I am just totally sick of running from these assholes, like I'm doing right now. It's just... it's inhumane. And... I just want to live a normal life. Not being a marathon runner, running from these guys.

[Noah puts on a pair of sunglasses.]

Noah: Fucking sun... Sorry if I'm rambling, I'm just... trying to keep my eyes on the road and I wanna get to this hotel and calm the fuck down. So, I'll talk to you guys later.

[Noah turns off the camera. Cut to the front of the hotel. The camera is facing away from Noah as he parks.]

Noah: Okay, here's the cheapest hotel I could find. Hopefully, it's pretty decent, doesn't have cockroaches everywhere. I'm gonna be staying here for Halloween, 'cause I don't want any shit going down at my house.

[Noah parks his car.]

Noah: And we're here.

[Distortion occurs. Something in the hotel window appears to be moving. Cut to Noah entering the hotel.]

Noah: It's a nice little quaint place. Nice place to spend my Halloween.

[Cut to a hallway.]

Noah: Alright, I'm in the hotel. I am Room 320. Here we are. Let me get my key out. ...Alright. How does this shit work...?

[Noah swipes his room key and opens the door. He enters the room. There are two beds.]

Noah: What the hell? I asked for a single, but they gave me a double. They have a dinette, that's cool. Way to... remind me that I'm forever alone.

[Noah sighs and walks in front of a large mirror that is behind the second bed and waves.]

Noah: Hello! Big-ass mirror.

[Cut to black. Cut to the inside of Noah's room. Someone is knocking on the door.]

Noah: Who the fuck could that be?

[More knocking.]

Noah: Go away!

[The knocking becomes faster.]

Noah: Not gonna answer. Not going to answer.

[The person at the door begins pounding loudly on the door. Noah gets up to investigate.]

Noah: Who is it?

[Distortion occurs. The knocking continues as Noah goes up to the door. He points the camera through the peephole and sees nothing. He opens the door and finds the hallway to be empty. Noah looks at a window at the end of the hallway. It is daytime.]

Noah: Who's there?

[Noah turns right and starts walking down the hallway.]

Noah: Hello?

[Noah enters a small room with a vending machine. Distortion. Noah, facing away from the entrance to the room, turns around and finds himself inside his room.]

Noah: What the fuck!

[Noah opens the door and the video becomes distorted again. He goes through the door, only to appear inside his room again.]

Noah: What the fuck!

[Noah exits his room and appears to come out of the door to his room's bathroom. He turns right and opens his room's door again, ending up in a completely different hallway.]

Noah: What the hell's going on?

[Noah looks at the window across the hallway. It is now nighttime.]

Noah: Wasn't that just...?

[Distortion. Noah turns right and starts walking down the hallway again. He notices a sign marking Room 223, meaning that he is now on the floor below his floor.]

Noah: What the fuck... How did I get a floor down...?

[Noah starts running down the hallway. He gets to the elevator and pushes the button to go up. It opens and he gets inside.]

Noah: It's all fucking mind games... It's all it is... Oh, he's fucking with me. I'm not gonna take it. No way in hell. No way.

[Distortion. More distortion as the elevator door opens, getting more intense as Noah leaves. Noah leaves the elevator and runs toward his room. He takes out his room key. He runs past his room, turns around, and runs to the door. He swipes the key several times before the door opens. Distortion. Noah re-enters his room. It is now daytime.]

Noah: What? What?

[Distortion. Noah goes back out into the hallway. The Observer can be seen for a moment leaning out of the room with the vending machine.]

Noah: I see you!

[Noah starts running toward the vending machine room. No one is inside. Noah slowly backs out of the room. Distortion. Noah turns toward his room. The Observer is leaning out of the open door.]

Noah: Hey! Get the hell out of my room!

[Noah attempts to unlock the door, accidentally dropping the key.]

Noah: Fucking key! Ugh!

[The video stutters. Noah swipes the key several times.]

Noah: Come on! Work!

[Distortion. Noah opens the door and appears inside his room's bathroom. He turns around and is somehow outside his bathroom, facing his room's window. It is now nighttime.]

Noah: Oh... Fuck this shit!

[Noah locks his room's door and shuts the bathroom door.]

Noah: I've had it with these fucking mind games! Fuck...

[Noah walks over to his window and looks outside.]

Noah: It's fucking nighttime...

[Noah walks over to the nightstand and looks at the clock. The time is 3:43.]

Noah: How is it... Oh god...

[Noah turns to his bed, where a paper version of the intersecting eyes symbol lies. Noah removes the pieces of paper and finds a note underneath that reads "HAPPY HALLOWEEN NOAH". Distortion as Noah turns the note over. The back of the note reads "11-11-11".]

Noah: Fuck!

[Noah starts yelling and lies down on the other bed. Cut to black. Audio distortion for one second. An image appears of a pair of pumpkins, one with the intersecting eyes symbol on it, that reads "HAPPY HALLOWEEN NOAH".]


  • The picture at 0:56 has a base64 code across the top which, when translated, reads "getreadyforabigsurprise justlookintoyourowneyes."
  • At about 3:56, during the distortion, something appears to be moving in the window of the hotel. This could be the Observer watching Noah, or it may simply be a reflection caused by Noah's movement.
  • The man with glasses that is believed to be the Observer appears in the video twice; At 7:16, leaning out of a small vending machine area at the end of the hallway, and at 7:34, leaning out of Noah's room. Both appearances result in the Observer disappearing when Noah enters the area he was in.
  • The Observer displays the ability to manipulate space and time, as well as teleportation. Noah attempted to exit his room several times, only to re-enter it. The time of day also appears to change, seen when Noah looks at different windows.
  • The last frame of the video has an image of two pumpkins: A large one, wearing sunglasses and with a nose-hole and teeth like a skull, and a small one with the intersecting eyes symbol on it. The image is captioned "HAPPY HALLOWEEN NOAH".
  • The customer that walks out at 4:08 is wearing a Doctor Who shirt that has an alien antagonist known as "The Silence" on the front. Both "The Silence" and the Administrator are noted for having uncanny similarities.
  • From Noah's movements, the slight asymmetricality of his face and the road signs flashing by on the left, it's easy to tell that the video's been swapped vertically and Noah's filming from the passenger seat of the car. This could be OOG (can't film while driving) or IG (another person is driving the car). The latter might be used as evidence that Noah isn't a reliable narrator.