INTERRUPTION is the twenty-eighth episode of TribeTwelve, and the 28th video of season 1. It was uploaded on August 28th, 2011.



(Noah here: this video played during my most recent live stream without my knowing and was simultaneously uploaded here on my YouTube channel without my permission. The whole hour long live stream will be posted soon.)


[Note: Given that this is a "Collective" video, there are no spoken words to transcribe; below is the text that appears in the video in chronological order.]

[Static, as if viewing the video on a VHS tape. One frame can be seen with "LINE" in the corner, suggesting that this was the case. A screen with computer code is seen. The Observer appears and smiles at the camera.]


[His face fades to black.]


[The intersecting eyes symbol appears on his face, with a spinning eyeball in the center. The screen fades to a shot of someone, running through what appears to be Victor Park. The Administrator appears and the camera zooms in on its face.]


[Fade to footage from "Submission 3" of Milo looking around Noah's house with a flashlight and camera. Cut to a medium shot of Milo staring at the camera.]



[Milo reaches toward the camera. Fade to footage of Noah's grandfather, Karl, walking outside his house. An wall of text showing the word "KILL" repeated several times appears over Karl. Fade to footage of a journal. A hand grabs it.]


[Fade to a shaking image of a spilled bottle of pills, next to a hand lying on the ground.]


[Fade to footage from "The Device" of Noah holding the solar panel part of the device with the intersecting eyes symbol on it that reads "WE ARE LISTENING". Fade to a shot looking up at the Administrator, who moves toward the camera.]


[Tilt up to the Observer smiling. The camera shifts around as he appears to be laughing.]


[Cut back to the Administrator.]


[Cut back to the Observer. He remains still for several seconds, then jumps at the camera, zooming in on his face, with a loud scream playing in the background. Cut back to the Administrator, who jumps toward the camera, its tentacles appearing behind it. Several frames appear, distorted by static. One is of several people standing together, with the text "WE ARE WAITING NOAH". One is of an eye, with text that says "KEEP THOSE EYES OPEN".]


  • Previously, Noah posted a link to the live stream in the description that no longer works, as Stickam has since been shut down.
  • The description when translated from Base-64 reads: "THISISYOURWARNING".
  • The Observer interrupted Noah's Stickam stream on August 28, 2011 and played this video. Noah called the cops and found a piece of paper that said "I'M WAITING" slipped under his door.
  • The code shown at the start of the video is a Machine Language Script on a Commodore 64; from the given data Line 10 should read "10 FOR I  = 49152 TO 49275".
  • The audio that plays through the majority of the video is a reversed and distorted version of the song "Mr. Sandman" by the Chordettes. A few lines from the song appear to be significant; One verse seems to be describing the Observer, or the figure with glasses that appears in the video: "Mr. Sandman/Bring us a dream/Give him a pair of eyes with a come-hither gleam". Another line refers to "lots of wavy hair", which resembles the figure in the video. Another line, "Bring us a dream", possibly relates to a strange dream Noah had, where he was running through a forest in Victor Park. There is also one more reference to this song in another video, "Summer Update". On Noah's wall is a poster that says "SANDEMAN".
  • Similar footage of Milo from during "Submission 3" was used in "HELLOTHERE". In that video, it was filmed from a higher position in Noah's kitchen. In this video, the camera is in a room, looking through a doorway. This looks similar to the position of the Administrator in the doorway at the end of Submission 3, suggesting that the Observer uses the Administrator to watch Noah and Milo.
  • The intersecting eyes symbol with the spinning eyeball in the center also appeared in "COMECLOSER".
  • The text that appears over Milo, "THE VIRUS IS SPREADING", is possibly related to text in "COMECLOSER" that reads "YOU ARE CORRUPTED". After "THE VIRUS IS SPREADING" is shown, a video of Karl with the word "KILL" over him many times appears. This may suggest that the Observer is targeting anyone related to Milo.