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Introduction - In Memory of Milo Asher is the first episode of TribeTwelve. It was uploaded on June 4th, 2010.


In Memory of Milo Asher.
1988 - 2010
Edit: Milo was actually born in 1988, not 1990. Just rectified it.


Text: This channel’s original purpose was to showcase my Judaic Studies video project focusing on The Twelve Tribes of Israel. The project was unexpectedly cancelled by my teacher. It was never finished. Instead of making a new account for the following records I intend to post, I decided to use this one instead.

My cousin, Milo Asher, and I were close friends since we were very young. We always visited each other frequently, despite being in different states. Although highly intelligent and socially normal, Milo was troubled. He frequently visited many psychiatrists because of personal issues. He never wanted to discuss them with me. In May of 2008, he visited me from out of state for the weekend. Having just bought my new video camera, I decided to film us. After that, Milo returned home and lost contact with me. This was the last time I saw or heard from him. He didn't contact me for over two years. Because we were such close friends, it was unusual for him not to call me. He always used to call a few times every month. I really should have called and kept in touch with him. But, for whatever reason, neither of us called one another.

Last week, May 28, I received a phone call from Milo's mother. It was the first call I had gotten from his residence since May of 2008. Milo was found dead in his bedroom. He had overdosed on his medication.

In honor of his memory, I have decided to post film of Milo and I taken when we were last together on this channel in memoriam. After searching high and low, I found the tape buried deep in the confines of my garage. The following archive footage was taken in May of 2008. It is the only recorded video of Milo that I have.

In Memory of Milo Asher 1990 - 2010


  • There is a deep, eerie bass noise playing throughout the video.
  • The first shot is of the boardwalk, shown in "Submission #2" and then the nature trail shown in "Submission #4" at Victor Park. At the end, a photo of Milo Asher is shown. There is some image stretching on the right side of the photo.
  • The Administrator appears hidden in the background of the "In Memory of Milo Asher" picture, concealed in plain sight to the left of Milo.
  • At the very end of the video, the Operator symbol (an O with an X through it, meant to represent the Administrator's lack of a face) is shown at a very low opacity for a few frames. This symbol is more prominent in the Marble Hornets series, being rarely used in TribeTwelve. The name "Operator symbol" came from the Operator, that is name that Slender Man have on the Marble Hornets series.