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A journal is a notebook used to record something. Two specific journals exist that are important in TribeTwelve's story: one written by a Nazi soldier named Sebastian Kraus belonging to Karl Maxwell, and one written by Milo Asher in Noah Maxwell's possession.

Sebastian Kraus / Karl's Journal

The journal as seen in "HAPPYBIRTHDAY"

Sebastian's journal is being actively sought by the Collective. The Observer wants Noah to bring the journal to the boardwalk at Victor Park. The journal is somehow related to the Nazis, and the Observer says that "they knew more than we thought they knew". The journal apparently contains "forbidden knowledge".

According to the Observer's responses to several questions on Formspring, the journal, belonging to Karl Maxwell, was written by a man named Sebastian Kraus, who was a Nazi soldier at the time of writing. Sebastian was one of the few witnesses to a big, unknown event that was not documented by historians, and most likely involved the Administrator and the Collective that the Observer belongs to. Sebastian is, according to the Observer, long deceased.

According to HABIT in the video "Severance", he revealed that he was "working" with the Nazis in a unknown project (probably the unknown event related to the Slender Man) and Sebastian was into this project too.

The journal as shown by Scriniarii

According to Firebrand in "INTERCEPTION", the journal is "in an old ammunition box...along with some other items".

Recent evidence suggests that Sebastian may have been the Nazi soldier that Karl and his unit encountered in 1944, and according to Mary Asher, the journal belonged to a Nazi soldier and was written in German. It also seems that Deadhead, member of the Collective, had been stalking Sebastian.

Noah has said that he has tried to get the journal from his grandfather, who wouldn't give it to him. Noah compared it to "not giving up his trash to the garbage man".

It is also known that some members of the Collective are unable to get close to the journal, which is why the Observer wishes for Noah to retrieve it.

In the video "SCRINIARII", the journal is shown in the possession of the entity known as Scriniarii, who also posted an image of the journal to the TribeTwelve subreddit.

In the video "Sisyphus", and later in "TRIBETWELVE VETERANS DAY SPECIAL", the journal is shown to be in the hands of a future version of Noah.

In the video "Rendezvous", a Future Noah said that Sebastian's Journal is very powerful and keeps him safe.


  • Sebastian Kraus, the journal's writer, could be Swain's vessel.
  • Some of the Collective members can approach the Journal (unlike the Administrator and the Observer) since Swain appears holding the Journal in "DEATHTRAPEXODUS", but for some reason, they can't deliver it to the Administrator.
  • It is possible that Karl Maxwell has written his own thoughts in the journal, as Milo notes that he scratched out Sebastian Kraus's name and replaced it with his own in "safe".


Milo's Journal

The journal, as seen in "Pitfall"

Milo's journal is believed to be less important. The journal was given to him by Dr. James Corenthal in 1995, as was said in the Corenthal Letters.

According to the Observer's responses on Formspring, this journal is "different, but equally revealing". The journal has been seen to speak to Noah, both to taunt him and goad him into opening it. However, it has also expressed pain and fear during Noah's actual attempts to open the journal. The journal also claims to be Milo.

As of Crawlspace, the journal had fallen into the hands of the Collective. We now know from Noah's Twitter that he has since somehow retrieved the journal and opened it.

On 11/11/16, Noah posted to Twitter with a link to a Blogspot page, where he announced he would be archiving the journal's contents.

On 05/21/17, as part of The SCRINIARII Code, a fair portion of the journal's contents were posted to a Pastebin file. The contents mainly include Milo's first interactions with kids from his school, including Kevin Haas, and various sightings of the Administrator. It also mentions Mary Asher taking Milo to a meeting with The Order, where the members of the cult drank his blood, and it ends with a mention of the boat that capsized in Noah's childhood.

Starting from 01/15/18, Noah has been posting snippets of Milo's journal to his Blogspot page almost daily. This process is still ongoing as of now.


  • In Submission 5, when Milo is writing in it. 
  • In the journal entry from Dr. Corenthal that came with "The Envelope".
  • In INTERCEPTION, when Firebrand tells Noah that he would make sure that Milo would send his journal to him. 
  • In Extraordinary Circumstances, where Noah receives it in the briefcase, along with another tape, a letter, and about $100,000 in cash. 
  • In Milo's Tape, in which you see Milo drawing the Observer symbol on the front. 
  • In Fortunes, Milo's journal makes a bigger appearance "talking" with Noah. How the journal was talking and why is still unknown. 
  • In DEATHTRAPEXODUS, in which Firebrand instructs Noah to open it— to "apply [Severance] to your homework". Shortly afterwards (on November 11th), Noah tweeted that he had successfully opened the journal.  
  • In Crawlspace, where the journal talks to Noah throughout the entire video; guiding, warning and sometimes taunting him. Near the end of the video, the journal influences Noah into taking it to the boardwalk, where it is then retaken by the Collective while Noah is teleported back to his house.
  • In Pitfall, when Noah sees the journal from the top of the observation tower. The journal both entices Noah to retrieve it and warns that Noah is being tricked and that the journal is a trap. As Noah makes a move for the journal, the Observer pushes Noah off the tower, and Noah fails to take the journal back.
  • In Rendezvous, the Second Future Noah returns the journal to the current Noah, where it occasionally quips about the situation. After the present Noah returns to the Boardwalk, it excitedly tells him that they get to have "one last adventure" together, before expressing confusion about Noah's dying camera battery.
  • In Facade, Now in Noah's hands, the journal is helping Noah, but when appears the mysterious door on boardwalk, The Journal tries to warn him to not go. but Noah enters in the doll house, making the journal quiet.

The first page of Milo's journal upon being opened by Noah on 11/11/15

On November 11th, 2015, Noah tweets that he has opened the journal. He includes an image of the front page and inside front cover with the tweet. A note from Dr. James Corenthal is stapled to the inside cover of Milo's journal. It is written in a faded courier/typewriter-like typeface on aged paper, and says the following:


I understand how the world can seem, at
times, a dark place. I know that you feel
alone, standing at the mouth of a great
void, and knowing that there are things
that are staring back through the darkness.
But know that we can smile back. Know that
it is all we can do, is smile, and know
that there are others who know what we do.

Your doctor and friend,
James Corenthal

The inside cover has a "This Journal Belongs to" line that identifies Milo Asher as the owner. Below it is a detailed pencil drawing of a pair hands reaching up and removing the iris and pupil from a watching eyeball.

On January 15th, 2018, Noah has begun posting snippets from Milo's journal to his Blogspot page. He creates a new post almost every day at 11:11 PM, with each post usually being accompanied by a tweet later on. This is still an ongoing process as of now.


  • Milo's journal was possessed by multiple entities.
    • In fact, the journal duality grows strong in the video "Crawlspace". While the journal wants Noah to go to the boardwalk, the same thing that the Observer wants, at the same time it warns Noah about the Observer's presence in his house. While he says multiple times to Noah open and read him, he begs to Noah to stop his attempt to do so.
  • It's possible that Milo's journal was possessed by Mr. Scars. This also explains the duality in "Crawlspace". Part of the time could be Milo talking, while another part could be Mr. Scars talking.
  • It's also possible that the journal was possessed by Firebrand. Several times, Firebrand says that Noah has to "learn a lesson". Maybe guiding, warning and sometimes taunting Noah with the journal is part of this "lesson".
    • The journal/Firebrand wanting Noah to go to the boardwalk can be explained too. Both Firebrand and the Collective wants Noah with Sebastian's journal, but each for their own plans. The fact that Noah lost Milo's journal on the boardwalk is a good push for him to get back the journal, read it and make his path to Sebastian's journal.