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Mary Asher Phone Call

Mary Asher Phone Call is the thirty-third episode of TribeTwelve, and the 33rd video of season 1. It was uploaded on May 18th, 2012.


This was the footage that was recorded immediately before the events of the November 11th video. It was heavily damaged at the time of my last video upload, so I decided to take the time and salvage it. It took me four months, but I was able to recover almost all of it. I think Mary may be more involved in this than I previously thought.

Here's a full transcript of the phone call for those who couldn't hear all of it:


Text: 11/10/11 9:00 PM

[Blue screen. The camera begins playing the footage. Static occurs as the camera attempts to show the footage. The text "WEAPONS ARE USELESS" can be seen for a moment within the static. An image of someone wearing the hat Noah wore in "Nature Trail Visit" can also be seen at one point. Cut to Noah in his room, filming himself.]

Noah: Okay, it's 9 PM, November 10th, 2011. I don't know how or why now, but...

[Noah points the camera at his cellphone.]

Noah: Mary Asher is finally calling me back. I don't know if I'm going to have a second chance at this or anything, so I'm just gonna go through with it and ask her as many questions as I can.

[Noah answers the phone and puts it on speakerphone.]

Noah: Hello?

Mary Asher: Noah, is that you?

Noah: Uh, yes? Who's calling?

Mary: This is Mary Asher, Milo's mom. Do you remember me?

Noah: Yeah, I damn well remember you! Where the hell have you been, huh? I demand some fucking answers!

Mary: Just quiet down, just listen to me. I know you have a lot of questions and I will answer them, all of them. But first I have to ask you something very important.

Noah: No! Let me ask you a question first, Miss Asher. I've waited too damn long and experienced too fucking much to deal with any more mysterious bullshit from you or anyone else.

[Video lag.]

Noah: Now tell me, Mary: What really happened to Milo? I fucking know something's up.

Mary: Noah, you know Milo was a very special kid. I don't know why he did what he did, but I called you--

[Video lag.]

Noah: Bullshit! Don't give me that crap! I know about you, about "Mr. Slim". I know that he, or whatever it was, was stalking Milo before he died. Now you're going to fucking tell me what you know, or I'm going to get the police on my home phone and get them to triangulate your location, because I fucking know you're running. So go ahead, tell me the the truth of what's really going on. I'm all ears.

Mary: Fine. Ever since I was a little girl, Mr. Slim had visited me. My sister couldn't see him. No one could.

[Noah sets the camera down next to the phone and begins taking notes on a sheet of paper.]

Mary: They never thought I was seeing things, all except for my father, Karl, your grandfather, who told me that same story that he told you, over and over. After I finally told him that I had begin seeing him, around my 20th birthday, he refused to have anything to do with me and disowned me. As I got older, I heard less and less from him. He became demented and stopped speaking English. But whenever I encountered Mr. Slim, it was more frightening. I began waking up in places I don't remember sleeping in, with bizarre writing all over me. I'd become paralyzed, only able to move my eyes. I kept seeing him, leering over my bed with that face that wasn't a face. Sometimes he would take me with him. To this day I'm still remembering fragments of his visits.

Noah: Okay, but what about Milo, huh? Why was Mr. Slim after him?

Mary: Karl has in his possession a relic of great importance to Mr. Slim and his associates. Milo asked me about it on many occasions, so it's not only me. And now it seems they've come to you to acquire it. I think it's the reason they were after Milo and now you. That's why I'm on the run now. When I was little, I managed to find the combination to Karl's safe and read the journal.

Noah: What did it say?

[Noah picks up the camera and goes back to filming the phone.]

Mary: It was all in German, so I took German classes over the years, minored in German. Before I told Karl about seeing the entity, I went back to the journal and read it in its entirety. It makes sense why they'd want it.

Noah: Why? What the fuck was written in that thing?

Mary: It's the diary of a Nazi soldier.

[Noah sets the camera back down next to the phone.]

Mary: It contains information that I think that they wouldn't want getting out. It's one of the reasons I think that I'm still alive today, because I know what they don't want me to. How to possibly hinder him. You know, Noah, I see him from time to time, but only from afar. Sometimes I think that he doesn't kill me in my sleep because he's playing with me. Weakening me. Maybe he's just fucking with me.


Noah: What?! What hinders them?! You need to tell me this!

Mary: No, Noah. I'm sorry, but I can't tell you.

Noah: Uh, and why the fuck not?

Mary: It's already too late for you. The Observer, as you call him, has you in his grasp already. In fact, he's in your home right now, watching you intently. He knows that you'll go to the boardwalk, whether you like it or not, because he's seen it happen already. He's told me things, you know. The Collective has had their gaze on you since you were born. I doubt you'll remember, but he's been following you, Noah. We've all seen him. You'll remember seeing him soon. His cronies have been monitoring you constantly all your life, just like me. You either have to get the journal from Karl, which I doubt you'll be able to do, or succumb to them. Don't make the same mistakes I have.


Mary: You should just stop.

Noah: Why don't you just get the journal? Huh? Why don't you just give it to them?

Mary: Because that's not what they want me for! Not anymore. They need us for different reasons, Noah. They need you for the journal, they need me for... something else. That's why I called you today.

[Video lag.]

Mary: I needed to talk to you before it's too late for me. I've been getting messages from them. A rhyme. It keeps repeating. "You must go to Mr. Scars, for he will end your session. Noah will know who he is. Call him and ask the question." My question to you is: Who is Mr. Scars? Who the hell is he?

Noah: What the fuck? I have no idea who that is or what the hell that could mean!

Mary: Milo spoke of this Mr. Scars. He told me Mr. Scars would kill me. I know you know who he is. Now tell me. Who is Mr. Scars?

Noah: I already told you, I don't know! And I really don't understand why you just can't tell me what the secret of the journal is.

Mary: Listen, you little fuck. I've been running for months, years now. Living a life of hell and paranoia. You're gonna tell me who the hell Mr. Scars is right now--

Noah: Oh, and you don't think I've been having it any fucking easier? I've been stalked, taken for weeks at a time with no memory... Time warped... You're the one who should be helping me out here! This has been happening to me for years now!

Mary: You know what? This has been happening to me all of my life! My entire fucking life! I've already tried to save you when you were young, but I failed. Your predicament is inevitable. I should've realized that from the start. There's nothing else I can do for you, but bide you time. And for John? I had him removed from the equation. He was working for them, trying to get to me like the rest. It's all a clever fucking facade, just like Robert. Did you really think that those ashes were Milo's? [Laughs] You gullible fucker. Those ashes were from his dead cat. His body disappeared, just like all the others do. They get taken. I know this, and I know a lot of things.


Mary: I know about the eyes, Noah. The ones in your dreams. As well as the man with the pinhole eyes. I've had fucked up dreams too. That and the sea of tentacles, the figure at the end of the boardwalk. I know your dreams, and I can help you, but if you can't tell me who he is, I guess I have no reason to talk to you any longer. Have a happy birthday, and may you end your session in peace. Bye.

Noah: Wait. No, wait, hold the fuck on! I have to ask you some more questions! What really happened to Milo? Where is the journal? Hello? Mary? Hello? Fuck! Fucking bitch! I'm going to call her back. I gotta call her back. I have to fucking call her back. She needs to answer these questions. She's the only one who can answer these fucking questions.

Phone: We're sorry. You have reached a number that has been disconnected or is no longer in service. If you have received this recording in error, please check your number and call again.

Noah: Fuck! Fucking bitch!

[Noah's doorbell rings.]

Noah: No one would ring the doorbell this late.

[Noah picks up his camera.]

Noah: He's here. A bit early, huh? My birthday's tomorrow, you fuck! Oh, but I'm ready.

[Noah sets the camera down on a cabinet. He opens a drawer and pulls out a gun, loading it with a magazine.]

Noah: I am so fucking prepared for this asshole. I got a fucking birthday present for him. 15 rounds, straight through his motherfucking head. Let's do this shit.

[Screen tearing. Noah picks up the camera and turns, pointing the camera at his closet, where the Administrator can be seen. Cut to a view of the doorway of Noah's room. Noah examines the gun and then walks out into the hallway. Noah repeatedly tries to turn on the night vision on his camera, only able to activate it for a few seconds or so before it turns off. When the night vision turns on the video is distorted.]

Noah: The night vision's not working! Still dark...

[For a brief instant, when Noah activates the night vision, the distortion is greater and a pair of glowing eyes can be seen at the other end of the hallway. Noah gives up on trying to activate the night vision and turns on a flashlight instead. He begins to walk down the hallway, holding his gun in front of the camera. He walks up to his front door and looks outside, seeing nothing.]

Noah: No one's out there... More fucking games. He's gonna ding-dong-ditch me. Real fucking scary.


Noah: He can do better than that.

[Noah gasps as he turns around. The Administrator stands at the end of the hallway. Noah points his gun at him.]

Noah: Hey, buddy, how you doin'? Here for my birthday, huh? Well I got a gift for you, right here.

[Noah fires the gun 4 times at the Administrator. It has no effect at all. The distortion cuts for a second and begins again as the Administrator "walks" toward Noah, moving at a high speed, as if being moved by stop motion, stopping right in front of Noah. Screen tearing and distortion occurs as Noah begins to run, coughing. Noah runs into the Administrator again, who is now flailing his tentacles. Noah runs out the front door and goes to his car. The camera appears to land on the floor as he gets in.]

Noah: Can't go back. The bastard scared me out of my own house! I can't go back. It's not safe. It's so not safe!

[Static begins to cover the video. The static fades into the beginning of the "November 11th" video, with Noah driving his car.]

Noah: I'm going back to the hotel. Fucking shit hit the fan again.

[Cut to black.]

[The last frame of the video is a black-and-white image of the Observer smiling and pointing a gun at the camera, with the text "YOU MISSED".]


  • At the end of the video, a you can see the Observer pointing a gun at the camera saying, "YOU MISSED" in an angry look.
  • This video depicts the footage immediately prior to "November 11th".
  • Apparently Mary Asher tried to prevent "Mr. Slim" from stalking Noah before, but has since given up on this endeavor.
  • The warning at 0:07 ("Weapons Are Useless") has been confirmed as true, as the four bullets fired had no effect on the Administrator. Two of them were found by Noah when he returned home from the hotel after the "November 11th" video. The other two were possibly absorbed by the Administrator or transported somewhere else.
  • Mary's description of the symptoms of being stalked by "Mr. Slim" have all been experienced by Noah at some point. Noah woke up outside his house after being taken during the events of "Nature Trail Visit". In "November 11th", Noah woke up with strange writings all over him. During the "Valentine's Day Live Stream", Noah was suddenly paralyzed and could only see the Administrator standing in the corner of his room.