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Milo Asher, Noah's cousin and vessel of the entity known as Mr. Scars

Milo Asher (September 16, 1988 - May 28, 2010) was Noah Maxwell's cousin and friend. He is described by Noah as a socially normal boy with deep personal problems that he did not want to discuss, which he had visited several psychologists about.

In 1995, when he was a child, Milo met Dr. James Corenthal to treat his personal problems. It was revealed that these problems were being caused by a man that Milo describes as being "Tall. Lanky in structure. Dozens upon dozens of branch-like appendages. A completely featureless face."

According to Noah, he died of an alleged overdose of "a heavy mix of his sleeping pills and depression-anxiety medication" on May 28, 2010. This has been drawn into question numerous times, considering the Observer has mentioned many times that he somehow "helped" Milo commit suicide, as well as information in "Milo's Tape" suggesting that Mary Asher, his mother, was the killer. "Milo's Tape" also proves that Milo killed his mother after being resurrected by the Collective.

He was confirmed to be Mr. Scars' vessel in Milo's Tape.

A few objects related to Milo were found in a box received during "Night Recording", including what could very well be his phone and a tape that was recorded while he stayed at Noah's house in 2008. More of his belongings were also found in a briefcase delivered to Noah by Mr. Scars in "Obituary".

According to an entry in his journal, Milo's favorite song is Blackest Eyes by Porcupine Tree.