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My Grandfather Karl

My Grandfather Karl is the tenth episode of TribeTwelve, and the 10th video of season 1. It was uploaded on July 14th, 2010.


I have more questions than answers.

(Please excuse the typo at 6:38 and the error at 0:05; Karl is my grandfather on my mother's side, not my fathers.)


Text: My Grandfather Karl

Karl Maxwell, my grandfather on my mother's side, was born in Germany. He immigrated to New York around the time that I was born.

Because he barely speaks English and I was told he was senile, we rarely saw or even contacted one another.

Before I left for New York, he sent me an email in German saying that he had seen the videos that I had posted and wished to speak with me.

The only reason he had my email was because my dad once asked me to send him some of my high school graduation pictures.

The address he gave me was a few miles north of the cemetary, so I decided to visit him after leaving Milo's grave site.

[Camera cuts to a shot of Noah's feet walking, tilting up to show that he is in a neigborhood at night. He approaches a house with large double-doors at the entrance, walks up to the porch and rings the doorbell. Karl answers the door, greeting Noah in German.]

Karl: Ah, good evening.

Noah: Hello…

Karl: Come on in.

[Karl moves aside and Noah walks into the doorway.]

Noah: 'Kay.

[Karl can be heard closing the door.]

Noah: How are you?

[Karl seems to ignore his question and walks further into the house.]

Noah: Okay…

[Camera cuts to black, text appears on screen.]

Text: He sat me down at his kitchen table and left for a few minutes.

When he returned, he returned, he began speaking to me in German. Because I don't understand any German, I had my friend come over and translate what he said.

[Camera cuts to Karl sitting at the table, the camera itself also being on the table. Because of the orientation of the camera, his head cannot be seen.]

Karl: I was born in Germany. When I was a child I lived near Vöhrenbach. This is near the Black Forest. My grandmother would always tell me stories of the "Großmann " (the great/tall man). He was said to have lived in the forest and hunted children. Bad children who ran away from home into the woods would be chased by him. The Großmann would not stop until he captured the child. Back in 1944, near the end of the war, I was part of the OSS, the secret intelligence for the allies. The missions we went on were top secret, many are still unknown. One of the last operations we did was an espionage mission in the Black Forest in Germany. This was not far from where I grew up. We were to be disguised as civilians and meet up with a group that would give up stolen Nazi Blueprints. I traveled with three others into the forest. We set up camp in a clearing. One night, a Nazi soldier came to our camp. He was stumbling and disoriented. He was shouting, "He's coming! My God, he's coming!" Then, he collapsed. We thought he was drunk at first, but then we saw that his arm and leg were broken. Then, we heard strange noises coming from the forest. We drew our guns. This is when we saw him. The Großmann. He was pale and thin. He wore a black suit, and he came toward us. We had no idea why there would be a man in a black suit in the forest. I yelled at him in German, French, Russian, but this strange man did not answer. He came closer until I saw his face. But there was no face. The Nazi soldier was crying and talking to himself. Then we saw the Großmann's arms, he had many, like an octopus. We shot at the man. He did not fall. He did not die. He used one of its arms to grab the Nazi soldier and drag him into the air. The poor bastard was screaming so loud. The next thing we saw, the Großmann and the Nazi soldier were gone. It was very quiet, and we were very afraid. I have never in my life felt so afraid. We could not find any trace of them. I see this man in your films. He is watching your friend. I am very worried for you. Do not search for this man. If you go looking for him, you will only find trouble. You have brought bad energy into this house, I feel it. You must leave, immediately. Goodbye, and again, be careful. May God help you. Please, you must leave right away. Please, you have to leave me immediately! Go now! Get out! Get out! Get out!

[Karl motions for Noah to get out as the picture suddenly freezes in place along with some audio distortion. A heavily-distorted black and white image flashes on the screen before cutting back to Karl as he reaches for the camera, but Noah grabs it first as he stands up.]

Noah: Don't take the camera, don't pull…

Karl: And turn off that camera! It is not safe!

[Noah is walking through the kitchen, turning around to see that Karl is still shooing him away.]

Karl: Get out! Get out!

Noah: God!

[Noah goes to the front door.]

Karl: Turn it off before he comes!

[Noah turns back to Karl]

Karl: Get out!

[Noah scoffs and opens the door, and steps outside. He then turns to see Karl standing at the door.]

Karl: Good Night!

[Karl shuts the door in Noah's face. Karl can be seen walking away through the window in the door.]

Noah: Come on, let me back in.

[Noah knocks on the window.]

Noah: Let me back in!

[Noah knocks on the window again, but Karl continues to walk away.]

Noah: I'm your grandson!

[Noah knocks again.]

Noah: Hello?

[Noah pauses for a moment then turns to ring the doorbell.]

Noah: Come on, let me back in.

[Noah quickly rings the doorbell two times.]

Noah: Shit

[Noah turns back to the door and knocks a couple more times.]

Noah: Ah, fuck.

[The camera points down at Noah's feet as the screen cuts to black.]

Text: Karl didn't let me back in.

After waiting about ten minutes for him to come back, I left the house.

He was acting demented, throwing me out so suddenly like that.

After translating what Karl had said, I became even more terrified of the 2008 footage. That man in the suit is similar, if not identical to the description of the man in his story.

I have no idea how Karl found out about the videos. I don't think my parents even know about this channel yet, they would have asked me about it already.

Also, I don't know how he knew I was going to be in New York. I got his email the day before I left, so he must of known I was coming beforehand. My parents said they didn't tell him that I was coming either.

I don't know what to do about all this now. I'm still afraid and have few answers.

If any new information arises, I will update my twitter or post a new video.

[On the last frame of the video, the word "NOT" appears at the top of the screen and the word "SAFE" appears at the bottom of the screen, both of which can only be seen by adjusting the brightness of the picture.]


  • Noah heads over to the house of his Grandfather, Karl Maxwell, who speaks only German (a dialect with a fair bit of local slang). Noah has a friend (later revealed to be Kevin) translate the conversation.
  • Karl explains that he was part of the OSS and that, according to the legend, the Administrator/Großmann usually hunts children, and does not stop hunting a child until he captures him or her. This may very well continue into adulthood.
  • It is also to be noted that Karl described the Administrator as pale, thin, wearing a black suit, and having no face; his appearance has not changed since World War II. He also had many arms, "like an octopus".
  • Karl mentions how the Administrator appeared, took a Nazi soldier, and left. Recent evidence has suggested that this soldier may be Sebastian.
  • Shortly before telling Noah to leave, Karl tells him to turn off the camera because it "is not safe".
  • On the last frame of the video, the words "NOT SAFE" appear.