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Night Recording

Night Recording is the eleventh episode of TribeTwelve, and the 11th video of season 1. It was uploaded on August 9th, 2010.


I don't feel safe in my own home anymore.


Text: Night Recording

[Noah sits on his bed in front of the camera with a digital clock next to him.]

Noah: Hey, it's Noah. August 4, 2010. 11:56 PM. Lately I've been hearing these strange noises from around my house. Uh... They're unexplainable, I don't know where they're coming from, uh... It's not the house settling or creaking or anything, it just sounds odd. It doesn't sound normal to me. And, uh, frankly, it's all been scaring the living shit out of me. So, uh, I decided to record myself sleeping in hopes of catching whatever these sounds are on tape and, uh... I don't have a tape recorder, so this is all I'm gonna record on. Um... I tried this yesterday. It didn't work, I didn't catch anything, but hopefully I'll get something on tape tonight. Just have some evidence of what I'm hearing... So, uh... Yeah, here it goes.

[Noah stands up and turns the night vision on for the camera and turns out the lights. He gets into bed and the video fast forwards to 12:37 AM. Sounds can be heard in the room. The video fast forwards to 1:29 AM and more sounds can be heard. At 2:31 AM a wet noise can be heard. The same noise can be heard at 2:45 AM before audio and visual distortion cause the picture to fade out. A staticky noise can be heard over the sound of a storm. The video shows Noah's indoor pool just as a clap of lightning hits outside in the distance. The video fades out again, the audio distortion becomes louder as the video shows someone running, then it fades back to Noah sleeping with the clock reading 3:32 AM as the distortions dissappear. At 3:33 AM Noah wakes up and has a coughing fit. He sits up and takes the camera off of its tripod and places it on his bedside table facing his closet and bathroom doors. He turns off the night vision and turns the light on and walks in and out of frame.]

Noah: What's going on?

[He walks towards his piano and knocks over the stool that had the clock on it. He goes to right it, but leaves it where it is. Shuffling can be heard of screen.]

Noah: Fucks going on?

[More shuffling and some swearing. The lights start flickering.]

Noah: What the fuck?

[The lights go out and the picture goes black.]

Noah: Shit! Shit shit shit shit shit--

[Noah comes back and grabs the camera and turns the night vision back on. The camera sweeps the room multiple times. A noise can be heard from one of the doors.Noah swears and opens a drawer, pulling out a switch blade. He leaves his room and hears more noises from the kitchen/living room.]

Noah: Who the fuck is out there?

[He runs down the hallway and sweeps the room.]

Noah: Answer me!

[He walks towards his office(?) and looks around.]

Noah: Show yourself, God dammit!

[He starts to go back towards his bedroom when a banging noise is heard on the back door. He runs out onto his back patio.]

Noah: What the hell's going on out here?

[He walks out into his back yard, sees nothing, and walks back inside. He looks around the living room again and stops to look out the window in the front door. A box can be seen sitting on the bench in front of the door. He opens the door and walks out, keeping the camera on the box.]

Noah: What the fuck is that?

[He picks up the box and looks at it. A noise is heard off camera and Noah drops the box, walking into the front yard.]

Noah: Okay, who the fuck is out here? Fucking show yourself, I know you're out here! I fucking know you're out here! I know you're hiding somewhere. Making fucking noises in the night.

[The camera looks around the yard.]

Noah: I'm getting sick and tired of this shit.

[He starts walking around to the other side of the garage.]

Noah: You over here, huh? Fucking asshole.

[He runs around and looks around. He finds nothing and runs back to the front yard.]

Noah: I know you're hiding. I got you on tape.

[More looking, and still no finding.]

Noah: --Fucks out there?

[He stands for a few seconds then runs back to his front door. He grabs the box and goes back inside. The camera focuses in on the box.]

Noah: The fucks in here?

[He goes back to his bedroom and as he walks through the door the screen freezes.]

Text: I don't feel safe in my own home anymore.


  • 3:14 shows the indoor pool of Noah's house as lightning bolt strikes outside during a storm. The Administrator can be seen on the left side of the frame.
  • Noah wakes up and starting having a coughing fit just as the clock in the video shows it is 3:33 AM.