Observer Formspring

Noah's Formspring bio after the Observer took control on 11/11/11.

Noah has used a few platforms to interact with others in a Q&A fashion. He began with Formspring (later known as, and now merged with Twoo), a website that allowed people to ask questions anonymously. Originally it was located here .

In mid-March 2013, it was rumoured that Formspring was shutting down, so Noah moved his Q&A interactions to, and has conclusively stated he will answer no more questions on Formspring.

The image Noah used as his profile picture

  • To date, Noah has been the only entity to use his account; this sets it apart from his YouTube, Twitter and Formspring accounts. It is possible that this may change in the future.
  • The left side of Noah's profile picture is "glitched". Someone once mentioned it, but Noah couldn't explain it.
  • After the events of "Bridge to Nowhere", Noah started answering all questions sent to him in all lowercase letters, similar to Firebrand. His usage of the platform has since decreased.


The Observer has taken over Noah's Formspring on two occasions: once after the events of "Nature Trail Visit", when Noah was in "stasis", and again on November 11th, 2011, after "repossessing" Noah. The Observer's Formspring answers provide a large amount of insight into the Observer and the Collective.

Observer's answers

The Observer

  • The Observer was formerly a human. Without what little humanity the Observer has left, he would be "no use".
  • The Observer has no true appearance. The Observer's appearance may be perceived as human, but it is not human anymore. When asked if he is using Noah's body to answer questions, the Observer replies that he has his own "vessel", his "previous self". His vessel has an infinite amount of eyes. It struggles against him. His vessel was a "younger human". His vessel ages "like a good host should".
  • The Observer's former self is "of a different mind". He is an entirely new entity, but he takes some of his past self with him. He retains some mortal characteristics that allow him to be amused by the naivete of humans.
  • The man wearing glasses is the Observer's "visage".
  • The Observer's symbol signifies his ability to see everything, and his keeper "branded" him with it. The Observer can see through the symbols. He has the ability to see people typing on their computer through the symbols used as Noah's avatars, but he chooses not to, because most of these people are unimportant. The symbol is "an extension of being".
  • The Observer answers to his "keeper", the Administrator.
  • The Observer can speak as many languages as he is needed to, including German, Latin, Russian, Spanish, Chinese, Portuguese, and Vietnamese.
  • The Observer has lost the ability to feel love, pain, fear, or happiness.
  • The Observer describes his motives as all up to "perception". The Observer can be considered as someone helping Noah, or hurting him.
  • Those who come to the Observer meet "the end", which can also be considered a new beginning.
  • The Observer types without spaces, because it is "easier" for him. He also cannot use the space bar because where he is, "there is no space".
  • Human concepts of aging cannot be applied to the Observer.
  • The Observer's face will be seen when his time comes, which he says is nearing.
  • Because time in the Observer's realm is non-linear, it is possible that the Observer's past self is still alive.
  • All the Observer hears is "static and ringing". This is similar to audio distortion found in the videos.
  • The Observer has killed before, "in many aspects of the word".
  • The Observer's mind was created by his keeper.
  • While the Collective's goal is impossible for humans to understand, the Observer's objective is to end his "session". The session is "somewhat" tied to the Observer's existence. The Observer does not want to have another session.
  • The Observer is no longer alive, but he says that one can argue his lack of life.
  • The Observer's abilities are any action that he can perform, which is unquantifiable. If he can't perform a certain action, then his keeper doesn't allow him to and it is not an ability. His abilities are given to him if only to complete his session. He is unaware of his vessel's attributes.
  • The Observer "sometimes" uses a computer to answer Formspring questions.
  • The Observer has the ability to interact with the internet from his realm.
  • The Observer can do whatever he wishes to, as long as his keeper does not disallow it.
  • The Observer's name was given to him by Noah's followers. Before this name, he was known as the Sentinel. A sentinel is one who keeps watch for something.

The Collective

  • The Collective includes "no one and everyone".
  • After becoming enlightened, one becomes "a part of" the Collective.
  • Time means nothing to the Collective.
  • Once you are in the Collective, you can never leave.
  • Death is not necessary to join the Collective.
  • One must be chosen to join the Collective. To join, one's body and mind must be "perfect".
  • The Collective has been referred to by many names over the course of human history. These names are "in plain sight".
  • The Collective performs their work on Earth because it has life.
  • The Collective has seen "more than any human has or ever will".
  • The Observer, the Administrator and the Collective can move non-linearly through time. Omnipotence prevents violations of causality.
  • Each member of the Collective has their own calling cards, and are not all called "Observer". The Observer continues calling himself that because we labeled him with the name.
  • The members of the Collective kill and eat animals, because their vessels need nourishment.
  • Each member of the Collective "carries their own visage, augmented from their host".
  • Only some members have vessels, while others remain in the Collective's realm.
  • There are seven known entities with vessels in the Collective. Not including the Administrator, there is Deadhead, Mr. Scars, Cursor, Firebrand, Swain, Observer and Persolus. Mr. Scars has been mentioned before, the Observer calling them a pawn. These 7 are the only relevant members of the Collective, while the others are not "quantifiable".
  • Cursor has been identified as the one with X's for eyes in "HAPPYBIRTHDAY". Cursor's vessel is Mary Asher.

The Administrator

  • The Observer refers to him as his "keeper". He is also referred to as "the one who alters your concept of reality".
  • The Administrator has no name.
  • The Observer says that everyone perceives the Administrator differently", due to their different "tastes".
  • The Observer is an "extension" to the Administrator and serves many purposes, such as reconnaissance. The Administrator is able to perform these tasks, but the Observer is more efficient.
  • The Administrator "came to" the Observer and enlightened him, making him see everything, forever.
  • The Observer observes "omnipotently" through the Administrator.
  • He is "everywhere but nowhere".
  • The Observer fears the Administrator, because if he did not fear him, he would not obey.
  • The Observer cannot disobey the Administrator. If he disobeyed it, he would be "expunged".
  • When the Administrator has no use for the Observer, the Observer will likely be expunged.
  • "All" have seen the Administrator, but few remember him.
  • It is possible that the Collective is a limb of the Administrator, and that the Administrator is a massive collection of consciousnesses.
  • The Administrator serves "no one and everyone all at once".
  • There is no definite measurement of how tall the Administrator is.
  • The Administrator's tentacles are "cracks in space time".
  • The victims of the Administrator are both chosen by him and chosen by fate, because the Administrator and fate are one in the same.
  • When asked how the Administrator can erase people's memories, the Observer responds "How does the sun warm your skin?" The answer is most likely, the Administrator does it naturally whenever he comes into contact with people, not with effort. The same could possibly be said as to why electronics fail to function properly whenever the Administrator shows up in a physical form.


  • Milo is "a part of" the Collective. The Observer says that he is not Milo because he watched Milo die in his room. He also says that Milo did not wear glasses.
  • The Observer "used to know" Milo.
  • Milo killed himself, but the Observer "helped".
  • Milo is dead, but will soon "be alive" for a short time. When asked what he meant, the Observer responded "I have already done it."
  • The Observer "orchestrated" Milo's entire life.
  • Milo committed suicide to try to escape the Observer.
  • In response to someone asking why it took so long for Milo to join the Collective if the Administrator had been following Milo for so long, the Observer replied "Unexpected developments, altered priorities".
  • Milo killed himself "because he knew too much".
  • The journal that Milo kept is not the one that the Observer is trying to get. It is "different, but equally revealing".
  • Milo's last words were "I'm free now." His last thoughts were "I hope this works." The Observer says that Milo was almost free.
  • Milo was very close to finishing the Observer's session.

Mary Asher

  • The Observer "used to know" Mary.
  • Before leaving for the hotel, Noah tweeted that he got a call from Mary. The Observer says that she is a pawn that must be captured.
  • Mary is a "priority" to the Administrator.
  • When asked why the Collective abandoned Mary and chose to focus on Milo instead, the Observer responded that they took "the path of least resistance".
  • Mary Asher is still in the sights of the Collective.


  • The Observer observes those that he refers to as "the blind". Being blind is an "obvious" trait. Noah is considered "blind", and the Observer wants to enlighten him. Noah is considered "more deserving than others", in terms of being able to contact the Observer.
  • When compared to Noah in terms of behavior, the Observer says that he is not Noah.
  • The Observer says that Noah should have taken the pills sent in "The Token Letter", and that they would have "tenderized" him.
  • Noah has "unique properties" that the Observer is unable to explain, and that we would not be able to comprehend.
  • The Collective did not expect Noah to resist, so they took him to set an example to Noah.
  • Obtaining Noah makes it much easier for the Collective to survive.
  • In "Thanksgiving Footage: Day 2", the blood on Noah was his own.
  • If Noah died, the Collective would still obtain him, but it would be "unfortunate".
  • Noah will stop the Observer in the future, but he also will not stop him.
  • The Observer says that the future says that Noah gets the journal.
  • The Observer doesn't want Noah to die, because he needs Noah to end his "session".
  • Noah will be free when his session ends.
  • Noah's dreams contain memories from his time in stasis. The drawing that he made of the eyes surrounding him was a memory of what he perceived during that time.
  • Noah will go to the boardwalk anyway; "it's his fate".

Karl / Journal

  • Karl holds something that belongs to the Observer.
  • The item is "a relic from days past" that the Administrator wants back.
  • Karl possibly obtained the relic in an encounter with the Administrator.
  • The relic is "a form of memory".
  • The relic is "a type of vessel" that holds "valuable contents".
  • Karl's journal holds "forbidden knowledge". When asked what this forbidden knowledge is, the Observer replied "The Nazis knew more than you think they did."
  • Karl should only be worried of "his body's ailing condition".
  • Karl's journal is "somewhat tangible".
  • Karl found out about Noah's videos when a woman told him. It is possible that the woman was Mary.
  • Some members of the Collective were around Karl when he was in Germany.
  • The journal tells of a "big historical event" that was left unknown by human historians.
  • The Collective was there in plain sight.
  • The journal was written by one man named Sebastian, who was one of the few who witnessed the event. Sebastian is long dead.
  • The journal is the only surviving account of the event; the rest were burned or destroyed.
  • The event took place within the 20th century, during World War II.
  • Many people witnessed the event, but they were exterminated and none are living today.
  • Karl found the journal during his service in the OSS.
  • Sebastian and Karl didn't know each other, but they met once.
  • The Observer has not met Sebastian, but another member of the Collective, as well as the Administrator, has.
  • Karl has read the book and knows the importance of its contents.

Victor Park / The Boardwalk

  • Noah must go to the boardwalk "of his own volition".
  • The Observer wants Noah to go to the boardwalk because they "prefer" it.
  • The boardwalk is "a special place with special properties".
  • The playground in Victor Park is named after "a deceased child". When asked if the child has some significance, the Observer replies that he is "not allowed to say".
  • Nothing happens if Noah doesn't get the journal or go to the boardwalk.
  • The significance of the boardwalk is "nothing and everything".

Recurring phrases

  • The Observer repeatedly mentions perception, going along with the eye logo that represents him. He says many things are different depending on how you look at them.
  • "The questions are more important than the answers." The Observer answers the questions by using cryptic phrases, contradicting earlier answers, and sometimes not answering questions with a valid answer.
    • Someone claimed to understand the phrase, thinking that it means that "while an answer is merely finite, a question can be anything. It can be everything. It can be everywhere at once. Just like you guys." The Observer says that the person is closer to understanding it.
  • The Observer makes numerous references to the novel Nineteen Eighty-Four by George Orwell, a story about a totalitarian government that monitors everyone's daily lives. He mentions the slogans of the government of Oceania. When comparing the Administrator to Big Brother, the Observer says that the Collective is "not a government". The Observer also references the book when someone argues that Noah will not strike fear into all humans.

Videos / Twitter

  • In response to a question about why all the Observer's videos and images are in black and white, the Observer answered ""Different members' abilities have varying characteristics in your world".
  • The distortion found in Noah's videos is one of the Observer's abilities.
  • The hidden frames found in the various videos are put there by the Observer.
  • The Observer accepts responsibility for leaving the box at Noah's house. The audio files in "Box Analysis" of someone sobbing were not the Observer.
  • It is possible that the person filming in the video that was on the camera phone was the Observer's past self.
  • The Observer called Noah in "Unknown Caller". The Observer apologizing was "not supposed to happen". He later calls it "an accident" and "an error in his concentration".
  • Noah cutting himself in "Thanksgiving Footage: Day 2" was the Observer's doing, but not all of that blood belonged to Noah.
  • "COMECLOSER" was meant to send a message. It was directed at "whoever is willing to open their eyes".
  • "COMECLOSER" (and presumably all the videos made by the Observer), were not recorded, but produced through his many eyes. The Observer does not edit these videos, but they come naturally to him.
  • The Observer appears in "Device Analysis" at about 1:20.
  • The voice coming from the device in "Device Findings" was all of the Collective's voices, not just the Observer's.
  • In response to a question about the girl who noticed "the tall man" on the plane in "Northern Trip Footage", the Observer replied, "Some humans have heightened awareness at an early age".
  • When asked about the location of the hotel from "Halloween Hotel", the Observer said that it was located "somewhere on this peninsula" (Florida).
  • Noah says in "Halloween Hotel" that the Observer has "a fetish for ones", due to his choice of 11/11/11 to take Noah. The Observer says that ones "help facilitate certain things".
  • The Twitpic that the Observer uploaded when Noah was repossessed has a face of someone in it. When asked about it, the Observer says that the face is "from the near future".
  • In response to a question about the scrambled tweet that was sent when Noah was repossessed, the Observer replied "What happens when you mix calcium and water?". Calcium and water cause a reaction.
  • In the background of the picture of himself that the Observer tweeted, the other people are the Collective and Noah.


  • John Fletcher is not desired by the Collective.
  • Sarah is not important.
  • The Observer says that the members of EverymanHYBRID are not under his "jurisdiction".
  • The Collective knew of Dr. Corenthal.
  • HABIT does not seem to be a part of the Collective, but they know of him. HABIT also does not serve the Administrator.
  • The Collective knows of the Rake.