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Northern Trip Footage

Northern Trip Footage is the twenty-ninth episode of TribeTwelve, and the 29th video of season 1. It was uploaded on September 24th, 2011.


Here is the footage that I filmed while traveling up north. While up there, I tried to see my Grandpa Karl again, but to no avail. I also went to see the guys who run the EverymanHybrid channel in New Jersey due to many people messaging me that the envelope I received was related to them somehow.

EverymanHybrid's YouTube:
Their video of my visit:
The full 1995 Dr. Corenthal letter (password: x8162005):
File referenced by Jeff the in video:


[The video begins with Noah on the plane to New York.]

Noah: Hey, it's Noah. I'm on the plane to New York.

[Noah points the camera out the window.]

Noah: It's raining, which makes me really nervous.

Woman: It's not that bad--[Unintelligible].

Noah: Well, that's good.

[Cut to a view of a male flight attendant going through a pre-takeoff briefing. Cut back to Noah's face. Then, the screen cuts to black for a moment. The video stutters.]

[The video splits, with the top portion appearing near the bottom. The screen gets darker. The audio becomes louder. The audio becomes static, and Noah points the camera toward his legs.]

[The audio and video stutter. Noah points the camera behind his seat, toward the rear lavatories. The Administrator is standing at the back of the aisle. Noah points the camera back at his legs. The audio becomes what sounds like people screaming. Noah points the camera behind his seat. The Administrator is standing closer; two rows behind his. The screaming then becomes louder. The Administrator grows tentacles and the screen becomes distorted. Noah points the camera at his leg again. Audio feedback occurs and the screen fades to black.]

[Quick title saying "WE ARE FOLLOWING YOU" with an image of the plane with intersecting eyes symbols on the seats. The video returns, distorted at first. Noah quickly points the camera back and then back toward his legs. Cut to Noah's face.]

Text: I don't remember any of that happening. All I can remember was just the flight attendant talking.

(Backgroung) Girl: Daddy, who was the man?

(Background) Father: What man?

(Background) Girl: The tall man.

[As the girl says this, a disturbed look appears on Noah's face. Cut to black.]

[Cut to Noah. The lights in the plane are dimmed.]

Noah: Of course, my TV would be the one to go out.

Woman: What happened?

Noah: My TV went out. My TV doesn't work. That's just great.

[Cut to a view from the window next to Noah, of the plane taking off.]

Noah: And we're off.

[Cut to black. Cut to the outside of Karl's house at night. Noah walks up to the door.]

Noah: Here I am again at my Grandpa Karl's house. I did leave him a message saying I was gonna be here. In German. That's right, I did the translator.

[Noah knocks on the door a few times.]

Noah: I see the light on. I know he's there. Where's the doorbell?

[Noah rings the doorbell and knocks again.]

Noah: Karl! I know you're in there!

[Jump cut. Noah mentioned in a tweet that he waited about 10 minutes outside Karl's house, so this was most likely cut to save space. Karl walks into view out of the lit corridor inside the house.]

Noah: Hey, hey! Hey, it's me. Remember me from last year? Come on! Hey, let me in!

Karl: (in German) Go away! It is not the right time!

Noah: Oh, come on, you asshole.

[The video becomes distorted and gradually becomes darker.]

Noah: It's your grandson again. Come on, let me in!

[Noah knocks again. The screen becomes distorted with static audio.]

Noah: Come on! It's... Ugh. Come on! Fuck this, he's not gonna open it.

[Cut to black. Cut to Noah on an escalator in a train terminal. Cut to the train platform, next to a stopping train. Cut to Noah on the train, wearing sunglasses.]

Noah: Hey guys. It's Noah. I am on the train to New Jersey because I'm in New York visiting family and I thought it would be a good idea to go take the train over to Jersey and visit the EverymanHYBRID guys. Because apparently that envelope I received from who, God knows has information that relates to them and their troubles. So I'm hoping when I go there, they can enlighten me on... possibly enlighten me on whatever's going on with me. If there's any connection. Because apparently there is a connection. Right now, I'm taking the Long Island Railroad to Penn Station, from which I will switch to the New Jersey transit and that will take me to them in New Jersey. I'm actually getting a call from one of them right now. Jeff.

[Noah takes out his cell phone and answers it.]

Noah: Hello? Jeff. Hey, yeah, it's Noah. Yeah, I'm on my way. Be there in a few hours. No, that's cool.

[Cut to a view out the train window as it leaves the station. As the train is going through a tunnel, a strange flash and a whooshing noise occur. An image of a figure with its hands on the window appears for a brief instant.]

Noah: Feels weird being on this train again.

[Cut to Noah inside the New Jersey transit train terminal. Noah walks around the crowded train terminal. Then, cut to Noah walking down a corridor, filming his reflection through a window.]

Noah: Hey guys. It's Noah. What's up?

[Noah walks to the end of the corridor and walks down a staircase to the exit.]

Noah: I am at the New Jersey transit station and I came here because...

[The video stutters.]

Noah: The EverymanHYBRID guys said there was something that may be interesting to me.

[Noah reaches the exit of the station. He zooms the camera toward the Administrator standing near a bush. The video becomes distorted, with the screen splitting, until the EverymanHYBRID crew drives up and honks. Noah looks at the EMH crew's car and turns back toward the bush. The Administrator is gone.]

Evan: Hey, Noah! Come on! It's us!

Noah: Yeah?

[Noah turns back toward the car and starts to get in.]

Noah: Hey guys! What's up?

Evan: We are the EverymanHYBRID crew! And it is nice to meet you!

[Everyone introduces themselves.]

Alex: Here, let me take your stuff.

Noah: Alright, I got my suitcase and that's about it.

Jeff: How was the ride over?

Noah: Uh, the ride was good.

Alex: Lot of traffic, huh?

Noah: Yeah.

Vince: You alright?

Noah: Yeah, I'm fine, bro. Just, uh...

Alex: Afraid of trains?

Noah: Yeah, afraid of trains.

Vince: Alright, well, if you don't mind, we'll be going back to my house to ask you a few questions, and you do the same to us.

Noah: No problem.

Alex: Maybe we'll get something to eat.

Noah: Yeah, 'cause I am... I am fucking starving. Excuse my language.

[Cut to black. Cut to inside Vince's house. Noah is sitting at a table with Vince, Evan and Jeff, with scanned versions of the contents of the envelope sitting on the table.]

Noah: Hey guys. Noah Maxwell, and I'm here with the EverymanHYBRID crew up in New Jersey.

Vince: Hello.

Noah: And apparently we have stuff that I received in the mail that many people who watch both of us said that they relate somehow.

Evan: And, guess what? They do!

Vince: Yeah, we're inclined to agree.

Noah: Yeah, and I came here. I came all the way here to make sure and just get a firsthand opinion about what the fuck this shit means. 'Cause it's all kinda fucked up.

Jeff: So let's start the great jump down the rabbit hole, why don't we? So, you got that package with the X on it in the middle that contained the letter... Everything we see here.

Noah: Mmhmm. All this shit.

Vince: And this is all scans, by the way, in case you're like freaking out.

Noah: Yeah, because I wanted to keep these- The originals, I wanted to keep these in a safe. I wanted to keep them locked up so nothing happens to them.

Jeff: That's a good idea. Our shit got destroyed one time when we kept it in a box.

[Jeff pulls the paper that reads "unrel narra" toward him.]

Jeff: So now, this apparently corresponded to a puzzle that we've been getting taunted with over the last several months. I don't even... Almost a year, now. And it unlocked the file that was stored on out MediaFire account, by using a password that was unlocked by this puzzle, which led to a map in a video game, which led to--

Noah: Wait, wait, wait, wait, what?

Evan: A Minecraft map.

Noah: A video game?

Jeff: We have another password which unlocked--

Noah: What the fuck are you talking about?

Evan: It was actually pretty fucking funny.

Jeff: Which was a three-page letter about the doctor that we've been hearing about, and your cousin.

Noah: Yeah, this Corenthal guy.

Vince: And this seems to be the letter that you got here, the actual physical copy.

Noah: Yeah, 'cause it's mentioning Milo and the guy wrote it apparently in 1995. The same guy here, which I think, "Dr. C - 1995", is all... that guy.

[Noah points to the man in the lab coat in the picture.]

Jeff: Obviously, we can't see his face, but we got a glimpse of him and whatever the fuck happened in the storage facility, and we're assuming it's the same guy.

Evan: He's kinda big, so...

Jeff: Now, the stuff that we got from that storage facility. I was thinking maybe we'd find more stuff from 1995, something about your cousin. It was a dead end, but the closest thing timewise, as of now, was from 1990. It has nothing to do with Milo, so that's...

[The EMH crew talk over each other.]

Noah: Yeah, and like, can you make heads or tails of any of this? This is from one of my...

Jeff: Is that a postcard?

Noah: Yeah, I'm sorry, the printer just fucked up. I was like low on ink, or something. And this was in there, too. And "NOT AN OBSERVER" and... Oh God, don't get me started on that fuck. He's been messing with me.


Noah: Yeah, I don't know what that means. It was on the back...

Evan: I know what this means.

Vince: Someone fucking with us.

Evan: We have, we have a nasty little fucker who's been writing us and taunting us and he sure as shit would write this. Especially, this shit. Yeah.

Noah: Why the fuck would he be sending me shit?

Evan: Oh, 'cause he's a real jokester.

Jeff: The doctor has an end on you, so apparently our guy's following anyone he can.

Noah: Well, that's... kinda fucked up.

Evan: Yeah, I hope to God you don't deal with it.

Noah: Oh, I've dealt with shit already. Believe me. I don't want to deal with any more fucking shit.

Evan: It's not any better on this front, brother.

Vince: If anything, it's worse because we're stuck in Jersey.

Noah: I'm stuck in Florida.

Evan: But at least Florida's nice.

Jeff: When it's not raining.

Noah: Yeah, and full of old people.

Evan: And they have all those badass lightning storms that come out of nowhere.

Noah: And hurricanes. And things that kill you, like crocodiles.

Evan: Ah, God, I love crocodiles.

Vince: We have deer, they kill your car.

[Cut to Evan holding the postcard with the photo.]

Evan: It's like The Matrix.

Noah: Yeah, that's Neo standing there. That's certainly not Neo.

[Noah pans the camera onto the picture of the envelope.]

Noah: And, any idea what this means? "Ashes, ashes, we all fall down". We singing a merry-go-round rhyme.

Evan: That's a lot like our... This fucknut who's been talking to us. Just... Probably doesn't mean anything. Probably just fucking...

Vince: Yeah, there seems to be an ash connection. Fire, and water too. So, as I said before, it's a lose-lose.

Noah: What is this, fucking Captain Planet or something?

Evan: I was just about to say that! Well done! Captain Planet...

[Noah and Evan high-five each other.]

Jeff: Ted Turner.

Noah: Ted Turner! This is the guy who's been fucking with us, Ted Turner!

Evan: I knew it!

Jeff: Colorize the moon...

Noah: Okay, my camera's dying, so...

Jeff: Then we'll take over.

Noah: You'll take over?

Vince: Yeah, I've got the camera ready to go, so.

Noah: So we can do "In-camera-ception" here. But I only have like three minutes left.

[Vince and Noah point their cameras at each other.]

Evan: You guys look goofy as shit pointing your cameras at each other.

Noah: I can't believe I'm laughing about this.

[Vince and Noah bump their cameras into each other.]

Evan: It's the only thing that'll keep you sane, man.

Noah: Okay, I'm gonna shut mine off so we can--

Evan: Okay, so just so we can get a quick recap of everything--

[Cut to black.]

[Image of a New York street sign. When adjusted for brightness, the text "WE WERE THERE" can be seen.]


  • The Administrator appears in two places: On the plane, before take-off, appearing in the aisle behind Noah; and outside the train station when the EMH crew drives up.
  • After the Administrator's appearance on the plane, a girl nearby Noah can be heard asking her father about a "tall man".
  • The last frame of the video shows a New York City street sign that says "WE WERE THERE", implying that both the Observer and the Administrator were following Noah.
  • The NJTransit station where the Administrator appears is the Metropark station.
  • Evan was apparently aware of the Administrator's presence at the train station as well, judging from his point of view, but Jeff and Vincient don't notice.
  • At 7:30, Jeff says, "let's start the great jump down the rabbit hole". This may relate to a prevalent fortune in the video "Fortunes".