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Obituary is the forty-second episode of TribeTwelve, and the 2nd video of season 2. It was uploaded on August 31st, 2013.


I got a strange letter in the mail when I was expecting an even stranger briefcase to arrive. Turns out, I got a lot more than I expected.


[Noah is seated inside of the front entrance to his house. Judging by the daylight in the windows, it is midday.]

Noah: Hey everybody, um, two things I need to talk about. First off, June 4th, I come back from getting groceries and I find this video posted on my channel. "DEUS EX MACHINA".

[Cut to clip of TribeTwelve channel on YouTube. Camera zooms into the thumbnail for "DEUS EX MACHINA".]

Noah: Same black and white deal except it's Firebrand this time. Not the Observer. And, uh.... shows a guy who looks remarkably like Evan, from up north. 

[Slight distortion while Noah is saying this. Hidden in the distortion at 0:26 are three images (see Gallery). Meanwhile, Noah shows clips of Evan/HABIT from "DEUS EX MACHINA" and Evan from "Northern Trip Footage".]

Noah: Everybody seems to think so. And, uh, judging from their channel, he's gone completely insane. He's killed Jeff, put it on YouTube, uh, is torturing Vinnie, and is doing god knows what else. I think this "HABIT " thing is possessing him? I have no idea but... (sighs) I have no idea what the fuck Firebrand is doing with this guy, this psychopath. I don't fucking know... It's got me on tape, running and stabbing someone who's filming. Uh, I have no idea.

[Cut to clip of Noah with a knife as seen in "DEUS EX MACHINA".]

Noah: Gotta admit though, uh, when uh.... [Laughs quietly.] when he gave Daddy Long Legs the finger, I smiled. Something I would do.

[Cut to clip of Firebrand giving the Administrator the finger as seen in "DEUS EX MACHINA".]

Noah: Cursor might be Mary, considering Firebrand mentioned she had a safe that I had to find, and she was in the safe or something..

[Cut to clip of Cursor in the safe as seen in DEUS EX MACHINA.]

Noah: And, uh... I think Mr. Scars might be Milo. I think I remember him talking about how he used to self-harm sometimes, you know, cut himself.

[Clip of Mr. Scars picking up the briefcase, and of Mr. Scars sitting in a chair holding a gun, both from "DEUS EX MACHINA".]

Noah: But that guy, in the chair, with the gun? Yeah, that's definitely from my dreams. Uh... Gotta be Mr. Scars. 

[Image of Noah's Twitter posts on his dreams with the man in the chair.]

Noah: [Shudders.] I still get fucking chills thinking about that damn case with the teeth. 

[Clip of Firebrand opening a briefcase, revealing teeth as seen in "DEUS EX MACHINA".]

Noah: Ugh... If Firebrand is me, why would he go scaring me like that? I mean... maybe that's just how he is? Maybe that's just how you are as a Collective? Maybe your soul's just, like, tainted somehow... I know it's inevitable. I become him. I've accepted that. But... I'll delay that moment as long as I can... because... I like being me.

[Clip of Firebrand brushing his hair back, revealing multiple eyes on his torso, and one large eye taking his face. This was referred to by Firebrand as his "awful form" in "DEUS EX MACHINA"]

Noah: That just seems... unpleasant. Which brings me to the second thing. I got this letter in the mail a few days ago. 

[Noah lifts up the "OBITUARY" letter.]

Noah: Says "Obituary" on the front, on the back there's this tape.

[Noah shows the back of the envelope.]

Noah: Two X's... It's all old and sticky, I think it's waterlogged or something. And uh, to be honest, I've been very nervous to open it. 'Cause I was expecting a briefcase...

[Noah motions behind him, toward the door]

Noah: ...and I get a fucking letter... I don't know. So I've waited, and uh, I've decided to do it on camera, because... I don't know why. I feel... [Sigh.] I know you will think this is stupid, but I feel a little less, uh... A little less alone. 'Cause like, I mean it feels like maybe you guys are there with me, behind the lens, so I'm not alone in my house. Ah, fucking... never mind.

[Noah begins to handle the envelope, holding it up to the light and feeling it.]

Noah: From the looks of it, I mean, it looks like--

[Noah's phone vibrates; Noah hangs up.]

Noah: --Looks like there's... some sort of paper in it. I mean it could a, uh, it could be a picture or--

[Noah's phone vibrates again; Noah hangs up a second time.]

Noah: --just my mom-- it could just be a bunch of things in here, it's kinda thick, so I can't see through it. But um... yeah, I mean it could, it could very well be--

[Noah's phone vibrates again. Noah sighs in frustration and answers the phone.]

Noah: --Yeah. How you doin'? Yeah. Yeah, I'm fine, I was just busy... everything okay? Hello? What's... yeah, I'm okay, what's wrong? C-Calm down, calm down. What's wrong? Please stop crying, please just tell me what's wrong, okay? Please, just tell me what's wrong--!

[Noah sits in silence, closes his eyes, leans back and then takes a moment to silently swear multiple times, punctuating each curse by punching downwards. He brings his fist back to cover his mouth.]

Noah: Yeah, yeah, I'm here. I'm here, I'm just... I'm safe, okay? Uh... don't worry. Uh... Shit, is what uh... so is it suicide? ...Why, w-what do you mean?

[Noah is quiet for a moment while he listens to his mother.]

Noah: Holy shit! Where?! [Pauses.] Oh my god, that's awful.... Uh, uh... Are there any, uh... Do you have any leads on who did it, or... wait, w-w-wait, um, uh, were there... were there any symbols?

[Noah covers the phone's voice receiver with his hand.]

Noah: FUCK!

[He uncovers the receiver.]

Noah: Um... no, uh, uh I mean like, like like uh, like gang symbols. Like gang signs, did they find any gang signs?

[He silently swears.]

Noah: Alright, alright, um... Alright, alright I'll talk to you later. I will. Stay safe. I love you too. Bye.

[As soon as Noah hangs up, he slams the phone down, leans back, puts his face in his hands and screams, before hitting the table repeatedly]

Noah: [Smiling bitterly.] Well, they found her! Mary's dead! Mary Asher's dead. Yep, gone! They found in her in a car, in a lake, shot...! Shit! ...Sorry, Milo. Sorry I couldn't find her. But...

[Noah goes still, realizing something.]

Noah: Wait. Milo. Mr. Scars... Observer... Observer said that Mr. Scars is the one... who kills Mary. He's... he's alive? But how? If, if she's dead...

[Noah picks up the Obituary letter in front of him and opens it.]

Noah: There's some pictures in here...

[He takes out a news clipping.]

Noah: What's this? It's a news article... Oh my god.

[Noah stares incredulously, then reads.]

Noah: "Murder mystery begins to surface"...

[Noah shows part of the article, showing a picture of Mary Asher.]

Noah: [Tapping picture.] That's her. 

[Noah shows the entire article, which says this: 

"Murder mystery begins to surface

Body of wanted woman found murdered in submerged car

A mystery is unfolding as police in Alabama have found the body of wanted woman, Mary Asher, closer to home than expected. Asher's beige Honda was found submerged in a Huntsville retention pond by a survey crew, officials say. Huntsville Police with help from the Huntsville Fire Department recovered the car from the pond Wednesday morning. Investigators have ruled her death a homicide as Mary was found in the passenger's seat with tape covering her eyes and a gunshot wound to the abdomen. 

Asher, 55, has been missing since 2010 and is the prime suspect in the murder of her ex-husband, John Fletcher, 53, who was found shot to death in his car Valentine's Day of last year. Asher was last reported attending her son's funeral in New York on the 5th of July 2010 and has been evading authorities since she was called in for questioning. 

Sources say that her son, Milo Asher, died of an overdose of antidepressants in June of 2010. Asher was also suspected in the death of her first husband and Milo's biological father, Robert Asher, who died in a fire that consumed their home in 1991. Investigators were inconclusive as to the source of the fire. Asher's family has been called into questioning, but no suspects have been taken into custody.

The dive team and investigators are working together to try and recover any evidence that may shed some light on who was driving the car and any other details that may lead to an arrest. She is survived by her sister Sharon Maxwell and her father, Karl Maxwell."

Noah reads some of the article, interjecting an "Oh my god..." occasionally. He slows down at "tape covering her eyes and a gunshot wound to the abdomen", then completely stops.]

Noah: Oh my god... She is Cursor. [Long pause.] Oh my god... 

[Noah decides to look more into the newspaper, as slight visual and audio distortions begin]

Noah: There's pictures of her.

[Noah shows a stack of pictures.]

Noah: That's her car in the water.

[The distortion stops, Noah reveals a picture of two people trying to drag the car out. Noah then shows a picture of the car partway out of the water. Distortion returns, Noah looks disturbed as he shows a picture of police officials surrounding the car. Noah stares in shock and covers his mouth in horror before showing a picture of Mary inside a body bag. Tape is covering her eyes and blood leaks from her mouth. The distortion ends as Noah sits in silence.]

Noah: What else is in here?

[More distortion.]

Noah: ...Just this paper.

[Noah takes the paper out - the back of the paper reads DING DONG DING DONG in scribbled script. Outside the door window, a silhouette of a man appears at the door, causing audio distortion. He puts his hand on the glass for a few seconds and then leaves.]

Noah: "Mary runs no more, after fleeing for so long, but now you must answer the door"

[Right as Noah looks at the other side, Noah's doorbell rings twice. Noah turns around, surprised. He then gets up and looks out the window.]

Noah: Oh my god, oh my god! 

[Noah runs to the camera and picks it up before running to the door and opening it. A black briefcase is visible at the end of the walkway to Noah's house. As he walks toward it, slight audio/visual distortion occurs around the briefcase. Noah looks around, but nobody is there. Noah quickly brings the briefcase in, throws it on the floor, and shuts and locks the door. He turns back towards the briefcase, which causes massive audio and visual distortion before stopping. Noah stares at the briefcase for a few more seconds. Cut to black. A person, apparently Milo/Mr. Scars, appears in the final frame, with the words, "GOOD LUCK" above him.]


  • Mr. Scars was the one to kill Mary Asher.
  • The final figure, though clearly a member of the Collective, has a different font than the Observer or Firebrand. It is heavily suggested that this is Mr. Scars/Milo. 
  • The images of Evan/HABIT at 0:26 are now revealed to be snapshots of the footage shown in Severance and Bridge to Nowhere.
  • The name of the journalist who wrote the newspaper article/obituary is "Lana X. Hemlow". This is an anagram of "Noah Maxwell".

Notes & Speculation

  • Perhaps Cursor has gone rogue too?


  • Adam Rosner, the creator of TribeTwelve, posted a picture on his tumblr account that related to the hidden images of Evan. The picture depicts the video being edited in Adobe Premiere, and one can see Evan behind a rendering window, along with some other shots of what looks like Evan seated at a table in the timeline at the bottom. The picture can be viewed here.