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The Observer as he appears on Noah's Twitpic during the February 14th Livestream. theeyes♜

Also Known as: The Eyes, Black Rook, The Sentinel, Shadow Kevin, "Fucking Coward","Motherfucker","Asshole"

Vessel: Kevin Haas

The Observer is a mysterious and malevolent entity that has a great interest in Noah Maxwell. Similar to the Administrator, the Observer has the ability to manipulate time and space. The Observer is represented by a symbol of two eyes intersecting. The Observer communicates with Noah through physical means (cryptic packages and notes) and digital means (black-and-white videos, code, files). Most of his "communications" are stylized by visual distortions, solid black-and-white imagery, and scratchy, fully capitalized (and in videos, shaky) text, though some or all of these traits may be shared by other members of the Collective.

During Noah's time in what is called "stasis", the Observer responded to several Formspring questions by saying he was part of a group known as the Collective, who are agents of the Administrator.

The Observer serves under the Administrator, whom he refers to as his "Keeper".  He states that he fears him, and that this fear is what compels him to do his bidding. He also refers to himself as merely a tool for the Administrator to use and dispose of once his purpose has been fulfilled.

On November 10, 2012, Noah tweeted pictures of a letter he had received from the Observer that day. The letter contained writing that said "I'm so sorry Noah. They're too powerful. Kill me... I'm only a tool. He can't use my body then. Kill me, Kill me, Kill me". Noah had claimed this was the handwriting of his friend Kevin Haas, confirming for certain that Kevin is the Observer's vessel.


  • Appears at the end of the tape footage in Box Analysis.
  • Phoned Noah during Unknown Caller
  • "Took" Noah while he stayed at Sarah's house during Thanksgiving.
  • Hacked into Noah's Twitter on New Year's Day 2011, changing Noah's bio, avatar, and posting several tweets and a picture.
  • Attacked Noah at the Victor Park Nature Trail, "taking" him for the second time.
  • Hacked into Noah's Formspring and responded to questions asked by viewers.
  • Hacked into Noah's YouTube page and uploaded HELLOTHERE and COMECLOSER.
  • Placed files inside Noah's system32 folder on his computer, which were deleted once Noah accessed them on February 19, 2011.
  • Planted a recording device in Noah's room. Noah found the device, had it analyzed by a friend, and then reported his findings. The device recorded Noah's activities for all of August 1, 2011, and from midnight to 3:15 AM on August 2, 2011. The device also played a message from the Observer (the file of this message was created on March 13, 2011). The message suggests that the Observer had something to do with Milo's suicide.
  • Interrupted Noah's live stream on August 29th, 2011. The Observer somehow hacked into the stream, played the video INTERRUPTION, and then uploaded the video to Noah's YouTube account. After Noah attempted to call the police, the Observer left a paper under Noah's door that read "I'M WAITING".
  • Hacked into Noah's Twitpic and uploaded an image of a hand sticking out of an eye's pupil, with the date "11-11-11" (Noah's birthday) on its palm.
  • During Noah's stay at a hotel for Halloween, the Observer tormented Noah by manipulating time and space to warp Noah to different areas of the hotel and changing day to night. The Observer physically appeared in front of Noah twice, and left a note on Noah's bed that read "HAPPY HALLOWEEN NOAH".
  • On November 11th, Noah was lured back to the hotel, where he was "taken" by the Observer and put back in stasis, despite attempts by Firebrand to save him. The Observer, once again, took over Noah's Twitter and Formspring accounts.
  • Hacked into Noah's YouTube and uploaded the HAPPYBIRTHDAY video to Noah's account.
  • Hacked into Noah's Twitter during his Valentines Day live stream, posting Twitpics of the members of the Collective and answering some of Noah's questions.
  • Appeared behind Noah's chair in Several Months of Hell, first seen with his head popping out, and later near the end of the video wagging his finger to the camera.
  • Followed Noah to his meeting with Daniel Shipman in The Manifest.
  • The Observer appeared in a video uploaded to YouTube, titled INTERCEPTION, in which, part way through the video, the Observer is interrupted by Firebrand. Contrary to what was previously said about the Observer having no emotions, he reacts quite angrily to this. He even swears at Firebrand, telling him to "SHUT THE FUCK UP".
  • He appears for a split second in Fortunes in few hidden frames. It is possible that the voice heard throughout Fortunes may belong to the Observer rather than the actual journal.
  • On August 28, 2015, the Observer appeared once again on Noah's Twitter, announcing that "noahiswithusrightnow", and that "iwillanswersixquestionsonhisbehalf". After answering six questions, each beginning with "where", "what", "who", "why", "when", and "how", all the while leaving hints about Noah's condition and whereabouts, the Observer states: "ihaveanswered nowyoumustwait untilherollsthedie andtakesthebait".
  • He hacks Firebrand's transmission in DEATHTRAPEXODUS, taunting Noah about his time with the Collective, and telling him what he needs to do next.
  • He follows Noah around his house, watches him sleep and stalks him on the boardwalk in Crawlspace.
  • He taunts Noah and pushes him off of the observation tower in Pitfall.
  • In Rendezvous, the Observer and his Keeper trap Noah in the middle of the Boardwalk, and attempt to capture him.
  • In Facade, Kevin/the Observer visits a fake version of Noah's house. Later in the video, Noah traps Kevin into the fake house by removing the door by Severance.


  • Noah confirmed that his friend, Kevin Haas, is the Observer's vessel.


  • Henka Visæ, whose name was mentioned several times in "The Order", is nearly a perfect anagram of "Kevin Haas". This hints that either the Observer or his vessel, Kevin, may have been in some way affiliated with the Order at one point.
  • The Observer might be substantially weaker now, since Noah has locked his vessel, Kevin, into a fake version of his house within the boardwalk.