The central icon of the TribeTwelve saga: the intersecting eyes, used as a representation of Severance

Here you can find the whole story of TribeTwelve's saga, from 2010 until today. Due the longevity of the series, it has been split into two seasons. For more detailed information about the videos, see The Videos. See also TribeTwelve's Twitter and Vine accounts.

Short Story

TribeTwelve started off as an innocent little thing, a YouTube page for Noah Maxwell's project on the Twelve Tribes of Israel. However, soon afterward, the project was cancelled by the teacher for unknown reasons. The news became worse when Noah received word that his childhood friend and closest cousin, Milo Asher, was found dead in his room, killed by a "suicidal" drug overdose. Noah wanted to change the YouTube page from the abandoned project page into a dedication page, in commemoration of Milo's life. However, as he watched the videos, six videos in particular titled as "Submissions", he noticed things he had never seen before... but Milo had

Things that terrified him.

From this point, Noah will investigate all supernatural things that hover around the death of his cousin, things that will terrorize him even more...

Full Story

Season 1

TribeTwelve starts out with Noah Maxwell looking through some old footage of him and his recently deceased cousin, Milo Asher. As he views the tapes, he begins to notice Milo acting strangely, as well as a tall faceless antagonist following him around.

Whilst at Milo's funeral, Noah's German grandfather, Karl Maxwell, a retired member of the OSS from World War II, calls Noah over to his house. He speaks to Noah in German, stating that he sees the man in his tapes and reveals that he had witnessed how violent this entity is, and urges Noah to not look into the strange occurrences any more.

Once he gets back home, he begins recording himself at night due to several instances of odd noises waking him up. One night, he receives an unusual package; upon opening it, Noah discovers a variety of cryptic clues and varying items. Noah is able to recover data from one of these items: a broken cell phone. Among the data are disturbing sound files and images of the faceless man. The cell phone was believed to be unusable, but one night he gets called on that phone.

Enter the Observer, the package's sender. He starts telling Noah in an almost unintelligible voice that "the Boardwalk awaits", among other things. Noah begins to panic, and eventually destroys the phone. However, the Observer continues to antagonize Noah, hacking into his YouTube account and posting a threatening video, titled "HELLOTHERE".


The faceless man known by the Observer as his "Keeper" in the video "HELLOTHERE"

Frustrated, Noah desires to escape his house for the Thanksgiving holiday. A girl named Sarah offers for Noah to come to her place over Thanksgiving. Things seem fine at first, as they enjoy their holiday problem-free. But by the end of his visit, something takes control of him, as Sarah wakes up to find Noah outside, covered in blood (some of which was not his own, according to the Observer), kitchen knife in hand, clothes torn up and laughing maniacally. Noah starts to attack Sarah with the knife, until he snaps out of it, and dashes out of the house in a confused panic.

After the events of Thanksgiving, he is greeted with the Token Letter, another "gift" from the Observer, wedged in his door. It is filled with more cryptic clues, ranging from a slip of paper from a fortune cookie, to a small bag of pills, to even various twigs and leaves.

Noah finally gets in touch with John Fletcher, the ex-husband of Mary Asher. He reveals to Noah that Mary was an unstable individual, prone to acts of random violence. Furthermore, he reveals that she claims to have also been victimized by the faceless man all throughout her life, calling him "Mr. Slim".

The following summer leads Noah to the nature trail he once visited with Milo. Going on clues and intuition, he goes back to examine the area for any more clues or hints as to his predicament. This unfortunately leads him to run into the tall faceless man, and Noah disappears for the next few weeks. While he is possessed (or taken to some other realm entirely), the Observer takes over his Twitter, YouTube and Formspring accounts. He posts "COMECLOSER".

When Noah comes to, he tries to return to normal life. He posts a video about his progress over the summer. He also interviews his parents about Mary, Milo, and the fire that burned down his house several years ago. They hint at having seen the faceless man prior, calling him "a Kojak wannabe" and "the FBI". Noah is disturbed by this, and leaves.

Then, a manila envelope arrives at Noah's house, most likely from HABIT of the EverymanHYBRID saga. It leaves details of the Ashers' involvement with Dr. Corenthal, and knowledge of Noah's situation.

Weeks later, Noah wakes up and describes a strange dream about somebody standing at the far end of the boardwalk at Victor Park. He says he ran toward the figure, which woke him up. He complains that the dream didn't feel like a dream, but a memory. Hearing a beeping noise, Noah goes to change his smoke detector, but after he takes the battery out, the beeping continues. Noah then proceeds to look around his room until he finds a strange device. He hears someone knocking on his closet, opens the door, and discovers that the closet was empty, containing only a ping-pong ball with the Observer symbol drawn on it. The next day, Noah's friend Edward comes over to his house to analyze the device. He comes to the conclusion that it's like a "spy walkie-talkie" and used to hear stuff from a distance. Edward shows Noah which wires contain data and which contain power, and after clipping the data-based wires, Noah plugs the device into his computer, causing it to play a message in which the Observer taunts him. Later, he reassembles the data wires, plugging the Device into a library computer. This leads him to a message from the Observer, a picture, a text file, and some other files.

Some time later, Noah starts a live stream to update people about his situation. In the middle of the stream, the Observer hijacks Noah's video feed. The same message, "INTERRUPTION", appears on his channel.

Later, Noah decides to travel to New York to meet with his grandfather Karl, and to New Jersey to meet the EverymanHYBRID crew, to get more clues about his situation from some letters that he received.

On Halloween, he decides to stay in a hotel for a few days, too afraid to stay in his house. There he experiences some strange occurrences, including time travel and teleportation, all while the Observer continues to taunt him. Finally, he decides to go back to his house.

On November 10th, he receives a call from Mary Asher. They have a fast talk about her story with "Mr. Slim", Mr. Scars' identity, and the contents of Karl's journal. After Mary furiously ends the call after failing to obtain Mr. Scars' identity, the tall faceless man appears in Noah's house, and Noah tries to shoot him in vain. Frightened, he flees back to the hotel.

On November 11th, the Observer posts the video "HAPPYBIRTHDAY", revealing the existence and nature of the Collective, a series of supernatural beings inhabiting human bodies (known as "vessels") and acting in service to the tall man, known as the Administrator. The Observer then ends the video by saying that 11/11/11 would be Noah's last birthday. That same night, Noah is pulled out of bed, forcing him to wake up and see what was going on, only to meet Firebrand and be taken by the Administrator and the Observer. On November 19th, Noah wakes up in the same place where he was "taken". After vomiting blood, he looks in the mirror and discovers a drawing of the Observer's symbol on his forehead and a "happy birthday" message on his body. After the incident, he goes back to his house.

Months later, Noah starts a new live stream to update people on his current situation. During the stream, Noah has a talk with the Observer via Twitter, revealing more clues about the individual members of the Collective. Second, Noah's mother calls him to say that John Fletcher was found dead, with Mary Asher as the principal suspect. Later, Sarah calls Noah to say that Kat was found dead and her neighbors had seen a man with a white t-shirt and a knife around her house, revealing that during Noah's possession in the Thanksgiving footage, he somehow traveled through time and killed Kat. Sarah also said that she was being stalked by the tall faceless man. Some time later, Noah makes a video summarizing the latest events, with some additional news: after the live stream Sarah have been found dead.

During the time between "November 11th" and "Several Months of Hell", Noah hired some researchers to find more information regarding the whereabouts of Mary Asher. One of them, named Sam, linked Mary Asher to a cult that worships the Administrator, known as the Order. To find out more about this group and the whereabouts of Mary, Noah contacted the DarkHarvest crew.


The Observer's message to the Order

Noah flies to New Jersey again, and with the DarkHarvest crew, Noah contacts a member of the Order to arrange a meeting with them to discuss the involvement of Mary Asher. After getting the chance to meet with the Order, Noah asks them a few questions. The cult only says they lost contact with Mary and that she had joined the Order through one of the group's former members, Henka Visæ. Soon after, the tall figure appears and attacks the members of the group as they try to worship him. While Noah runs to the DarkHarvest crew's car, screams and the Observer's laughing echo can be heard through the forest. Once Noah returns to the car and as they attempt to drive away, the car stops working and the Administrator appears, teleporting them to a nearby beach, also taking them 3 days in the future. On the beach, scared and confused, Noah and the DarkHarvest group begin arguing, as they find out that Noah mentioned their names to the Order, something he was explicitly told to avoid. After the discussion, Alex and Chris return to their homes, leaving Noah behind at the beach.

Some time later, near the beginning of November, Noah makes a video, saying that he thinks he is the one who killed Kat (which the Observer confirms) and he was really sad about all the deaths that happened because of him. Regardless of what happens, he is sure that on November 11th, the Collective will either kill him or turn him into one of them.

He later receives a letter from the Observer with the same ball from back when he found the Observer's device, as well as a note. He confirms that his friend, Kevin Haas, who translated Karl's German in one of Noah's earlier videos, is the Observer. Eventually, he decides to host a live stream before his time of death, so the public can see him die and become "something horrible". He also gets drunk off of whiskey. However, the time of death (11:11) passes uneventfully. Later, a message is posted to his Twitter account, apparently from Firebrand, stating that the Collective is trying to get to him, and that he is holding them back. Noah refuses the help. Noah then refuses to drink and becomes sad, because he wanted to die. Eventually, Firebrand arrives in Noah's room. Noah takes his camera and accuses Firebrand of not being real. He reveals the figure who he is talking to to be another version of himself. He travels back in time to his closet, only to hear the Device and himself from the past. Noah drops the ball in the closet before teleporting to the hotel from November 11th. He runs down the hallway to open his room. Inside he finds a terrified Noah, taken by the Administrator who comes right behind him. He is teleported back to the his room, as Noah begins talking to him, until the past version of himself disappears. After this, Noah goes back to his stream viewers and tells them that he has proof to show them in his camera. They tell him about the video that played during the entire time Noah was gone. He finds it on his YouTube and views it. When Firebrand intercepts the Observer's "broadcast" he reveals some useful info, some of which is redacted. Noah still does not understand what the information could mean. Eventually, he ends the stream, thanking Firebrand.


Firebrand's response to Noah's thanks

Season 2

On June 4th, Firebrand uploads "DEUS EX MACHINA". He reveals the upcoming briefcase for Noah and its delivery. Evan/HABIT from EverymanHYBRID also appears in the video. In the video, Firebrand also hints that HABIT was responsible for freeing him from the Administrator's command. Mr. Scars and Cursor also appear in the video.

Later, Noah receives a letter. He posts a few pictures of it, but refuses to open it. He eventually decides to open it on camera. Before that, he comments on "DEUS EX MACHINA", discussing a dream he had and its relevance with a segment of the video. Noah inspects the letter from the outside, but receives a call from his mother before he can open it. She tells him that Mary Asher has been found dead. Noah opens the letter only to find pictures of Mary's car being pulled out of a lake, her corpse, and a newspaper article. As he worries over the new information, he receives the briefcase, delivered to his doorstep by Mr. Scars.

Noah soon records himself trying different combinations for the briefcase. Eventually, Noah unlocks the briefcase with the date of his first video (June 4th, 2010). Inside, he finds a few of Milo's belongings: a pair of shoes Milo asked from Noah (containing a video tape), a note, his journal and a Sudoku Rubik's cube Noah gave to him. Noah then reveals 100,000 dollars placed along the bottom of the briefcase. Firebrand appears, saying "It wasn't easy, but you can thank me later".

Soon after, Noah posts a video describing the contents of the briefcase, the current relationship between the DarkHarvest crew and himself, and his attempts to salvage the tape Mr. Scars had sent. Firebrand then tells Noah in a hidden frame that "answers are coming".

When Noah finally reconstructs Milo's Tape, he posts the contents to the channel. Half of the tape was heavily damaged, Noah finding it impossible to get it to work; however, he is able to salvage some video. The tape begins with Milo Asher before his death, talking about his situation at the time. Heavy distortion occurs and Milo is shown again, but this time, reanimated from death and inside an abandoned house. Mr. Scars finds the briefcase, and upon figuring out the combination and opening it, he finds only the money and a handgun inside.

Later, the Administrator begins to follow Milo through the house while Milo runs and breathes hoarsely (possibly due the fact that his throat was cut, as shown in a hidden frame). When the Administrator finally reaches Milo and takes him, more distortion occurs and one more shot of Milo in the past is shown. Some time after, Milo appears again, calling Mary Asher to meet him at the abandoned house. When she arrives, they talk about their situation, and Milo reveals himself as Mr. Scars. Just as the Observer foretold, Mr. Scars shoots Mary Asher, killing her.

A few days after having watched the tape, Noah receives a letter from HABIT, antagonist of EverymanHYBRID and the entity presumed responsible for freeing Firebrand from the Collective. In this letter, HABIT says that he is at Noah's side and is against the Administrator. After reading the letter, Noah is transported by HABIT to a house in New Jersey, where HABIT takes the time to discuss important matters with Noah, such as the nature of his involvement with the Collective and the importance of Karl's journal. HABIT obliges Noah to draw the Observer's symbol and explains its meaning, which is roughly described as "severance". He reveals that the symbol can "hack" into a human being, or can be used for something "greater" and more powerful. Another example he uses: put the symbol in something like a knife, that knife would enter the "controller", and in turn, the controller will lose control of the person who used the knife.


HABIT's appearance in the last frame of the video "Bridge to Nowhere"

After that, HABIT kicks Noah off the house, leaving him alone in New Jersey. Lost, Noah goes to a bathroom in a store and finds himself in a strange dimension, known in EverymanHYBRID as the Candleverse. How he got there is unknown. Apparently, time and space have no influence, and it appears that water has harmful effects to the human body. After some time walking and nearly losing his sanity, Noah receives text messages from Firebrand saying to "find the bridge" "before they do". When Noah finally finds the bridge, he finds Jeff, a major character from EMH that HABIT had supposedly killed some time ago. Anxious and worried, Jeff tells Noah that the only way for him to help anyone is by killing himself, and right after that, he runs away. Frightened, Noah looks back and finds HABIT standing right behind him. He attempts to escape, but HABIT grabs him by the arm, advising Noah to keep fighting and to not listen to Jeff's "advice" about killing himself. After that, at Noah's request, HABIT transports him back to his home in Florida. Exhausted, Noah collapses on his bed.

As 2014 goes by, with little to no new information, Noah starts to slowly deteriorate from the man he used to be, due to the stress of the Collective's influence on his life slowly building inside of him. Eventually, by the time fall rolls around, Noah is a broken mess. As this is happening, Firebrand creates a Vine account linked to Noah's Twitter account, and begins uploading cryptic Vines that put his true motives into question. Firebrand also begins to leave fortune cookies around Noah's house. These cookies range from helpful advice to confusing statements that are seemingly just meant to scare Noah.

Finally, Noah uploads a video titled Fortunes, that shows Noah's current state in detail, as he has become a sleep-deprived, messed-up drunkard. In the video, it's shown that Milo's journal has been possessed by an entity reminiscent of The Observer. The journal mocks Noah as a "failure", and screams at him to act, making his condition worse. At one point during the video, the Administrator attempts to take Noah, but Firebrand saves him at the last minute. Noah then opens the last fortune as the journal whispers: "Stay in Wonderland, and I will show you how deep the rabbit hole goes," in reference to HABIT. The fortune's message: "run."

Noah's Twitter activity slows further and further, Noah slowly losing the will not to look into the journal. Finally, after months of inaction, the Observer posts a few tweets, answering six questions from TribeTwelve followers. He reveals that "noahiswithusrightnow" and that "firebrandtookhim", "heisteachinghim" and he is "playingwithhisdestiny". He insists that the Collective did not take him, but instead "hebroughthimselfhere". When asked when Noah will return, he replies "ifhecanfindhiswaythroughthelabyrinth anddoesnotsuccumbtomadness youwillknowwhenhereturns". After posting two more tweets, (one of which he uploads as Noah's header photo) the Observer ceases activity on Twitter.

Activity on Twitter resumes two weeks later with a single tweet from Noah. He explains that despite the date saying he was only gone for a week, it was more like a month. He also states he does not want to explain what happened or what he saw. As he puts it, "i was in hell."

On the night of October 31st, the Observer breaks into Noah's Twitter again and posts a picture of the members of the Collective with the Administrator standing on what appears to be the boardwalk (this image also becomes the new banner on the TribeTwelve YouTube channel). Minutes later, DEATHTRAPEXODUS is uploaded to YouTube. The first part of the video is from Firebrand, congratulating Noah for finally understanding the meaning of Severance and instructing him to apply it to opening Milo's journal. In the last two minutes of the video, however, the Observer takes control of the "broadcast" and tells Noah to read Milo's journal (specifically about what the Observer had done to Milo). Afterwards, Noah has to "TRAVEL TO THE HERMIT" to obtain Sebastian's journal and bring it to the Collective. This statement almost certainly confirms that Karl is Persolus (already referred to as "thehermit" by the Observer).

The next day, Noah posts on Twitter that he saw the video and knows what he has to do. Once a full week had passed since the video was posted, he announces that he has decided to try it on his birthday. On November 11th, 2015 (at 11:11 p.m.), Noah successfully opens the journal, posting a photo of the first page to his Twitter. Visible is a letter to Milo from Dr. James Corenthal, who gave him the notebook, and a drawing of an eye with the iris gripped by two hands.


Noah on the Boardwalk, as seen in the video "Crawlspace"

On February 27th, 2016, Noah uploads a video titled Crawlspace. The video is comprised of various clips from December 12th, 2014 to August 28th, 2015. Noah, throughout the video, is still in largely the same emotional condition as he was in Fortunes. Milo's journal is constantly talking to him, he is seen sleepwalking several times, and he has found over a hundred fortune cookies scattered throughout his house. He tries to open the journal by force and even burn it, but both attempts result in him breaking down crying. Later, Noah notices the Observer taunting him as he sleeps. The "crawlspace" the title refers to (as well as the one mentioned in Fortunes) is revealed to be the empty space underneath Noah's desk, whereupon crouching inside of it, Noah is transported to the boardwalk in Victor Park. One night, Noah begins to sleepwalk under the journal's command, and after retrieving the journal and his camera, he goes to the crawlspace and is transported to the boardwalk, which causes heavy red distortion and a constant humming noise to register on the camera. After snapping out of his trance, Noah begins freaking out, and while trying to escape, he is caught by the Administrator. Noah drops the journal in front of the Administrator, but before he can pick it back up, he is transported back to his house without it. Noah then drives to the boardwalk, hoping that the journal is where he left it. The video ends with Noah exiting his car, only for the day to change to night. After a brief moment of reluctance, Noah stands at the edge of the boardwalk, about to enter.

A few more months pass, and on July 4th, Noah uploads "Pitfall", continuing from where "Crawlspace" left off. Noah enters a distorted version of the boardwalk, being transported through Victor Park and around the observation tower. Noah encounters the Observer, and after being mocked by him, Noah chases him along an infinite loop of stairs, soon becoming exhausted. From the top of the tower, Noah sees Milo's journal lying below, and as he attempts to climb off the edge of the tower to reach it, he is pushed by the Observer, falling a noticeably longer distance than expected before landing hard on the boardwalk. As he coughs up blood, Noah is helped by what appears to be Kevin, who takes him to a hospital. Before he can be treated, Noah tries to follow Kevin out the hospital, only to be transported back to the boardwalk, where he collapses.

Meanwhile, a user on the TribeTwelve subreddit by the name of Scriniarii makes a few posts on the forum referring to an "archive" and calling the subreddit's users "the sensum". In addition, he appears on the TribeTwelve Discord server, sending cryptic private messages to some of the messaging client's users. Redditors begin to complain and accuse Scriniarii of gamejacking: carrying TribeTwelve's message beyond the source material. The moderators decide to address the issue, kicking Scriniarii from the Discord server and preventing him from making additional posts on the subreddit. A few of his posts are also hidden or deleted.


The second page of the Manifest, presented to those who had decoded the first part of the SCRINIARII Code.

After a few more months of silence on Noah's end, Firebrand posts a video titled "SCRINIARII". He reveals that Scriniarii is, in fact, an actual entity in the TribeTwelve narrative. He chides TribeTwelve's followers for their harsh treatment of Scriniarii and urges them to regroup and focus on carrying out Scriniarii's goals, telling them to "find the archive". After this video, a small-scale ARG starts, referred to by the userbase as the SCRINIARII Code. After following a series of clues, the users are rewarded with the second page of the East Coast Assembly Manifest (the first page of which was already shown in "The Manifest"). This second page shows information regarding Henka Visæ, a notable member of the Order who was instrumental in getting Mary Asher to join the cult. Visæ is revealed to be a 70 year old man (in 1985, at the time of the Manifest's creation) with a hunchback from Hamburg, Germany. No other information, however, is apparent.

On the evening of October 7th, Scriniarii returns to the TribeTwelve Discord page, and posts: "In 7 days I will return. You may ask one question at that time. Prepare your inquiry." He then leaves the Discord users to decide which question to ask, as well as which user to appoint as a "delegate" to ask the question.

After a week passes, Scriniarii returns. He is presented with the question, "What info can you give us that Noah does not yet know, but needs to?" He responds by saying: "All of it. In fact I was thinking that you might have asked me about the boat captain or the nazi journal but apparently you like getting information from puzzles and games rather than directly asking for them. I guess I'll hide some more. I'll soon return with your next task." He then leaves the Discord once more.

The next day, he posts two nearly identical full-color images of Sebastian's journal: one to Reddit and one as a direct message to Combinia, the delegate chosen by the Discord. Between the two images, he leaves a message in their code, clarifying the users' role as "sensum", to create an archive and maintain it in order to prevent the Collective from creating paradoxes. A complete timeline of the events of TribeTwelve, from 1944 to the present, is created and posted to the subreddit in response, to which Scriniarii offers his thanks.

On November 11th, Noah's 25th birthday, Noah posts on twitter that he'll begin archiving Milo's journal on a blogspot page. The page features a Severance symbol with a description that says the symbol protects the page from "those who intend to tamper with or destroy this information," proving that Noah now knows how to properly use Severance. The first post, titled "whispers", begins by summarizing what has happened to Noah thus far in the story. Noah then explains his knowledge of Severance, saying:

"it can do more than just sever ties with something. it is a reality hacking tool that can serve as a gateway portkey as well as a kind of super spyglass if one so wishes, but most importantly its objective can also be undone and used in reverse to bind things. by ascribing meaning into it, one can use it to lock or unlock all kinds of things in uniquely specific ways depending upon what purpose you infuse your inscription with."
He summarizes the contents of the journal as well:
"i learned of milo's hellish life, unearthed more about a group of madmen who lead so many astray, read of a dead father back from the grave, investigated a conman who started it all, shed light on the terrible woman that milo called mother, and logged a series of paradoxes that changed all of our lives."
On the TribeTwelve subreddit, Scriniarii makes a post titled "Learn the symbol". The body text reads, "Protect the archive, protect the loop". The subreddit's users, realizing the post refers to Noah's use of Severance on his blog, post the Severance symbol to the official timeline, as well as the subreddit, as a background image.

Scriniarii returns to the Discord after a few months of inactivity, where he is asked about who Henka Visæ is, to which he informs users that Henka is a Boat Captain, who had been mentioned briefly by Noah previously. Meanwhile, Scriniarii begins to look for an appropriate user to receive a device, and Discord user Maligerent is selected. She receives a package with the device soon after, and uploads various videos on it. This puzzle comes to a pause upon the next secret video being uncovered and solved, which is said to continue upon the next uploaded video.

Firebrand, over Twitter, pressures Noah into uploading the next video. Noah mentions that he had been taking antipsychotics, but could no longer afford them due to his insurance being cut. As he is going through withdrawal, Firebrand pressures him even more, until Noah finally begins to work on the next video.

On May 19th, 2017, Noah finally uploads Sisyphus. This video takes place a couple of days after the events of Pitfall,

Screenshot 77

Future Noah Maxwell

with Noah still trapped on the boardwalk. While traversing the boardwalk, Noah is chased by a giant spider and soon encounters a future version of himself. When asked how to leave the boardwalk, Future Noah suggests that Present Noah try rolling a 5 or an 8. Future Noah then drags Present Noah up the observation tower to show him various items inside a satchel, one of these items being Karl's Journal. Noah desperately tries to get his future self to hand it over, but the latter refuses, and instead hands Noah a rag and begins to eat the bloody pulp of a dead bird. Noah tries to leave, but his future self stops him and slashes his hand with a Nazi blade. Noah flees, and trips over a box containing a 100-sided die. He covers his cut hand with the rag given to him earlier, and begins trying to roll a 5 or an 8, but fails. The video ends as Future Noah laughs and as the giant spider is heard approaching.

Scriniarii returns to the Discord again, and asks the users to pick an item from Future Noah's satchel. The users chose the Journal, and Scriniarii responds by posting a small piece from Milo's journal.

Activity returns a couple of months later, when an unknown entity begins posting cryptic messages on Scriniarii's Discord account and on Noah's Twitter. Noah has a conversation with the entity on his Twitter account, and comes to regret it when the entity begins talking in nothing but emojis. It is revealed the next day that this cryptic user was Future Noah, who returns to the Discord again and hosts a 30-minute livestream, where he answers questions from users.