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Rendezvous Future Noah Maxwell (born November 11th, 1991) is Noah Maxwell from the future, where he has acquired the journal of Sebastian Kraus.

Unlike Sisyphus Future Noah, this Noah's personality is quite calm, collected and serious, though he does have his small jovial moments.

During the time Noah was on the boardwalk, he first met with Sisyphus Future Noah, and then with Rendezvous Future Noah. Noah asks how far in the future Rendezvous Future Noah is located, which he answers with "not as far as the first guy you met", referring to Sisyphus Future Noah.

Rendezvous Future Noah teaches Noah about several things in a "pocket dimension" within the boardwalk, and helps him escape the boardwalk by giving him supplies and teaching him about Severance.


  • Fortunes (appears in hidden frames)
  • Rendezvous (meets with Noah, teaches him about different things)