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Several Months of Hell

Several Months of Hell is the thirty-fourth episode of TribeTwelve, and the 34th video of season 1. It was uploaded on August 18th, 2012.


This is a recap of the past several months following the events of November 2011. I'm also allowing comments for this video. That Observer motherfucker actually snuck in & out of my room while I filmed. He was taunting me. Fucking coward.

Valentine's Day livestream:

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Part 2:

(Note: Both links do not work anymore, but the "February 14th Livestream" and the "August 29th Livestream" can now be found on the channel, since they were uploaded during season 2)

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Noah: Hey guys, uhh, I apologize for the long delay in updates, I've been, um, recovering from a tedious process of salvaging that footage of the previous video, as well as trying to find a job, and dealing with summer school, and on top of all that, trying to figure out any that leads I can find for Mary Asher and whatnot. Thanks to all you guys who have stuck with me for this long, I really appreciate you caring about me and this fucked up situation I'm in. So, I've been getting these emails and messages from you guys asking about why it's been so quiet since November 11th. [Sighs] Well, guess what? It hasn't. I'm making this update video now because, you know it's been quiet on this Youtube account since then, if you've followed my other accounts, it's anything but, you'd know that there's been a good deal of shit happening, and um, I've gotten many requests to explain what's been going on for viewers, so uh, I was just going to take this time to sit down and let all of you know what's been going on these past few months. Let's start with November 5th, that's um, a day after I got home after the events of, um, "Halloween Hotel".

[Cut to shot from "Halloween Hotel", showing Noah looking at the note left for him by the Observer.]

Noah: Because my birthday on the 11th was less than a week away, and knowing that the Observer had something planned for me then, I went out and bought a 9MM handgun from the pawn shop.

[Fade to a picture of a handgun. Cut back to Noah.]

Noah: I chose not to Tweet about it. I, uh... didn't want them to know I had it... and uh, I waited at my house, sleeped the sleep untill the 10th, and uh, on the night of the 10th, all hell broke loose.

[The footage of Noah being attacked by the Administrator and him shooting it from the "Mary Asher Phone Call" video is shown.]

Noah: I was attacked, and I fled back to the Hotel, where I was...

[The footage of Noah being taken from the "November 11th" video is shown. Cut to Noah.]

Noah: ...Taken, and woke up about a week later with little memory about what had happened.

[Noah waking up from him being taken is shown.]

Noah: Luckily my camera was uh, recording most of it and, um, I captured more or less of what had happened on tape.

[Cut to distorted footage from "Mary Asher Phone Call".]

Noah: The first part of the footage was so heavily distorted that it took me until May to recover it fully.

[Cut to distorted footage from "November 11th".]

Noah: The second part of the footage was, um, salvageable enough to be uploaded earlier, so I uh, posted it first.

[Cut back to Noah.]

Noah: During the time that I was missing from November 11th to the 18th, the Observer had, uh, taken control of my accounts and had fucked around a bit.

[Cut to Noah's Twitter page, showing tweets posted by the Observer.]

Noah: He posted a bunch of messed up tweets, photos, and uh, "HAPPYBIRTHDAY" video,...

[Cut to photos put on Noah's Twitpic by the Observer and after that, cuts to footage from "HAPPYBIRTHDAY".]

[The video distorts for the first tme, the audio becomes louder, the Observer then peeks over Noah's chair.]

Noah: ...and against my wishes, he posted the crime scene photo of Milo to the public as a reward to, uh, this shitty riddle he posted on Twitter. Now, I didn't want this getting out in respect of Milo's memory, but since it's already out there, there is no use of hiding it any longer, [nervous laugh] but I don't blame my viewers for giving it to him, because I know you guys didn't know what he was going to post, and I would have done the same for answers. So, don't feel guilty about that, I would have done the same. When I drove back to my house after waking up in the Hotel on the 18th, I discovered that my 9MM pistol was missing and there were two bullet holes in the wall in the back of my hallway.

[Shows picture of bullet holes in the wall.]

Noah: At the time, I didn't remember jack shit, and since I had yet to recover the first part of the footage, I didn't know how the bullet holes had gotten there. So I freaked out, lil' bit.

[Cuts to the "Mary Asher Phone Call" footage of Noah Shooting at the Administrator.]

Noah: And, uh, I now know that the bullet holes are a result of me shooting at the tall man, the "großmann" or whatever the fuck you want to call him. Assuming I'm not a terrible shot, I think I hit the thing twice, I really hope I did. Anyway, as time went on, I began remembering more and more about what I had forgotten.

[Cuts to Noah at the Hotel on "November 11th".]

Noah: When I was in the hotel, someone opened the door right before I was taken, and uh, all I can really remember is a silhouette of a figure, with pin-hole eyes and a thin smile, which is what showed up on the tape.

[Cut back to Noah.]

Noah: Now, I'm pretty sure that this figure is the "Firebrand" character that the Observer keeps talking about, and, um, other than that, I know nothing about what had happened to me during that period. [shakes his head

[While Noah is talking, a shot of Firebrand in "HAPPYBIRTHDAY" is shown. After that, the video cut back to Noah and when he finish shaking his head, a shot of the August 29th Livestream is shown.]

Noah: Then, on Valentine's Day, I decided to host a live stream. A quarter way through the stream, the Observer posted a picture to my Twitpics on my Twitter. It, uhh, depicted a recurring dream that I was having, that I had actually drawn and uploaded over a year ago. So, I decided to talk back and forth with him via twitter, and you can see the whole conversation by going on my Twitter and, uh, scrolling back to February 14th, um, but among other questions, I began asking who other members of the collective were, and he responded accordingly with more photos.

[While Noah is talking, a shot of Noah's Twitter with the Observer's Twitpics is shown. In the sequence, a picture of several eyes looking to a man laying on the ground and Noah's dream representation of this picture is shown. When Noah talks about the conversation with the Observer on Twitter, a image of the messages is shown. Then cut to photos of the Observer, Firebrand, Deadhead, Persolus, Swain, Cursor, Mr. Scars and the Administrator, in order. Cut to Noah.]

Noah: After that, my mom called me, said that, uh, John Fletcher was found dead.

[A shot of "A Phone Call with John Fletcher" is shown.]

Noah: If you don't remember who he was, he was Milo's step-dad, who I called to talk to in January of 2011, they didn't rule out murder, and uh, I think it was Mary Asher who killed him, because of some... grudges that they had, I don't know, and, uh, after that, [sighs] Sarah, the girl I stayed over with on Thanksgiving called.

[A shot of "Thanksgiving Footage: Day 1" and "Thanksgiving Footage: Day 2" is shown.]

Noah: She told me that Kat, the girl who was with us, was found dead too, and she pretty much accused me of being the murderer somehow, even though it's impossible, because, these goggles I wore in the Nature Trail video, were the same ones that Kat was wearing, on Thanksgiving.

[Cut to Noah using the googles in the "Nature Trail Visit" video.]

Noah: She is wrong, because even though they were Kat's, uh, I found them in my bag after I left, she must've misplaced them there, and [nervously chuckles] I was nowhere near the area, I was in fucking class, I have a solid alibi, it all checks out, so, I'm safe. I only wore them because I thought they were cool, and why waste them, I mean... And the ballay shit that happened on Thanksgiving was a long while prior to her death, it couldn't of been me, it's fuckin' impossible, okay? Then, Sarah said that she'd been seeing... this tall man too, and hang up on me. Then, because all that heavy shit gave me a migrane, I took two excedrin.

[Cut to Noah taking the pills in the "August 29th Livestream".]

Noah: Turns out, the pills I took were not excedrin, they were drugged. Obviously by 'You-Know-Who' and I was almost taken again. I woke up the next day fine, feeling really achey and shitty, but I guess they decided to spare me, whatever. Uh, but later, at the begining of march, Sarah's Twitter was hacked, and... I don't know what happened to her.

[Sarah's twitter is shown. After that, the video cut to Noah.]

Noah: Now, here are the newest updates. After I uploaded the "Mary Asher Phone Call" video, I uh, took it on my part to do some research, and, um, called up Sarah's local newspaper, on a hunch, and they found her name in the obituary. Said she killed herself. Multiple stab wounds, self-inflicted, it was written, apparently. Kat and her are both dead now, my alibi has been cleared out now, so I'm fine, but, [Realization chuckle] I know they would still be alive if it hadn't been me visiting. But there is one more thing, uhmm, a lighter note, I've been recently talking to, uh, several independent investigators, over the past few months, and uh, one of them, goes by the name of Sam, sends me this message. Says that, uh, he has an old manifest from some fucking obscure organization with Mary Asher's name on it, and he wants me to come over so he can talk in person about it. And, uh, I trust the guy, he's been helping me out a lot lately, um, but he's one of those paranoid, conspiracy kinda guys, so, doesn't want to send me any of the info over the internet, and I can understand that, coming from his postion, but umm, I think my next plan of action is pretty clear. I'm going to visit this Sam guy, and hopefully he can point me in the right direction... because I have zero leads on Mary, and I feel pretty confident about this manifest, I think this is a really good idea, and um, I've just got a good feeling about it. Uh, the guy lives pretty nearby, so um, I'm probably going to see him in the next few days, so um, I think that's it for updates... uh, no, I wanna say something. Um, most of my videos, the ones uploaded by me, anyway, I have, um, not allowed comments. I chose to do that because this channel is really meant for documentation purposes only, and I don't want any spammy comments and clutter on it, uh, however, on this video, I am going to allow comments, so... anyone who cares, can give me some advice, or information or whatever, so, there you go. If you wanna do it, have at it. Once again, just big thanks to all my followers, for all the help I've recieved, and sticking through with me through all this insane bullshit I've had to endure, I really appreciate it, so uh, yeah. Hopefully I can get more answers from this, if not, I'll keep on looking till I do. As usual, if I manage to get any info, I'll, uh, upload my findings on here, or let you guys on Twitter, and what not, so.

[Audio and video distortion.]

[The Observer's hand can be seen wiggling his finger to the camera like in "HAPPYBIRTHDAY".]

Noah: Untill then, Noah Out.

[In the last frame, it appears to have the Observer laughing with the text "SEE ME?"]


  • In the last frame of the video, a darkened image appears, saying "SEE ME?". It appears to have the Observer laughing as well. This may be mocking the fact that the Observer appeared twice in the video.
  • At 2:54, the Observer peeks up over Noah's chair and looks at the camera.
  • At 11:08, the Observer's hand appears behind Noah's chair and wags his finger to the camera.
  • Noah allows comments on this video as a way of people give him advice and informations.