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Sisyphus is the fifty-fifth episode of TribeTwelve and the 15th video in Season 2. It was uploaded on May 19th, 2017.


im still healing


[Shot of the boardwalk. There is red distortion and various low humming sounds in the background. Cut to black, then cut to Noah's panicked face.]

Noah: [Whispering.] I think it's been about two days. Trying to conserve battery. I... I don't know how I survived that. I'm alive... somehow.

[There's a whistle-like noise from off-camera, and Noah briefly turns his head back before facing the camera again.]

Noah: Switchblade's gone.

[Cut to a fortune in Noah's hand. It reads, "A mind all logic is like a knife all blade. It makes the hand bleed that uses it." He flips it over, and the back reads "You Have No Lucky Numbers".]

Noah: [Sighs.] Haven't...

[Cut back to Noah's face.]

Noah: ...slept at all. I know they're watching me.

[The video clips briefly.]

Noah: I'm getting out of here. If it's the last thing I do, I'm getting out of this place--

[Cut to Noah walking down the boardwalk.]

Noah: Shoulda stayed home... Shoulda just stayed home.

[Cut to a panning shot of the shrubbery alongside the boardwalk.]

Noah: I keep seeing eyes everywhere.

[Jump cut as Noah pans the camera up to see a small leaf spinning in the air. For a brief moment, the image of an eye appears over the leaf.]

Noah: There's eyes everywhere.

[Cut to a colony of ants crowded around a dead insect lying on the boardwalk. Noah leans down to their level.]

Noah: Hey, do any of you guys know the way out of here? [He pauses, then shouts furiously.] No, I've been heading that way for five hours now! Useless--

[Cut to Noah continuing down the boardwalk. He turns the corner and sees the entrance of the park. He runs toward it, but ends up back at the same corner he was at before. He turns the corner again, runs again, and ends up back at the corner once more. He turns around to see a small bridge behind him, then turns back toward the corner.]

Noah: ...The fuck?

[Noah turns the corner again, but finds himself facing the bridge he had seen over his shoulder just earlier.]

Noah: Rrrrrgh!

[He turns back around to see the corner. He turns the camera down and pulls his car keys out of his pocket. Pressing the lock button, he looks up. There's a brief pause before his car's horn honks from outside the park. Noah presses the button again, and the horn honks from directly behind him. Noah spins around and he is inside at his own house. A phone notification sounds from inside the room before a figure walks by.]

Noah: Oh!

[Noah slips and falls on his back, and the camera tilts up to see leaves overhead. The camera tilts back down to capture the bridge from before, as Noah is back at the boardwalk.]

Noah: What the hell?

[Noah points his camera down.]

Noah: There's no way out... there's no way ou--

[Cut to Noah walking down the boardwalk again. There's a creaking noise coming from above the boardwalk; Noah pans his camera up to see the Administrator's giant spider form hanging above him. The spider squeals and falls down to the ground as Noah screams, turning around and running away.]

[Cut to Noah's face as he is desperately holding his mouth closed, his eyes moving about frantically. He is hidden inside the observation tower; there's another squealing sound off-screen as Noah turns his camera to face the boardwalk. An eerie clopping noise sounds as the Administrator's spider form moves swiftly down the boardwalk, past where Noah is hidden. Noah spins the camera back toward his face, panting through his nose. The spider's clopping can still be heard nearby.]

[Cut to black. Cut to Noah slowly peeking the camera out from behind the observation tower. Cut to Noah peeking the camera out from behind the bench in front of the observation tower. He slowly gets up and walks to the edge of the boardwalk, looking down both ends before tilting the camera down.]

[Cut to the observation tower.]

Noah: Maybe if I just...

[Noah begins slowly spinning around. The observation tower appears several more times than it should as he rotates. At one point during the rotation, a blurry tall figure can be seen standing down one end of the boardwalk. Noah stops turning, but the scene cuts to him back in mid-spin again. Noah begins spinning faster and faster, until he is startled by a knocking sound. He stops.]

Noah: [Whispering.] What's that?

[A continuous rapping sound is coming from inside the trash can at the base of the observation tower. Noah starts moving toward it.]

Noah: [Whispering.] Who's in the trash?

[The knocking continues. Noah looks under the trash can. The knocking then turns to banging. Noah opens the trash can to see that it is filled with eyes. He stumbles back and steps on a wrapped fortune cookie.]

Noah: Oh, shit.

[He gets down to the ground and pulls the fortune out. It reads: "A familiar stranger will soon enter your life with wisdom to share." He flips it over; the other side reads, "Lucky Numbers 666, 666, 666, 666, 666, 666".]

Noah: Rrrrrgh!

[Noah grunts angrily as he gets up. Cut to black. Cut to Noah walking down the boardwalk once more. A ringtone can be heard from off in the distance. Noah gasps and turns around. The ringtone stops, and there's a shushing sound.]

Noah: What the fuck...

[Noah spins back around, only to be startled by a familiar grinning face: his own.]

Future Noah: Hey there, stranger!

[Noah gasps and breathes heavily as Future Noah chuckles. Future Noah's voice is slightly distorted, while Noah's is not.]

Future Noah: How ya doin'?

Noah: Firebrand...

Future Noah: Oh, I remember this... this is when it happened!

Noah: Are you Firebrand?

Future Noah: [Raising a finger.] Shh. Wake the neighbors.

[Future Noah's phone rings, and it's the same ringtone as before.]

Noah: No way...

Future Noah: Please excuse me. I have to take this.

[Future Noah brings the phone to his ear.]

Noah: No fuckin' way...

Future Noah: [Into the phone.] Not now! I'm hunting.

Noah: It's me.

[A distorted notification noise sounds from Future Noah's phone.]

Future Noah: Sorry about that. Naggy roommate.

[The video clips.]

Noah: Are. You. Firebrand?

[Future Noah laughs incredulously.]

Future Noah: No no no no no no no no no no. Well, technically, we both are, just... not exactly yet.

Noah: Huh?

Future Noah: It's like looking at a baby picture!

[Future Noah laughs and smiles. Noah tilts the camera down.]

Noah: You... what are you from?

[The footage clips as Noah tilts the camera back up to face Future Noah.]

Future Noah: What do you think, you dingus? The future!

[Future Noah triumphantly lifts up his arm.]

Future Noah: [Laughing.] Man, I used to be just like you-- I used to be you!

Noah: From when? What date?

[The video clips as Future Noah's expression cuts from a smile to a frown.]

Noah: Oh, God. From when, what date?

[Future Noah grimaces confusedly. He scratches his beard.]

Future Noah: Hmm... uh... you know what, I-I kinda lost track of the days, you know? [Laughs nervously.] We're kinda on house arrest right now, um... actually, you know what, I've been waiting to have this specific conversation, with you, for the longest time, because... you know, these occasions are rare and spontaneous and interesting, and, you know what, I... I-I don't...

[The video clips.]

Future Noah: I never know what I'm going to say... but it always comes out the way it should! Isn't that cool?

Noah: Tell me how to get the fuck out of here. They keep looping me in circles... there's... there's a giant spider that keeps... chasing me--

Future Noah: Did you try rolling a 5 or an 8?

[Noah shakes his head.]

Future Noah: You are in the jungle, you know.

[The video clips.]

Noah: Wh... what? What the fuck are you talking about?

Future Noah: --Actually, no. Don't do that. You don't want to do that, don't do that. Please don't do that.

Noah: [Incredulous.] Wha...? Are you trying to be funny?

Future Noah: You think I'm funny? Well, thank you, I've been working on my stand-up game! Am I any good?

[Future Noah waggles his head from side to side, his tongue flopping out. He laughs.]

Noah: Fucking listen to me! How do I get back to the entrance?

Future Noah: ...Oh! I stuck my tongue out! Th-this is the part... where I show you the things! The things-- I have things to show you!

[The video clips.]

Noah: Use... the things? What the fuck are you rambling about?

Future Noah: The-- the things! The things, I have things to show you! Come come, I have things to sh--

[Future Noah grabs Noah and begins dragging him along.]

Noah: Let go of me!

Future Noah: Things!

Noah: Ugh!

Future Noah: Quickly now, quickly now!

Noah: Let go of me!

Future Noah: Up the tower...

Noah: Rrrgh!

Future Noah: I have the things to show you...

Noah: I don't want to go with you--

[Cut to Future Noah, still pulling Noah.]

Future Noah: Hurry, hurry, we don't have a lot of time! Come on, quick, hurry, I have to show you these things, these things are so important, you have no idea how important they are, they're so fucking important, God--

Noah: Alright, I'm comin', I'm comin'--

Future Noah: --Up here, quick, quick... why are you so slow? Come on...

[Noah rounds the corner, and Future Noah has teleported to the top of the stairs. He raises his arms.]

Future Noah: Welcome to my observatory!

Noah: What the f--

[Future Noah motions Noah over.]

Future Noah: Come, come, don't be shy, I have to show you things-- this is what I did before, I have to do it again, come here.

[Future Noah taps his satchel expectantly.]

Future Noah: I have, in my little satchel here...

[Future Noah wiggles his fingers around the satchel. On the front is a large serial number: 826277.]

Future Noah: ...little possessions that I own of mine, worldly possessions that I am to show you.

[Future Noah begins rummaging through his satchel.]

Noah: [Whispering.] What the fuck is going on...

Future Noah: Here... here, check it out, some cool shit man, so, what do we got here? Oh... we got a bottle of water, got a... can of Spam, you don't want that... um... box of old raisins, we got Sebastian's journal...

Noah: The journal! Give it to me!

[Noah moves toward the satchel.]

Future Noah: [Not flinching.] We got... stick of gum--

Noah: --Gimme!

Future Noah: --What?

Noah: Give me the journal!

[Future Noah looks at Noah confusedly, shaking his head and sticking out his arm, wagging his finger.]

Future Noah: No, nuh-uh-uh-uh-uh.

Noah: What?

Future Noah: Nuh-nuh-nuh-nuh-nuh-nuh. You gotta earn it. Just like I did.

[Cut to Noah trying to force the journal off of Future Noah.]

Noah: You're gonna give me that goddamn book!

[Future Noah turns his head, as if not hearing Noah.]

Future Noah: I'm sorry?

Noah: Now!

Future Noah: Oh. Uh, nah-ah-ah. No thanks, no. [Wagging his finger.] No-o-o-o. You have to earn that.

Noah: What?

Future Noah: Yeah. Is-- hey, a-aint you lookin' for another journal?

[There's a pause as Future Noah goes back to looking through his satchel.]

Noah: D-do you have it?

[Future Noah doesn't respond. The video clips.]

Noah: [Harshly.] If you're really me, you'll tell me how to leave.

Future Noah: Here's an old rag, you gotta-- you're gonna need this real soon...

[Future Noah tosses the rag on the ground. Noah leans down to pick it up.]

Noah: The fuck is with you? How'd you get that shit from Karl? Can't trust you... you're one of them.

[Future Noah briefly turns to Noah before going back to his satchel. Noah sniffs the air.]

Noah: Ugh, you fucking reek, dude!

Future Noah: Like you're an example of proper hygiene.

Noah: Motherfucker.

Future Noah: Speaking of which... ya hungry? Ya want some?

[Future Noah holds out a plastic bag full of bloody, meaty pulp. The front of the bag is faintly labeled "BIRD".]

Noah: What... what is that?

Future Noah: It's fresh!

Noah: What the fuck is that? [Sniffs.] Ugh!

Future Noah: Uh... filet mignon. I promise. Catch of the day. Are you sure? You don't want any?

Noah: Hell no!

Future Noah: More for me, I'm a growing boy.

Noah: Oh, don't eat-- don't eat that...

[Future Noah opens the bag and pulls out some of the pulp, putting it in his mouth.]

Noah: Ugh! Oh, God! What is that?

Future Noah: I didn't give myself that answer.

Noah: Oh my god!

Future Noah: Now you've gotta find one on your own.

[Noah starts coughing disgustedly. Future Noah tosses a bone at him, and Noah turns the camera away.]

Noah: Dude! What the fuck?

Future Noah: Hey.

[Noah turns the camera back. Future Noah is waving a blade in front of his face.]

Future Noah: Check out this rad-ass Nazi blade, ain't it cool?

Noah: Why are you even here? Answer me!

Future Noah: Same reason you are. Hunting!

Noah: I'm outta here, I don't trust you.

[Noah turns around, only to find himself right back on the boardwalk. Noah flips back around to see Future Noah behind him.]

Future Noah: Trust me? Trust you, we're the same person, you dingus dummy! Don't you fuckin' realize that after all this time? You and I are the same fuckin' person. [Gesturing with his arms.] You and I are two dots on the same line. The only thing you have to fear... is yourself!

Noah: Prove it to me! Prove you ain't one of them!

Future Noah: I'm sorry. Forgive me. Being out here...this long... really... fries your brain, you know, really derails your thoughts, uh, so... please forgive me, uh... let me... demonstrate to you...

[The video clips.]

Future Noah: ...with a gift. Uh, here in my rucksack...

[Future Noah pats his satchel. The video clips again.]

Future Noah: ...I have for you a gift that will aid you in your traversal through this... [Waving his arm.] ...magical land of liminal space. So, uh... take my hand. Trust me.

[Future Noah extends his hand to Noah.]

Noah: I don't... I don't believe you.

Future Noah: Come on.

Noah: You're not helping me... you're... you're distracting me, I have to go... I have to get out, I have to go home... I don't have time for this!

[Noah turns around, but Future Noah grabs him and throws him to the ground.]

Future Noah: Noah!

[Noah tilts the camera up at Future Noah as he lies on the ground.]

Future Noah: Listen to me for once in your miserable fucking life!

[He hits Noah, who cries out in pain. Future Noah glares down at him.]

Future Noah: You make it like the whole world is out to eat you. Like they're out to get you 'cause you looked too deep down the rabbit hole and you fell in. Like-like you're rolling up that-- that boulder, up the hill, over and over, only for it to fall down, you gotta roll it up again, over and over, like your whole life's a sick fuckin' joke meant for the entertainment of people watching on the internet, behind their screens all safe. Well, you know what? I got good news for you.

[Future Noah's blade sings as he pulls it out.]

Future Noah: [Grinning.] You're absolutely right!

[Future Noah swipes the blade through Noah's hand. Noah cries out in pain as he falls back to the ground, while Future Noah laughs. Noah turns back to Future Noah, who raises up his blade triumphantly.]

Future Noah: We stole fire from the gods and now we pay!

[He lifts up his left hand, which has an identical slash through it.]

Noah: You're fucking crazy!

[Future Noah laughs, then stops abruptly.]

Future Noah: This is the part where you run.

[Noah gets up, panting frightenedly as he moves away from Future Noah.]

Future Noah: Get the fuck out of here. Run. Go. Get the fuck out.

[Noah turns away. Cut to him further down the boardwalk.]

Noah: I don't want to be that. I don't want to turn into that. That's not me. That can't be me!

[Noah slips and falls on his back. He cries out in pain.]

Future Noah: [Echoing.] Hey Noah, watch your step! It's a doozy! [Laughs.]

[Noah coughs as he tries getting up. He brings his hand up to the camera; a long cut is now running through it; it's dripping with blood.]

Noah: Fuck!

[He grabs the rag with his cut hand and wraps it around it. Cut to Noah holding his hand in the rag.]

Noah: I don't want to be that... ugh... aaaugh...

[Noah tilts the camera up to see a black box on the ground labeled "DIE" sitting in front of him.]

Future Noah: Spoiler! You already are! [Laughs.]

Noah: [Crying.] I wanna be me...

[Noah opens the box. Inside is a hundred-sided die and a fortune.]

Noah: Huh?

[Noah takes out the die and sets it aside. He pulls out the fortune. It reads, "In the jungle you must wait until the dice roll 5 or 8." He drops it back into the box, and the fortune flips over to read "Lucky Numbers 5 or 8". Future Noah's distorted laughing can be heard in the background. Noah grabs the die, which rattles as he turns it around in his hand.

Noah: My God...

[He drops it back into the box, and it lands on 69. He drops it into the box again; it doesn't finish rolling before he picks it up again, shifting the box aside and rolling it again on the boardwalk. It lands on 98. He rolls it again; 81.]

Noah: Shit, shit, shit!

[Future Noah laughs again. Noah rolls again; 42.]

Noah: Come on, come on, come on, come on...

[Another roll; 15. Noah rolls again, and the die comes up 57.]

Noah: Come on, come on, come on... come on...

[Noah rolls one more time, and the die lands on 85. Future Noah keeps laughing. Noah rolls again... the camera clips before revealing the outcome: 41. It's one notch away from 8 on the die.]

Noah: So close...

[A familiar squealing and clopping noise can be heard from nearby; the spider from before appears to be approaching.]

Noah: Oh, shit!

[Noah grabs the die. Cut to black. The final frame of the video is an image of an eye being encroached upon by a web. A message in Firebrand's font reads "A fly is caught in their web."]


  • The satchel with the serial number that Future Noah carries made a brief appearance in a previous video, "DEATHTRAPEXODUS". It also plays a role in the SCRINIARII Code, as users of the TribeTwelve Discord were tasked with naming the contents of the bag in order to reveal pertinent information regarding Milo Asher's journal.
  • Future Noah carrying the satchel, the black box labeled "DIE", the cut on Noah's hand, and the die itself were all foreshadowed in hidden images from Fortunes.
  • It also appears that the spider was foreshadowed in DEATHTRAPEXODUS, seen in the video crawling over Noah's house and as a transformation of the Administrator. The spider's screeching can also be compared to the scream at the end of DEATHTRAPEXODUS, when the spider reaches the camera.
  • There are a total of five songs that play throughout this episode that are slowed down and reversed:
    • "Under the Boardwalk" by The Drifters appears at the very beginning of the video, likely referencing the fact that Noah is at the Boardwalk.
    • "Crazy" by Gnarls Barkley can be heard while Noah is spinning in circles in front of the observation tower, as well as when Noah first encounters his future self.
    • "Tarantula" by Pendulum plays when Noah opens up the trash can full of eyes, up until Noah discovers the fortune cookie on the ground. It is also heard while Noah is being chased by the giant spider.
    • "Blackest Eyes" by Porcupine Tree is in the background as Future Noah is showing his past self the things he has acquired, as well as when he cuts Noah's hand. It is also briefly heard when Noah is teleported to his house and right before his encounter with Future Noah.
    • And finally, the drums from the film Jumanji appear while Noah is trying to roll a five or an eight on the 100-sided dice, up until the spider's screech is heard again and the video ends.


Notes & Speculation:

  • It's interesting to note that Blackest Eyes is one of the Hellgaze songs that plays during the course of this video, as it's later revealed to be Milo Asher's favorite song in his journal entry "summoning".