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Sisyphus Future Noah Maxwell, also commonly referred to as Prebrand (born November 11, 1991), is Noah Maxwell from the future where Noah has acquired the journal of Sebastian Kraus, and entered "the dark times" as described by his past self Rendezvous Future Noah.

Prolonged exposure to the Collective's influence seems to have permanently changed Future Noah for good, as his personality is drastically different from the current Noah's, and he also has ownership of several items that the current Noah has yet to find. These items include, but are likely not limited to:

  • A box of old raisins
  • The remains of what appears to be a dead bird (which is later consumed by Future Noah)
  • A Nazi Blade
  • Some old rags (later given to Noah after Future Noah cuts his hand)
  • Sebastian's journal
  • A bottle of water
  • A can of Spam
  • A stick of gum

It should be noted that although they are both alternate versions of him, Future Noah and Firebrand are not considered to be the same entity.

Future Noah, unlike his past selves, is often seen in a quite jovial mood. He also appears to be quite sociopathic in nature, dismissing many of his past self's comments and is willing to verbally and physically attack Noah out of pure malice. Due to being confined to both his house and the Boardwalk, Future Noah has to consume dead animals such as birds for nourishment, much to the disgust of his past self.

Because Future Noah was once where Noah is currently, he knows what events will come into play. However, Future Noah's memory is somewhat distorted, as he does not remember everything that his future self had done before him. Future Noah also has learned the ability to create portals by using Severance.


  • Fortunes (He appears in a few of the frames.)
  • DEATHTRAPEXODUS (He appears at the boardwalk grinning diabolically, and at the end of the video where he says "Looking forward to it" in reverse. He is also possibly the person wielding the blade at 1:28.)
  • Crawlspace (He appears in the final frame of the video.)
  • Sisyphus (He runs into Noah, where he shows off several of his possessions, attacks Noah with a Nazi Blade, and mocks him as he tries to roll a five or an eight.)
  • TRIBETWELVE VETERANS DAY SPECIAL (This livestream is hosted by Future Noah, where he answers questions from viewers.)