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Submission 1

Submission #1 is the first submission video, the second episode of TribeTwelve and the 2nd video of season 1. It was uploaded on June 7th, 2010.


Milo was acting kind of weird.


Text: Submission #1

Saturday Day 1

This was the first footage of Milo that I filmed. Here, Milo arrives at my house from the airport.

[Cut to Noah's room. Noah aims the camera around, pointing it at a bathroom mirror and then at his face. Minor visual distortion. Noah continues moving the camera around until he points it at the open door of his room. The doorbell rings.]

Noah: Hmm. Must be Milo.

[Noah walks toward the foyer and places the camera on something, facing it toward the door. Noah goes to the door and opens it.]

Noah: Hey Milo!

Milo: What's up? How's it going?

Noah: Good. How was the plane ride down?

Milo: It was pretty good, man. A little turbulence, but not too bad.

[Noah picks up the camera and points it at Milo.]

Noah: That's cool. So how's Alabama?

Milo: Wait, wait, wait... What's with the camera?

Noah: Oh, I just bought this camera a few days ago and I felt like testing it out.

Milo: Okay...

Noah: Uh... Everything alright man, or..?

Milo: Yeah... it's just... Never mind, sorry. How's Florida doing for you?

Noah: Florida's fine. It's been pretty hot, had nothing to do lately.

[The audio becomes noticeably louder after Noah says "had nothing".]

Noah: Just people been--

[The audio becomes shrouded by high-pitched static, and the video becomes distorted, as if static was laid over it. Talking can be heard, but the static makes it unintelligible. The screen goes black. Cut to a canal. Noah and Milo walk over to the edge of it.]

Noah: Oh man, I remember that. See that? That's where we used to have the bonfire like two summers ago.

Milo: That's was fun. Tyler was there too.

Noah: Yeah. Tyler was a dick, remember him? He used to like chase you around the sea wall and you almost fell in the canal one time?

[Noah points the camera down. The Operator symbol is drawn in chalk on the concrete ledge Noah is standing on.]

Milo: Yeah, I hated that guy.

[Milo begins to cough.]

Noah: Man, what's with that cough?

Milo: Eh, it's nothing.

Noah: You need a cough drop or something?

Milo: Nah, I'm good.

Noah: You've always had that cough.

Milo: I'm used to it. Where's Tyler been anyway?

Noah: Oh man, he's... I heard he moved to Arizona, 'cause his parents were out on leave or something.

[As the two walk, Noah has the camera pointed toward the ground. The audio cuts out.'  Cut to black, with static audio distortion, then c'ut to Noah's bedroom.]

Noah: My parents got me this tripod after I bought the camera. It's really nifty I can just stick my camera in here like this... and it clicks in place. And I can swivel it around if I want, zoom in, zoom out, or just move it around like this and there you are!

Milo: Your Rubik's Cube is broken. Anyway, are you sure you, uh, want to go to Victor Park today?

Noah: Yeah, I'm pretty sure. I mean, it's not gonna rain or anything. I'll check the weather channel real quick. Sure there's nothing to be worried about or anything.

[Noah changes the TV channel, but only static appears.]

Noah: Uh, my TV's not working. Static.

[Minor visual distortion.]

Noah: Uh, that's weird. Usually works fine.

[Noah turns the TV off. A figure can be faintly seen in the reflection.]

Noah: Gotta ask my dad about that.

Milo: Oh well.

Noah: Yeah, but I think going out's fine. I don't think it's gonna rain. It's really sunny out today. Let me see my Rubik's Cube. I don't think it's broken.

Milo: It's broken, dude. See? It's broken.

Noah: Yeah, pretty-

[Cut to black.]


  • At 0:39-0:40 you can see a figure that appears to be the Administrator in the dark room off the hallway.
  • There is minor distortion at 0:27 (screen split, no audio problems), an increase in volume at 1:22, and audio/video distortion from 1:24–1:31.
  • At 1:46, when they are on the side of the canal, the Operator symbol (a circle with an x crossed through it) can be seen on the concrete. This symbol is more prominent in the Marble Hornets series, being rarely used in TribeTwelve. The name "Operator symbol" came from the Operator, that is name that Slender Man have on Marble Hornets.
  • At 2:18, there is a poster on the wall of Noah's bedroom with the words "Sandeman". Sandeman is a brand of wine.
  • There is minor video distortion again at 2:57.
  • When the TV turns off, in its reflection, you can see a figure moving through curtains or something else.