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Submission 3

Submission #3 is the third submission video, the fourth episode of TribeTwelve and the 4th video of season 1. It was uploaded on June 8th, 2010.


This footage of Milo is getting more and more disturbing.


Text: Submission #3

There is footage on this tape that I did not film.

Right before the footage of Day 2, there is something else on the tape.

Milo seemed to have turned on the camera and recorded some video late at night.

[Several seconds of darkness and a cough is heard before a flashlight is turned on. The camera moves to see Noah sleeping on the bed. More coughing as the camera moves to look around the closet. The camera stops at a mirror, showing Milo holding the flashlight and camera.]

[Milo walks down the hallway and looks into every room he passes as audio distortion sounds. He spends some time looking out the window on the front door.]

[He puts down the camera facing the kitchen. He opens a drawer, pulls out a bottle of medication, and takes a pill as more audio distortion occurs. Milo picks the camera back up and walks towards another window and the video cuts out for a second. He pans around all the windows.]

[The video tears and audio distortion kicks in as Milo drops the camera on the floor. He grabs the camera and runs back to the bedroom as the video distorts and freezes on several frames, one being a sleeping Noah and another of the Administrator standing in a doorway. Static fills the rest of the video.]

Text: The distortion lasts for several more minutes before the Sunday footage begins.

Milo must have gotten up to take his medication.

I don't know why he took my camera with him.

This footage worries me.

His paranoia was worse than I thought.

The severe distortion is also very strange.

I don't know what he was running from, but whatever it was, it really terrified him.


  • The Administrator can be seen at the 3:22 mark during the distortion as Milo runs back to the bedroom.
  • Milo's Coughing (commonly associated with victims of the Administrator) intensifies on this tape, perhaps due to the proximity of the Administrator.
  • For a split-second, before Milo turns away from the mirror, the Observer can be seen.