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Submission 4

Submission #4 is the fourth submission video, the fifth episode of TribeTwelve and the 5th video of season 1. It was uploaded on June 9th, 2010.


I should have kept in touch with Milo.


Text: Submission 4

Sunday Day 2

We went back to Victor Park.

This time, we walked along the park's nature trail.

Noah: -the playground there.

Milo: Huh.

Noah: They built it after some kid died. I think the mom petitioned for it in May, and they got it built.

Milo: Hey Noah.

Noah: Huh?

Milo: Is that the tower you've been telling me about?

Noah: Oh, yeah.

[Camera zooms in on the observation tower.]

Noah: There's that tow-

[Audio cuts out]

Noah: -er. You can look at the sights and stuff. It's a neat place, wanna go there?

Milo: Sure.

Noah: Alright. It's back this way.

Text: The audio from the next part of the footage was highly distorted. It finally corrected itself after about five minutes.

Noah: I dunno, I - what the heck? Did they close it off?

Milo: Something happen over here?

Noah: I dunno. Tower temporarily closed.

[Footage cuts to Milo holding the camera while sitting at a picnic table.]

Noah: Hey man, wanna get going?

Milo: Yeeeeeaaah.

Noah: What'd you wanna film anyway?

Milo: Nothing.

Noah: Okay. Let's get going. Gimme the camera.

Milo: [unintelligible]

[Footage cuts to Noah and Milo walking along a trail.]

[Noah's cell phone begins to ring.]

Noah: Hold on a second ... oh, it's my dad. Milo, can you hold the camera?

Milo: Fine.

[Visual tearing can be seen.]

[Noah answers phone.]

Noah: Hello? ... Dad [unintelligible] ... well I told you, I'm not going to come over until probably ... Saturday ... ?

[Milo pans the camera over to the right. The Administrator can be seen on the hill. Milo runs.]

Noah: Hey hey hey! Milo! [unintelligible] Where are you going? [unintelligible] Wait up! Wait up! Milo!

Text: After I caught up with Milo, he said he wanted to leave immediately and head home.

I had never seen him so afraid before.

Back then, I didn't think anything of the way Milo was acting.

But now, as I view this footage, I feel really bad that I didn't keep in contact with him.


  • At 1:23, the Administrator is visible half-way up the tower, on the stairs.
  • The distorted audio from 1:23 to 1:27 seems to be the first few seconds of the song "Murmurs Of..." by And Then There Were None.
  • There is distortion from 1:48–1:52, when Milo points the camera up at the tower from beneath it.
  • At 1:59, the Operator symbol is visible, carved into the table. This symbol is more prominent in the Marble Hornets series, being rarely used in TribeTwelve. The name "Operator symbol" came from the Operator, that is name that Slender Man have on Marble Hornets.
  • At 2:33 just after the cell phone call, the video tears then there is slight video and audio distortion. At 2:46, the Administrator is shown standing in a clearing to the side of the track, causing Milo to run.