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Submission 6

Submission #6 is the sixth submission video, the seventh episode of TribeTwelve and the 7th video of season 1. It was uploaded on June 14th, 2010.


This is the last footage on the tape. There has to be something more to this footage.


Text: Submission #6

Monday Day 3

Milo leaves my house on this day.

This was the last bit of footage that was recorded on the tape.

There are many highly distorted shots in this area, some of which I don't remember filming.

Noah: -obably because she hated me.

Milo: [chuckles] Oh wow.

Noah: Yeah, I hate her so much.

Milo: How did she ever get her license?

Noah: I dunno. The DMV totally overlooked her. But, uh, yeah, you hungry?

Text: I accidentally left the camera on.

Milo: Dude, I'm starving.

Noah: Yeah, I'm totally hungry and I really don't have anything in the house right now, so ...

Milo: Ah, bummer.

Noah: I'm going to go out to the market, they just built one down the street since you were last here, they built it.

Milo: Oh, really? Wow.

Noah: So uh, yeah, I'll be out for, like, ten -

[audio and video severely distort.]

Noah: - twenty minutes.

Milo: Oh, that's cool.

Noah: I'll be right back.

Milo: Later, man.

Noah: Seeya later.

[Audio and video distortion stops]

[Milo picks up camera and makes faces in it. Milo points camera at mirror, zooming in and then back out. Video cuts out before it returns, with a severe tear. Milo turns camera to the right, to Noah's Sandeman poster and his TV.]

[Video cuts out momentarily.]

[The Administrator is seen in a closet.]

[Shot of Milo running for his life across tiles. Audio and video is distorted. He opens the door and runs out.]

Text: I have no idea when this next part was recorded.

[Distorted shot. Camera is off-kilter on floor. The Administrator leans out from behind a doorway.]

[Shot of ceiling fan.]

[Short black-and-white shot of what appear to be blobs.]

[Camera is spinning above tiles. It rapidly speeds up before cutting to severe distortion before cutting to night-vision footage in woods. Someone, apparently Milo, is walking in the woods at night with a flashlight.]

[Distortion and dial tone.]

Text: There is silence for the next 18 minutes.

[Noah is following Milo's rolling bag out the door.]

Noah: I just hope you have everything.

Milo: Yeah, I should be all set.

Noah: I don't want to have to send anything back, like last year to Alabama.

[Video tears.]

Milo: Yeah, that wasn't good.

Noah: Well ... yeah, I'll see you later, have a good trip.

Milo: Alright. Cool.

Noah: Make sure to call me.

Milo: Later, man.

Noah: Alright, see ya.

[Noah turns back with camera.]

Noah: Oh crap, he forgot his meds.

[Noah hurriedly puts camera down on table, where it begins to wave and distort. The Administrator is standing outside the window.]

[Noah runs in front of camera.]

Noah: Milo, you forgot your meds.

Milo: Oh yeah, thanks.

Noah: I almost forgot that was here. Alright, see ya Milo.

[The Administrator walks away from window. Distortion disappears.]

[Noah picks the camera back up and starts walking down the hallway.]

Text: The tape ends here.

The rest of the tape is blank. I did not record anything else on it after Milo left.

I cannot explain the extra footage that exists on this tape or the massive amount of audio-visual defects that accompany it.

The recurring distortion does not seem to be coincidental. I have been too disturbed to acknowledge it, but there are recurring oddities.

I'm going to analyze this footage and post my findings soon.

There is definitely more too this, and I am going to find out what was really going on.


  • The Administrator can be seen at 1:29 in the closet, at 1:54 leaning out of a doorway, and at 2:40 at the end of a hallway.