Summer Update

Summer Update

Summer Update is the twenty-second episode of TribeTwelve, and the 22nd video of season 1. It was uploaded on June 17th, 2011, together with "Secret Parent Interview" and "The Envelope".


This is the first of three videos I will be uploading today. Forgive me for not getting this one up here sooner.


[Cut to a close-up of Noah's face.]

Text: 5/23/11

[The text flies in from the left and stays on-screen for several seconds while Noah talks, until flying off to the right.]

Noah: Hey, guys. Noah here. May 23rd, 9 PM. In this video, I'm gonna update you on... anything that's happened in the past two months since, well, uh... whatever happened at Victor Park. But, um, I've been out of school for the past few weeks. Everything's been fine since the last video, and finals are over now. Summer's just beginning and I think I'm doing pretty well.

[Cut to a view of the doors in Noah's room.]

Noah: My parents came down for the summer. They repainted the walls a darker color, changed the fans, ripped up the carpet and replaced it with wood floors, put some area rugs down. Apparently... apparently, they've always wanted to remodel this house, and, uh, they've...

[The camera freezes on what appears to be the AC adapter for Noah's laptop. It stays frozen until it cuts to Noah's kitchen.]

Noah: ...finally finished doing it today. They redid the kitchen cabinets with mahogany wood, instead of that white, plastic-y shit...

[As Noah pans the camera over the oven, the audio becomes softer, with static in the background. Noah walks over to the sink, points the camera at the window and waves to his reflection.]

Noah: And I gotta say it looks a lot nicer than it did before.

[Cut back to Noah's face from the beginning. The audio returns to normal.]

Noah: Things have been quiet in general. Been taking it real slow. No nosebleeds lately, heh, thank God. No sickness. Just, uh, just some bad dreams here and there. No paranormal shit, you know, I think it's due to some recent precautions I'm taking to protect my security and privacy, digitally and otherwise, uh...

[Noah turns the camera toward his laptop's screen.]

Noah: Here, I'll show you. I've rendered my laptop camera useless. Taped it shut with some black electrical tape, so I can't be spied on. And I actually uninstalled my microphone drivers, so there's no way anyone can hear me or spy on me.

[Cut to a view of Noah's YouTube account manager, being filmed with his camera.]

Noah: I still can't change that goddamn symbol he put on my accounts. Every time I try to change it, it goes through. The image goes through, but it always comes back as that.

[A large image of the intersecting eyes symbol appears on the laptop's screen via Noah's Twitter.]

Noah: And there's nothing... There's nothing I can do. Except call, like, what, the tech support for these websites. They never answer me back. And it never changes, so there's really nothing I can do and honestly, I don't give a shit about it. He's just fucking with me. I'm not... I'm not giving in by getting flustered over a frickin' profile picture, it's-- it's nothing but scare tactics, and it's nothing I can't handle.

[Cut back to Noah's face.]

Noah: Unfortunately, I still can't get in contact with Mary Asher or my grandpa Karl, or even John Fletcher anymore. Doesn't answer my calls, so if anything interesting happens, or a lead pops up, or I find out something significant, I'll make a video about it, and I'll post it. So, Noah, out.

[An image with the text "IT IS ONLY" appears on-screen, with white scribbles surrounding it.]


  • There is mild distortion between 0:53 and 0:59 when the camera pans across the kitchen and the window takes up a large portion of the frame.
  • There is a message on the last frame of the video. It appears to read "IT IS ONLY" with heavy areas of scribble.