Swain as he appears on Noah's Twitpic during the February 14th Livestream. thelover♘

Also Known as: White Knight, The Lover

Vessel: Sebastian Kraus

Swain is a member of the Collective acting as an agent of Administrator. He is shown wearing a grinning theater mask and an old military uniform. Swain's name means "lover" or "suitor" in German. In DEATHTRAPEXODUS, it is shown that he wears another "sad" theater mask under the "happy" one.


  • He appears in the Collective group shot in HAPPYBIRTHDAY, to the Observer's left.
  • He is described by the Observer as "thelover".
  • The chess piece he represents is the White Knight.
  • He reveals himself on-camera in DEATHTRAPEXDODUS, where he is seen holding the journal up to the camera surrounded by Firebrand's text.
  • In Milo's journal entry "safe", Swain's mask is revealed to be one of the many objects contained within Mary Asher's safe (owned by Karl Maxwell at this point).