On November 11, 2017, Future Noah Maxwell, temporarily accessing Scriniarii's Discord account, began corresponding directly with users of the TribeTwelve Discord server's #sensum channel. After briefly introducing himself and asking the chat how their Veteran's Day was going, he provided a link to an unlisted livestream on the TribeTwelve account with an invitation to "JOIN ME FRENDS[sic]".

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[Main transcript/Noah’s speech and actions transcribed by Eli (currently “EliBrand”/Eli#8786 on Discord).]

[Sensum questions gathered and transcribed with assistance of Caleb (AKA Avant-Garde#0178 on Discord).]

[Bold and Italics will be important things/Sensum chat questions.]

***Livestream is Now Live***

Future Noah: [muttering] Where’s the URL thing… Stupid YouTube….


Future Noah: [shuffling papers] Boy, I fuckin’ hate YouTube.

[He types on his keyboard.]

Future Noah: SUP, FAM!

[He sighs loudly.]

Future Noah: Aaaaaalright, man I fuckin hate... fuckin hate YouTube, fucking sucks. Can’t get anything right, maaan. Took me like... 3 hours, just to set this little piece of shit up.

Future Noah: By the way, that’s not... not Scriniarii at all that you’re-- you’re talkin’ to on the Discord, IT’S ME! Just this one time, though, I’m kinda, pluggin’ myself in. Not really supposed to be doin’ this but-- y’know, it’s for-- it’s for the fun of it, it’s for fun. But it’s mainly to inform you about some things, but yeah!

Future Noah: How y’all doin’? You havin’ a good veteran’s dayyyy? You havin’ a good veteran’s day? ...How you doin’?

Future Noah: Oh, I’m doing fine. Terrible. Fine, terrible.

Strayz - 6:26 PM: How did you get into Scri's account Pre?

Future Noah: How did I get into Scri’s account? Mmmmm, I’m not tellin’ you that. Why would I tell you that? I’m not gonna tell you that. [childishly] It’s my little secret.

[He chuckles and shuffles through his papers.]

Future Noah: [Shuffles through papers again.] Yes, yes, yes, yes, I have things to tell you. Very important things, very important things. And you can ask me shit. So feel free to. Think of this as like a... friendly Q&A. [grinning] Because you’re kind of important, in this whole rigamarole.

Future Noah: Don’t be shy, I’m waiting. I got, fuckin’, allll the time in the world... right now.

Future Noah: Actually, during, uh, this whole conversation, I’m not actually in the same time as you guys. I’m... uh, it’s not Veteran’s Day where I am. I’m just sort of inserting myself, uh... into, uhm, what you’re viewing right now. Uh, this is not live, per se, uh... this kind of is live, for ME, uh, but not for you, this is, uh, pre-recorded, uh... you’re just viewing as if it is a stream. [grinning] Does that make sense? That’s how I understand it, I mean-- so, you know, everyone experiences it... in sync! Make sense? Good, yes, no, maybe? I don’t care. As long as you’re fuckin’ listening to me right now, everything’s working out. You’re hearing me, it’s fine.

Strayz - 6:28 PM: Is Scri your roommate?

Several Cold Ants - 6:29 PM: where he be

Future Noah: Uh, Scri’s not with me, right now. Uhhh, Scriniarii is... elsewhere. I’m just-- like I said, pluggin’ myself in, sayin’ howdy-doo, just to give you a few tips and tricks and shit, y’know. Answer some questions 'n' all that.

Future Noah: You’re not askin’ me any questions, though. Just ask right fucking here, I’m looking at your-your-your-your Discord-y thing, so fuckin’ ask me questions and stuff.

[Future Noah pulls out his papers and flips through them.]

Future Noah: I got it all-- I got all your answers over here though, I got-- I have the entire chat log. All here. All... one, two, thr-- all twelve pages of it! The entire log. It’s all written here. So...

mmrainey22⍟⍟⍟⍟⍟ - 6:29 PM: how are you?

Future Noah: Hmm. Ok, what’s this here...? How am I doin, fuckin’ terrible. Absolutely awful. Thank you for asking.

Rose Shrimp, Blood Stalk Fan #1, 6:29 PM: yeah i got a question who the fuck is that deadhead guy

FireBrandWolf - 6:30 PM: yeah who is dead head

Future Noah: Uhhh, Let’s see… Who is Deadhead?

[He clicks his tongue.]

Future Noah: He’s a Nazi, I can tell you that, heh. Um, well, I mean...

[He digs through his bags.]

Future Noah: Uh... ugh, [facing the camera] second. Bit thirsty.

[He pulls out a flask, drinks through it, and coughs.]

Future Noah: Sorry ‘bout that. Gotta get my jollies!

[He wipes his mouth and pulls out Sebastian's journal.]

Future Noah: You can find out more about Deadhead in this li'l boy right here, if you want, y’know... once you fuckin’... get to that point.

Future Noah: [whispering] Gross.

Future Noah: Uh, I’m not gonna tell you too much, cause, um, it’s on the chat log! I didn’t tell you nothin’ ‘bout that! I’m not gonna tell you anything more.

eugene_m. (14 y/o trash mammal) - 6:31 PM: really? prove it then if this is really prerecorded then you know that i’m about to post this image(?)

[The picture posted is a meme poking fun at the tweets posted to the TribeTwelve Twitter, which form letters out of emoji.]

Future Noah: Mmm, Really, prove it then, is this… Oh yeah! Yeah, I’ll prove it to ya!

[He pulls out the same printed image that Eugene just posted.]

Future Noah: This your fuckin’ thing? Is this your meme? Yup! Got that. It’s all part of the log. [Grins.] I thought so. It’s all from the archive. It’s where I get all my info.

Future Noah: See, you don’t understand. What-- What all of this... is-- What you’re doing- What you’re a part of-- what your role is as a sensum... You’re-- you’re part of this loop along with me. I-It’s- You’re important to th-the maintenance of this whole thing. Because you-- you guys create the log of what happens to me. And I, in turn... we, in a general sense, use the timeline that you create... to... know how to take action on things. So you are kind of providing me--

[He holds up the printed chat log.]

Future Noah: --all of this here. [grinning] And, uh, I’m using it. I’m using it right now.

Crime Grimace - 6:32 PM: What is the loop

Future Noah: Hold on, lemme fuckin’... check and see what you guys are talkin’ about. What is the loop? It is this. It is this whole, uh... this specific timeline. This is the good timeline. All the other terrible timelines we have been able to avoid thanks to this-- [he holds up the Sensum log again.] --and you guys. All those terrible timelines we’ve been able to circumvent because...

[He twiddles his fingers.]

Future Noah: Just-- just as we’re good at seein’ the future now, thanks to, uh... you know, uh, me, uh, as a fuckin' GOD, um, uh... just as we’re able to do that, they’re able to, uh, look into the future-- so we have to fuckin’...

[He inhales.]

Future Noah: a step ahead. And because that... terrible awful scary god version of me is un-tethered from their whole dealie, I’m able to have this-- [holding the log up] --document here ,amongst a bunch of others, and I can see, uh, what they can’t. And effectively... be one step ahead. Understand? Yeah? Yeah? Yes? You’re helping me! We’re helping each other here!

Hazza56 - 6:33 PM: what happened in the event that the journal describes?

Crime Grimace - 6:33 PM: What happened at the event exactly

Rose Shrimp, Blood Stalk Fan #1 - 6:34 PM: yeah can we get any info on the Event?

Future Noah: Okay, let me answer some questions here… What happened at the event exactly? [singsong] Mmm, somethin’ important, very important, it’s listed in here. [waving around Karl’s journal] It’s kinda the whole reason this whole fuckin’ thing is happening. It’s all ‘cause o' that event. It’s one of the reasons why this day in particular is VERY important.


[Future Noah strokes his beard.]

Future Noah: Hmmm, quizzical, quizzical, very quizzical. I’m not gonna recap what happened, that’s too easy! And it’s not in the log. I can’t just give away the answers, that’s not how it works; if I did that, we wouldn’t be on this timeline, this loop would NOT work. There’s a very specific set of things that need to happen in order to get to this point. Basically, you are the Alpha when you didn’t fuck up. [grins] Good? Understand? Okay? Next.

Strayz - 6:35 PM: What happened to Karl? How did you get the journal from him?

Future Noah: Uh... What else, what other bullshit are you telling me here. Hm... What happened to Karl? How’d I get the journal from him?

[He clicks his tongue and rolls his eyes.]

Future Noah: Well, again, I can’t tell you that. Because if I did, they would know, they would jump back, and they would fix things so that he wouldn’t give it to me. So uh... we kinda did somethin’ special. [grinning] That you don’t know about. Aaaand that’s how we got it. We did something nice and crafty, to, uh, kinda-- pluck it right outta their--

[He coughs a bit.]

Future Noah: Right outta their hands, per se.

Maligerent - 6:36 PM: Whose voice is on the Device. Is that you? Or Firebrand?

Rose Shrimp, Blood Stalk Fan #1 - 6:36 PM: yeah, who's voice is that on the device's recordings? with the cryin and stuff

Future Noah: Voice on the Device... That was... that was... not me. That was Observe-y. That was... [whispers] Kevin! That was him!

Future Noah: I only have the log from Sensum, so, I would ask the others’ questions.

Meteor_Mirage - 6:36 PM: Okay, so he gave it to you. That’s good to know.

Future Noah: Well, he didn’t give it to me. Kind of did, kind of didn’t. I’m saying too much! I can’t say anymore! That’s not good!

Hazza56 - 6:35 PM: what exactly happened to noah on the boardwalk after his hand was cut?

Future Noah: Uh... what happened to Noah... to me, on the boardwalk after he got cut-- um... well... [leaning in] ...stuff happened. You’re gonna have to wait. Uh-- I’m, at the time, uh, very upset about what I’ve read in Milo’s journal... and... yeah. Still pretty upset about that, what I had to do to get that information. Um... yeah. I think he’s gonna post it when he’s, uh... [grinning painfully] ...mentally better than I am right now. [chuckling] He’ll get around to it, believe me. By the time I’m recording this, you’ll have known everything about all that stupid boardwalk shit.

hahapwnd - 6:36 PM: What's happening to Noah right now in our timeline? Not current you, but present noah?

Future Noah: What’s happening to me, now, in the current timeline? Well... uh, we’re... in the dark times now. I’ve been here, in my home, uh... for quite a while-- quite a while now. I don’t, uh, I don’t remember how many days it’s been. It’s been, I think, uh... well, y’know, time kinda goes away here. I don’t really know, I just kinda exist. It’s been quite a while, um, not too terribly long since the whole thing when I met myself, but... yeah, quite a while, quite a while.

Maligerent - 6:37 PM: ......wait No Not that device


Maligerent - 6:38 PM: This device Whose voice

Future Noah: ...Oh, the devi-- I know what you’re talking about, not the other guy-- the Breakmaster was the voice on the other device. That device. I thought you were talkin’ about the device device that was-- device video, way back, years ago. No that was-- that was someone else. That was... [muttering] Observer... But that one was Breakmaster. And we-- we corroborated in a thingy. So we got that goin’ through. Y’know, just to get the information out to you in a creative way.

Future Noah: We have to make it kind of cryptic in our own way to, uh, circumvent all the dark forces at hand. Doing it that way makes it very hard for them to predict what our next move is going to be, because I have to-- we have to filter it through you guys. And they can’t get past that. That’s something they can’t do. That’s our proxy, they can’t get through that, that’s our secret weapon, they can’t do anything about it, and we are one step ahead at all times. But they don’t want to make that seem like that. So they just, y’know, scare tactics all the time. Keep me stuck here. Y’know, that fun shit.

Strayz - 6:38 PM: Can you tell us some info from Milo's Journal?

Future Noah: Info about Milo’s journal… Whelp, let me, uh, ta-- take the time to, uh, first say that I was the one making those tweets, yesterday... [grinning] fuck with myself because I’m an idiot, I’m a slow, depressed, troglodyte idiot. And I take my time because I’m depressed and sad, and I brood a lot, and I become some-- somewhat of a nihilist, I don’t care about anything, I don’t care about all of this bullshit. I’ve since, y’know, gained a bit more of, uh, caring about things now that I fully grasp the whole fuckin’ situation,-- unlike I used to back then-- um, now I understand what everything’s kind of about with this whole loop thing, so, um, uh... that was me on the other end there and, uh, when it comes to Milo’s journal... uh, he, if I could, I would have made him post it now, through Mr. Firebrand, but Mr. Firebrand informs me that I have to abide by what this whole loop is-- kind of how it plays out, I can’t deviate from that. If I do, the loop breaks, and they seep in, and take all the control that we’ve built up over iteration after iteration to get where we are to this point, I can’t change anything, I have to wait, and... just wait for myself to do it. I’m not sure if it’s gonna be later or earlier ‘cause things change each little iteration, I dunno how things are now, but y’know what? I just have to fuckin’ wait. Just like you guys. So I’m sorry you can’t get to read it yet.

[He pouts comically.]

Future Noah: And I can’t get you any info, weh, go cry about it, you have to wait... Oh, but what can I tell you?

[He flips through pages of the Sensum log absentmindedly.]

Future Noah: What is written here? One second, I’m gonna--

[He begins flipping through pages in a more serious fashion.]

Future Noah: This is a bit later on in the conversation, I have to check and see what I’m able to relay to you. Okay, okay! I can say Milo’s mother was a fucking asshole! A very, very bad woman, nasty ass woman. Um, she did some awful shit. Some really terrible, selfish, awful shit. And, um, probably why she’s dubbed The Selfish. She is very, very bad woman. Very bad woman, bad egg. Poor, poor, poor, poor, poor Milo.

[He mutters, poking the log page he has which is also the transcription of his own speech.]

Future Noah: Did I say poor, poor, poor, poor, poor- yep! That’s how many ‘poor’s I said. It was a very bad time to be a child under that woman. And the reasoning behind that is something I can’t divulge. Sorry, it was very bad for him, I’m glad I didn’t have to deal with her.

[He cracks his neck and knuckles.]

Future Noah: She was a fucking evil woman.

roseravager - 6:43 PM: The selfish things she did while she was in that cult? And to Milo?

Avant-Garde - 6:43 PM: What did she do, specifically?

Future Noah: Oh my goodness, it hasn’t even been-- update, let me scroll down a bit. Uh... Cursor bad, yeah. [Mutters.] Selfish things… She did some selfish shit. Half of it was out of ignorance because of-- y’know, what it was just told to her, she just kind of believed it, the other half was... [clicking tongue] ...self-preservation, in a weird way.

[He inhales and sighs.]

Future Noah: Yeah, not good. Can’t tell you what she did. What she did was very, very bad. Disgusting. Unforgivable.

Strayz - 6:39 PM: On the boardwalk you said that you were "hunting" what did you mean by that?

Future Noah: Okay, on the boardwalk, I said I was hunting, what did I mean by that? I meant that I was hunting for fuckin’ food! For foo- You think that my fridge, and there’s no power here, by the way, I’m going on some- some external batteries, and this here is kind of a reserve [Pats laptop keyboard.] laptop battery that I’ve been goin’ off of, so I can only do this for so long. Firebrand only gives me so much, and I can only find so much out there in the, y’know, in their realm. Sometimes he leaves me some tips, y’know, but I can only get so much. And this is the bit I’m able to give you, so, you’re gonna fuckin’ like it. But, the hunting I was doing, was, y’knowww, hunting for food. ‘Cause, uh, there’s no power here. My fridge has long, long been spoiled. And, uhm, I’m really, REALLY trying to play Fallout here, aaand, y’know, ration what food I do have that’s good, and, y’know, GO OUT into the realm, and capture what I need to and cook what I need to to survive! Okay? It’s no Blue Apron, but it gets me by.

Future Noah: What was in the bag? Yeah, that was a fuckin’ bird. That was an Ibis or something. Made the mistake of walking into the wrong place and then ended up there. Sometimes, things get pulled through. Aaaaand, uh, yeah. During those transition moments some things get pulled through and y’know, I find them and I eat them.

Xymorm - 6:45 PM: what can you tell us about mongo?

hahapwnd - 6:45 PM: Did you ever catch mongo?

Future Noah: Uh, did you ever catch- oh, Mongo... [Chuckles.] Yeah- Do you understand what Mongo is? It’s- It’s him. It’s- It’s HIM! It’s the suit man. It’s the tall suit man- it’s him. [Leans in, sounding more strained/aggressive through a grin.] It’s him; it’s him the whole time. [Grabs laptop, shaking camera a bit.] It’s one of his forms. [Leans back a bit.] He takes on those forms. [Lets go of laptop.] In a place of power, he takes on certain forms, when he’s done... Throughout fuckin’ eons he’s been doing… At least that’s what I’ve been... Theorizing now, from all the knowledge I’ve gained. It’s what he does. He takes on an imposing figure, something that spooks ya, something that makes ya fear.

[FireBrandWolf - PM: what does this number mean 826277]

Future Noah: Alright, lemme look at some fuckin’ questions I missed here. What does that number mean- Oh, it’s this thing! It’s the number on this bag! *pulls up his bag* What’s the fuckin’ number, it’s this bag number! Right here! [He presents it, through horrible lighting some numbers can be made out: 826277. (These numbers were important as a sublink to the tribetwelve site/a pastebin redirect, which still works as of the transcribing this.)] Can you read it? This lighting is terrible, absolutely terrible, you can’t make it out. But that’s what that number is. That’s that- That’s a number- that’s that number. Doesn’t really have much significance… ‘Till you read that book.

Crime Grimace - 6:45 PM: What does the Nazi Blade do

Future Noah: What does the Nazi blade do? More like what it DID. Aaaaand what I think it will do. [Looks at Sensum log and Transcript.] It is not in the transcript, I didn’t, uh, he didn’t tell me, and it’s not provided to me what’s going to happen right now. I, uh, have a plan. In here. [Pokes head.] But what I’m gonna do with it. [Clicks tongue.] And, eh, yeah, we’re gonna see what’s gonna happen with that.

Talon5 - 6:47 PM: Does Chris and Alex ever forgive you for fucking them?

Future Noah: Uhhhhhh, does Chris and Alex ever forgive you for fucking them? Probably not. Would you forgive me? I wouldn’t forgive myself. Even if I gave myself ten thousand dollars- hundred thousand dollars, if I gave myself all the money I would not forgive myself for ratting them out because I ruined their lives and I pretty much killed them. They’re dead. I don’t know if they’re dead right now in this point in time, the time that I- I- come into this space, but, uh, yeah! They’re not in a good place because of me, I really fucked them. And I live with that every. Second. That I breathe. And that’s awful. And it’s like a knife in my face and it hurts. [Inhales through gritted teeth.] [Exhales.]

hahapwnd - 6:48 PM: What would you want us to call you? some people aren't on the prebrand train

Future Noah: What do you want me to call me? Call me- I’m Noah. Noah Maxwell, that’s what I am, it’s what I’ve always been. What’re you supposed to fucking call me, I don’t understand.

Rose Shrimp, Blood Stalk Fan #1 - 6:47: PM oh yeah, is current noah gonna be able to see this? either right now or after the stream is over

Strayz - 6:48 PM: Can Noah see your "livestream"?

Future Noah: Uhhh, I mean, he’s not gonna see this. I- I mean, it doesn’t matter if he does or not. If he sees this, it’s- it’s, uh, I have this specially set up as an unlisted video on the channel, so, uhm, I mean if you want you can send him the link, I don’t even remember if I saw it, I didn’t remember if I looked at it. If it even was a thing. I was so fuckin’ whacked out back then, I don’t remember shit. [Speaks to self.] Did I? Or is that part of a different- different timeline that didn’t work- I dunno. Huh. But, ah, y’know, it looks like we’re almost- almost at the end of the log! Wheh! Better ask some- some important questions here cause we’re runnin’ outta time! I’m losin’ battery! Oh no! Oh no fam, what we gon’ dooo?

Crime Grimace - 6:49 PM: Are you looking forward to becoming Firebrand

Future Noah: Am I looking forward to becoming Firebrand? If it gets me outta here, yes. [Grins.] Uhm, Probably more than before, for sure. Uh, Cause I don’t like my position right now. I’m very upset, very miserable, just like I was back then but y’know, bein’ stuck here for so long. [Clicks tongue.] it fuckin’ sucks. Really bad. I mean, I got some- I got some portals that I’m able to go through- through, y’know, manipulation of Severance, and I- that’s how I get to the boardwalk, and I come back, and I- there’s these little things I can go through, y’know, that’s how I get my food, that’s how I survive, I wouldn’t be able to survive here locked in my house. [Rocks side to side by this point, hands close to his mouth as he speaks.] And I’m unable to leave, and it’s been darkness. It’s been darkness for a LONG time now.

Strayz - 6:50 PM: Who is your roommate? Rose Shrimp, Blood Stalk Fan #1 - 6:50 PM: yeah whos the roommate

Crime Grimace - 6:51 PM: Who is the room mate

Future Noah: Oh, who’s the roomie? [Grins at the camera for a few seconds.] You’ll see. That’s a fun little reveal, you’ll like that. You’ll like it. I’m not gonna tell you that. Someone who’s- who’s, uhm, someone who, uh, has- has been through my situation. [Chuckles.] If that says anything. Ah.

Scyne - 6:51 PM: Severance can make you teleport? Is that how the desk works?

Roseravager - 6:51 PM: You can create portals with Severance? (edited)

Future Noah: Yeah, I can create portals with Severance, if- if- if you know how to do it, I know how to do it now. That’s how I fuckin’ went there in my sleep, with the sleepwalkin’ bit. That’s how I got there. Somebody fuckin’ drew that with the right intentions in mind and it can act as like a- like a lock, or a- or a gateway. It’s how a lot of those things work. It has a lot of little- little hidden functions once you know how to use it, aaaand I used it! And now, uh, now I can do certain things. Not to say they’re very helpful, but I can do them!

[Strayz - 6:51 PM: Are you at your house?]

Yes, I’m at my home right now, I’m- I’m at my house. I wish I wasn’t here, I hate this place, now this is my Hell, this IS Hell. Is this Hell? This is probably what Hell is, if Hell is anything. Purgatory, maybe, whatever you wanna call it, it’s fuckin’ terrible and I hate it and I wanna die. But I can’t. They won’t let me, I’m part- It’s my part of the loop. Part of the loop, part of the loop, we’re all part of the loop, this is the loop. The loop is how we are right now.

[mmrainey22⍟⍟⍟⍟⍟ -  6:51 PM: Do you still love mac n cheese]

Now, uhm, lemme see what else we got here. *mutters to self* Uhhhh, Swain…. *raises voice to normal level again* I wish I had mac n’ cheese, I ate all the mac n’ cheese already, there’s no more mac n’ cheese..

[Combinia -6:53 PM:

mmrainey22⍟⍟⍟⍟⍟ - 6:53 PM:

Strayz - 6:54 PM: Can we even use Severance like you?]

I mean you keep fuckin’ with Severance and it’s funny. You don’t even know what you’re doin’. You’re just drawing it over and over and over and shit, you don’t know what you’re doing! You’re doing it wrong! You are doing it wrong. I figured it out because, uhhh- I think it’s in the next video. Yeah! The next video that gets formally posted by myself when I’m out of my stupid fucking funk, uh, that gets a bit more revealed. And that’s when I sorta figure it all out. *grins* So I don’t wanna spoil that for you! You’re gonna wait- you’re gonna wait and see when it pops out.

Future Noah: Ah, shit, my battery. My battery is deaaad. [Mutters.] Seven o’ clock, uhhhh.. [Clicks tongue and raises voice to normal level.] Let me check and see what the time here I have.. I got about fiiiiive minutes. I got like five minutes ‘till my battery dies. Okay, so ask me your laaast minute questions, discord faaaaam. Sensum faaam, loop faam.

Ghost - 6:54 PM: Is your water turned off too?

Future Noah: Oh boy, yep. No water. I gotta- I gotta get that from other places. Uhm, let’s do a rapid fire round, that’s what we’re doin’ here.

hahapwnd - 6:54 PM: When does the video get posted? :P

Future Noah: When does the video get posted? I’m not tellin’ you! I don’t remember! I don’t wanna look up- I don’t got time! You’re askin’ me stupid questions!

mmrainey22⍟⍟⍟⍟⍟ - 6:54 PM: GET A FUCKING CHARGER

Future Noah: Uhhhhmmmmmmm, He didn’t gimme a charger, I got no time for that, I got no power, gimme questions! I got five minutes!

scucks, the secret collective - 6:54 PM: use severance to charge ur battery

Future Noah: I can’t use Severance to charge the battery, can ya- do ya use a lock to charge your phone you dumb fuck? C’mon!

Future Noah: Ugh! C’mon, c’mon, c’mon, c’mon, c’mon! Questions, questions! I don’t wanna even look at the log, I wanna- off the top of my head, let’s go. It’s more fun that way, I don’t like knowing. [Mutters.] C’mon, c’mon, c’mon, c’mon, c’mon, c’mon, c’mon…

Meteor_Mirage - 6:55 PM: What's the most pertinent information that we need?

Future Noah: Most pertinent info you need, you just need to see what happens and it’ll come through.

Crime Grimace - 6:55 PM: Have you been contact with Edward

Future Noah: Uh, Edward, let’s not talk about Edward, please. Poor, Poor, Edward, let’s not talk about Edward.

Strayz - 6:55 PM: Have you seen HABIT recently?

FireBrandWolf - 6:55 PM: any thing that habit told that we dont dont about yet\

Avant-Garde - 6:57 PM: How is Habit?

Haaaaabby? Oh, Habby, According to some sources, Habby comes in, uh, MUCH help, a bit later. We’re not, uh, we’re not completely on good terms, apparently. But, y’know, business deals are business deals. Y’know, with Leverage and all, how it’s- how it works out.

Ghost - 6:55 PM: What about the boat captain ?

Future Noah: Boat Captain? [Chuckles.] Yeah.. Well, y’know, let’s just say that some questions- [Beeping sounds as he speaks.] -answer other questions here. [Looks around after he finishes speaking, noticing the beeping.]

Future Noah: Oh dang, did you hear that? Sometimes shit like that happens and it freaks me out. That means that somebody’s in the house right now. [Chuckles.]

Future Noah: Ah- Well I have that- I should- I should lock that door. One second. [He stands up and leans over the laptop, clicking is heard, then he sits down and leans into the camera.]

Future Noah: That door is locked. Y’know, just in case something happens. [His voice gets more strained.] Sometimes things happen in this house. [Strained inhale.] I should look at questions, I only have four minutes left.

Talon5 - 6:55 PM: Is Swain alive again where you are?

Future Noah: Uhhhhhhhhhhh, Is Swain alive again where you are? No! He’s fucking dead! Decades ago, why, you know this- c’mon, you know this!

mmrainey22⍟⍟⍟⍟⍟ - 6:56 PM: Favorite color?

Future Noah: My favorite color? I don’t have a favorite color. Why you ask me that?

Talon5 - 6:56 PM: Where is Robert?

Future Noah: Robert, where’s Robert? Oh, uh, he’s somewhere.

Future Noah: Oh, we’ll see, uhhhh… [Beeping sounds once more. Future Noah zones out of his mumbling.] Oh, shit, someone’s getting in my house! Oh my god! Aaah! Let’s see how long we do this before the battery fuckin’ dies!

Several Cold Ants - 6:56 PM: Can people like.. leave you supplies or something?

Future Noah: People leave me suppli- He leaves me supplies sometimes! And, I mean, I find it, and I- it’s great, but it’s not often. Like this, I found this battery, and I figured out what to do and I just used it, so. I don’t- Um, umumumumumummm…. Let’s see, let’s see, let’s see, c’mon, c’mon, c’mon! Gimme questions, you’re not givin’ me questions! Uhhhh, c’mon, c’mon! We don’t got much time, fam! We’re slowly drainin’ here!

hahapwnd - 6:57 PM: Should you have killed yourself?

Future Noah: Oh believe me, I’ve tried. I’ve tried to do it. But I- I can’t bring myself to it. You know what I’m talking about and I’m not gonna mention anything more about that ‘cause it makes me sad.

Meteor_Mirage - 6:57 PM: what is our next step?

Crime Grimace - 6:57 PM: What is our next step

Future Noah: Uhh, what’s my next step? Survive until, uh, until we know Firebrand gives me the next step ‘cause I don’t know yet. *chuckles* I’m still kind of, uhm, dealing- still kind of dealing, uh, with everything that’s going on here, I- I- I’m just giving what is presented to me, and I’m giving it to you... [Nods.]

hahapwnd - 6:58 PM: Would the loop have broken if you had killed yourself way back when?

Future Noah: Okay, uh, I- I mean, I’m pretty sure, uh, failed- FAILED loop versions of me have died, which is why I’m here now, because those- those- those versions of me failed, and I’m the one that hasn’t, and we worked a lot to get to this point. That’s- that’s why we’re part of the Alpha Timeline, the one that’s good, the one that’s- that- that works, the spicy one, the one they don’t like, the one that we’re- we’re one step ahead.

Ghost - 6:58 PM: Who got stabbed in (deathtrapexodus i think?)

blot - 6:58 PM: who got stabbed in deus ex machina?

Future Noah: Who got stabbed in DEATHTRAP- Uhhhhhh, someone, [Grins a bit, lips tight together.] hmmm. Sooomeone got staaaabbed.. With, uhm- Oh! With that Nazi Blade! Yeah, that’s the blade that stabbed a- huh- in the- and it’s interesting. Interesting, yeah.

Xymorm - 6:58 PM: what year is it for you

Future Noah: What year is it for me? [Pauses, raises brow, then looks at Transcript and grins cheekily.] I didn’t tell you. Good. Good, I wasn’t sure if I was supposed to. Uh, C’mon, I only have like- seconds left guys. It ain’t gonna come out. Quick, quick! Gimme a last minute question, somethin’!

Avant-Garde - 7:00 PM: How'd you get the blade?

Future Noah: How do I get the Blade? Uhh, Well, I- I got the Blade wheeen I got the journal, which is, uhm, which is later on, no, I don’t- I don’t remember exactly when it happened but-

***The Livestream Is Offline***

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