/r/ update for INTERCEPTION video and the 11/11/12 livestream, example text below

A third Stickam livestream took place on 11/11/12, but the majority of it was not recorded due to technical difficulties.
However, a text overview of what took place is available: 11/11/12 livestream

A page for OOG/metagame information? Edit

Since I see a lot of people tossing around tidbits of information rather frequently that are not directly relevant to the plot of TribeTwelve but have relations to its development and direction - for instance, the "feud" between Adam Rosner and Kyle Malo that pretty much nerfed the character of Milo forever - could we maybe have a page to collect and extrapolate on such things? For instance, information about the people involved in the project, and events that have transpired over the course of the series' production that are notable and have impacted the series in some way. It would just be one page, called something along the lines of "OOG/Metagame Elements of TribeTwelve" or simply "OOG", and to avoid immersion spoiling, no other pages would link to it except for the front page, under the "Relevant Out of Game Links" section.

For the record, in this context, "metagame" would be referring to the reflections upon the creative minds behind TribeTwelve and the relevant OOG elements in order to speculate on elements in-game. This is actually an approach that some fans take, and I think it has its merits - plus, it would serve a great purpose in terms of being able to educate people on the behind-the-scenes elements of the story that so many people allude to and blindly and unfairly expect everyone else to be aware of. -wohdin yes the whole earth 11:37, January 5, 2013 (UTC)


-OBSERVER The King of Spiders (talk) 22:36, May 30, 2013 (UTC)

Other 2 recorded livestreams Edit

I have found a replacement for the Stickam Livestream on 29/08/11, with Spanish subtitles. I have edited all 4 parts of the video, along with INTERRUPTION, and have made a page for it. Find it here.

     Eramus the 5thEdit

WhisperedFaith crossover coming up?Edit

On Adam Rosner's page, someone asked him if he will be doing a WhisperedFaith crossover. Adam replied with " :^) "  Does this possibly mean there will be a crossover with WF?

For those who don't know, WhisperedFaith is a vlog that mostly focuses on the Rake, but has had some Slender Man sightings in some of the videos. Go watch it, it's pretty cool :) But anyway, I just found this a little interesting. 12:25, December 18, 2013 (UTC)

TribeTwelve coming back soon!Edit

According to Noah's page, there will be an update video soon. It's finally coming back! 11:05, September 25, 2014 (UTC)