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Tape Analysis

Tape Analysis is the eighth episode of TribeTwelve, and the 8th video of season 1. It was uploaded on June 17th, 2010.


A brief analysis of the tape. I am very confused and afraid.


Text: Tape Analysis

Throughout the tape, there are unexplainable audio-visual defects.

[Cuts to the audio-visual distortions from "Submission 1", "Submission 2, "Submission 3" and "Submission 4"]

Text: Milo appears to freak out whenever the tape's audio and video begins to distort.

There is definitely a correlation.

I checked all the other tapes that i had filmed with that camera. There are no such errors.

The distortion and the connection to Milo is very odd.

But that's not all.

What really freaks me out about this tape is what i'm seeing for the first time.

There is a man that appears in the tape.

It is beyond me how i did not see him in the footage beforehand.

[Cuts to a shot of the Administrator in the boardwalk behind Noah and Milo during the events of "Submission 2". The image intentionally stops on the Administrator.]

[Cuts to a shot of the Administrator in "Submission 4". Once again, the image stops.]

[The two appearances of the Administrator in "Submission 5" is shown. The first at the right side of the road, and the second outside Noah's house]

[After that, the video cuts to all appearances of the Administrator in "Submission 6": at Noah's closet, coming out of a room at Noah's house and outside a window.]

Text: From what the footage shows, this man was around my neighborhood and inside my house.

I am absolutely dumbfounded. Not to mention terrified.

I am afraid to go into my closet. Let alone walk around my own house.

The fact that I did not see this man before when he was in plain sight on the tape really perturbs me.

If there are updates of any sort, i will post them here in the future. There must be some explanation for this, because I am very nervous

[The last frame of the video shows a blurry text that says: "Milo could see".]


  • In the very last frame of the video, three very blurry words can be made out, in the top left corner, center and bottom right. The words appear to read: "Milo could see".
  • It is more likely that "Milo could see" refers to the fact that Milo noticed the Administrator several times during the Submissions, while Noah was unaware of its presence.
  • This is the first time that Noah sees (or remembers) the Administrator.

Notes & Speculation

  • The text that appears at the last frame seems to be an early style and font of the Observer.