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Thanksgiving Footage Day 2

Thanksgiving Footage: Day 2 is the nineteenth episode of TribeTwelve, and the 19th video of season 1. It was uploaded on February 3rd, 2011.


I don't know what the fuck took me, where I went, or what I did. I just remember regaining consciousness, covered in blood and holding a knife as Sarah cried in the corner of the living room. It looks as if this "Observer" bastard is the likely cause of everything. I'm so sorry Sarah. Please forgive me for whatever happened, it wasn't me that night.


Text: 11/26/10 Day 2

Noah: Hey, guys. We're just about to do the live stream on Stickam. We have Sarah here and a newcomer, Kat.

Kat: Hey...

Noah: She is Sarah's friend and she's really cool, because she has a vest on. I mean, who wears vests, nowadays? They're awesome. And goggles, not to mention the goggles.

[Noah points the camera at his laptop's screen.]

Noah: And we're just about to setup.

[Noah zooms in on the stream program, which shows Noah, Sarah and Kat sitting next to each other.]

Noah: See us over there? Hi! Hi, us. The magic of technology. And, okay. Let's get the Stickam going. Actually, is your bro gonna be here?

Sarah: I think so. I think we're just waiting on him.

Noah: Okay, yeah, we're just waiting on Steven. It's her bro. He'll be here soon. If not, we'll go on without him, but...

Sarah: The show must go on.

Noah: The show must go on for the people who are on the internet.

[Cut to the inside of Sarah's car. Noah is in the passenger seat, filming.]

Noah: It is 10:24 right now and we are in Sarah's car. Kat's in the back.

[Jump cut.]

Noah: Where do you wanna go?

Sarah: We're gonna go to McDonald's.

Noah: Alright. We'll get some noms from McDonald's.

Sarah: Om nom nom.

Noah: Om nom nom!

[Jump cut.]

Noah: Now what did you want to say?

Kat: Oh, um, I was just gonna say... Well, you're in college, right?

[The video freezes and then cuts to black. The darkness doesn't appear to be the lights inside the car turning off.]

Noah: Yeah.

Kat: You look, like, older, though. Like, I don't even know...

Noah: Why? Do I look older? Is it because of my facial hair?

Sarah: No-shave November.

Noah: Yeah, yeah. That's exactly what I'm doing. No-shave November. Is it my fault that I look so rugged?

[Jump cut.]

Sarah: I don't know where I'm going! Ah, I feel like I'm gonna crash! What is this? This is a turn.

Noah: Don't crash into the house, please!

Kat: Don't let our singing distract you.

Sarah: Oh no, it has nothing to do with the singing.

Noah: Please don't crash, we just got food and I want to eat. I'm hungry.

Sarah: I'll let you live for the food.

Kat: Don't make this my last meal!

Noah: This will be our last supper.

[Cut to inside Sarah's house.]

Noah: As it turns out, horrible tragedy, we actually went to Burger King instead of McDonald's. Curse you people. You lied to me. I wanted a Big Mac.

[Cut to Noah, Sarah and Kat playing Apples to Apples.]

Noah: We're playing an awesome game, probably one of the most awesome. Yup, Apples to Apples. That's right. And the word is "deadly".

Kat: Hmm, deadly. I'm the dealer.

Noah: You're the dealer, so...

[Cut to later in the game.]

Noah: Yeah, I've already won "soft", "sexy", and "hostile". Think it describes my life.

Kat: Let's see... "Delicious", "addictive", and "radical".

[Jump cut.]

Noah: I think I have the best cards. Probably all deadly.

Kat: I don't know. I have some pretty sweet ones, bro.

Noah: I think I'm gonna either go with the second one on the end (Jack the Ripper) or the end (Helen Keller), because they're really... For deadly?

Kat: It depends. Do you want to go for funny or do you want to go for, like, realistic?

Sarah: I don't know.

Noah: Alright, choose wisely, dealer.

Kat: Oh, um... Gosh, this is hard. "Giant Squid" or "Helen Keller"? Hmm... You know, I'm going to have to pick Helen Keller.

Noah: Yes!

Kat: It's the winning card.

Noah: Yes, I told you. I frickin' told you.

Sarah: "Tree Hugger" should have won.

Kat: Tree huggers aren't deadly.

[Severe audio and visual distortion.]

Noah: Yes, that's right. I just pulled a Helen Keller.

[Cut to later that night, still in Sarah's house. A clock on the wall makes a loud, buzzing alarm.]

Noah: Goddamn, that is a creepy-ass clock.

[Noah looks toward Sarah, who shrugs.]

[Cut to black.]

[Noah is filming again in Sarah's house. He walks outside onto the back porch and starts looking around with night vision turned on.]

[Screen tearing.]

[As Noah turns toward three lights in the distance, the video becomes noticeably darker.]

Sarah: Hey, Noah?

Noah: Uh, yeah?

[Noah turns back toward the house.]

Sarah: What are you doing out here?

Noah: I'm just getting, uh... Never mind.

Sarah: Okay.

Noah: Yeah, it's getting late. Sorry. Just needed to check something out. Nothing. No, it's nothing.

[Noah goes inside and shuts the door.]

[Cut to black.]

[Cut to inside Sarah's car.]

Noah: Hey, guys. We've decided to spend the night over at Sarah's dad's house. His name is Frank, right?

Sarah: Yeah, it's Frank.

Noah: We were gonna do some activity tomorrow. I don't know. Maybe, uh... Fishing...

Sarah: Dude, you're gonna like it.

Noah: What else could you do here? But whatever. We're heading there right now. So, see you then.

[Cut to black.]

[Cut to the outside of Frank's house.]

Noah: So this is your dad's house, huh? Okay, cool.

[They enter the house and enter the living room.]

Noah: Nice place.

[Frank walks into view.]

Noah: Oh, hey! Are you Sarah's dad, Frank?

Frank: Yeah, you're Noah. Nice to meet you.

Noah: Nice to meet you.

[They shake hands.]

Frank: Hey, you got a camera there.

Noah: Yeah, I got a camera. We're actually heading off to bed soon. Like right about now. So, nice to meet you.

Frank: Nice to meet you as well.

Noah: Nice pad you got here.

Frank: Thank you.

Noah: Where's-

[The audio appears to cut out.]

Frank: It's right over there, to the right.

Noah: Okay.

Frank: Pleasant dreams.

Noah: Good night.

Sarah: Good night, dad.

[Cut to black. The video returns in a dark room, until Noah turns the lights on, revealing he is in the bathroom, filming himself in the mirror. Noah stands there for several seconds and then puts the camera down.]

[Cut to the living room. Noah is lying on the couch. Noah turns on the night vision on his camera. He lies down to go to sleep.]

[Behind the couch, Sarah walks up to Noah on the couch.]

Sarah: Hey

[Noah notices Sarah]

Sarah: I'm hearing something, like weird knocking noises, outside my window, can you come here?

[Noah gets up]

Noah: [whispering] What are you hearing?

Sarah: I don't know just weird noises

[Noah picks up the camera]

Noah: You said it was like a knocking?

Sarah: It's like a knocking noise.

[The video freezes.]

[Noah turns on the lights and turns off the night vision on his camera.]

[The video freezes again.]

[Noah goes to a window and opens the Venetian blinds. He turns the night vision on again as he looks outside.]

Noah: [whispering] I don't see anything out there...

[Something appears to move in the bushes. Noah notices it and zooms in.]

[The video begins to freeze several times, jumping as the video lags. Sarah comes out of her room.]

Noah: Is it okay if I stay in your room?

Sarah: Yeah.

Noah: So I don't feel freaked out or anything.

Sarah: Yeah.

Noah: It's okay? Okay. I just... It'll be safer, in case anything happens. Let me get my blanket.

[Cut to inside Sarah's room. Noah turns on night vision and lies down in the bed across from Sarah's.]

Noah: Okay. We'll wake up in the morning at 7:00, have breakfast and... then we'll do something. I don't know. It'll be cool.

Sarah: Sounds good.

Noah: Alright. Good night, Sarah.

[Noah turns off the lamp and goes to sleep.]

[The video is sped up. Noah tosses and turns as he sleeps.]

[Audio distortion. The bottom of the screen turns black and then the screen tears.]

[Something off-camera pulls Noah's blanket off the bed. It then pulls Noah off the bed.]

[The distortion intensifies.]

[The sound of a door closing can be heard.]

[A loud bang can be heard.]

Sarah: What the fuck?

[Sarah gets out of bed and grabs the camera.]

[Another loud bang. Sarah leaves her room to investigate.]

[Sarah enters the living room, where Noah's blanket is lying on the floor.]

Sarah: Noah? Noah, where are you?

[Sarah turns on the light and turns off the night vision.]

Sarah: Hello? Noah?

[Quiet laughter is heard. Sarah turns toward the exit to the back patio, where the door is open.]

[Noah is standing on the patio, facing away from Sarah, laughing maniacally. Sarah turns the light on.]

Sarah: Noah? Why the hell are you out here?

[Distortion occurs. Noah turns around, revealing his shirt to be torn and covered in blood. He is holding a knife and smiling.]

Noah: I don't know.

Sarah: Why the fuck are you covered in blood?

Noah: I don't know!

Sarah: Where'd you get that knife? What happened to you?

Noah: Sarah. Give me the camera.

[The video lags.]

Sarah: What the hell happened to-

Noah: Give me the fucking camera!

[Noah begins to run at Sarah with the knife. Sarah screams, and the distortion intensifies.]

[Through the distortion, Noah can be seen looking at the camera. He appears to knock Sarah to the ground and, immediately before the screen goes black, attempts to stab Sarah with the knife.]

[Cut to black. The intersecting eyes symbol appears on-screen and starts shaking.]

[A black and white image of an eyeball appears, with the intersecting eyes symbol floating inside the pupil.]

[Text appears on-screen reading "HAVING FUN?", with the dot in the question mark replaced with an X.]

[Cut to Sarah's house. The video is distorted for a few seconds. Sarah is standing to the side. Noah walks into view with his suitcase.]

[The audio volume increases.]

Noah: Okay, look, I'm sorry, really sorry about everything that happened. Thanks so much for having me. Thank you for the wonderful Thanksgiving dinner. I can't stay tonight. I have to go now.

Sarah: But... what about...

Noah: I have to go now!

Frank: Ah, Jesus! What the hell's going on out here?

[A loud bang is heard.]

Frank: What the hell was that?

[Noah picks up his camera and starts running out of the house.]

Frank: Where are you going? Hey, where the fuck you going? Get the fuck back here! Where you going?

Noah: Sorry, but I have to go!

Frank: Where the fuck are you going? Get in here!

[Noah climbs out a window and starts running.]

[Noah gets in his car and sets the camera in the passenger seat.]

[Distortion occurs as Noah opens and shuts car doors. The distortion intensifies as he enters the car and the screen becomes darker.]

[Noah starts driving.]

Noah: Oh god! What the fuck? It's him!

[Cut to black.]

[A black and white image of the Observer appears, holding his hand out. The intersecting eyes symbol is on his palm, black tape in the shape of an X is on his mouth, and text is visible that reads "SOON YOU WILL JOIN US".]


  • The cards from Noah, Sarah, and Kat's Apples to Apples game are significant. The object of Apples to Apples is to choose a noun that relates the most to a specific adjective; the adjective was deadly, in this case. The different cards that were discussed specifically were "Helen Keller", "Jack the Ripper", "Giant Squid", and "Tree Hugger":
    • Helen Keller was a blind and deaf woman; Noah says he "pulled a Helen Keller", which relates to the Observer's message to Noah, that he is blind, deaf, and dumb.
    • Jack the Ripper was a notorious murderer in late 19th century Britain; This possibly foreshadows what's going to happen next.
    • Giant Squid relates to the Administrator's tentacles.
    • Tree Hugger possibly relates to the forests of Victor Park.
  • At the end of the video, a darkened frame of the Observer (the man seen in the footage from the box, and in a hidden frame at the end of the first "Thanksgiving Footage" video) is seen, holding his hand forward. On his palm is the intersecting eyes symbol.