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The Envelope

The Envelope is the twenty-fourth episode of TribeTwelve, and the 24th video of season 1. It was uploaded on June 17th, 2011, together with "Summer Update" and "Secret Parent Interview".


This is the envelope I received in the mail. The contents are Milo related. I think it's starting again.

Here's the unburnt version of that letter:


[The video opens on Noah's face.]

Text: 6/16/11

Noah: [Sighs.] It's Noah. Sixteenth of June. Another update.

[He holds up an envelope with purple duct tape forming an X on it.]

Noah: Got this envelope in the mail today. No return address. Just...just this big purple X made up of duct tape on the front. At the bottom here...

[He holds the bottom edge in front of the camera. The camera focuses on the penciled-in words "ASHES ASHES".]

Noah: "Ashes ashes." Another on the flap at the top...

[He lowers the flap into view. The words "WE ALL FALL DOWN" are penciled in.]

Noah: "We all fall down."

[He lays the envelope down and pauses.]

Noah: ...Four strange things in this envelope. Each...each being more mysterious than the last, we'll leave it at that. [Sighs.] First of all, we have this.

[Noah holds up a photo of the Administrator next to a kid from the video in "Box Analysis".]

Noah: It's - it's like a postcard or something. Like...on the front it' a glossy photo of a shot from-- it's taken from the tape that I recovered in the Box Analysis video. This is the top.

[He points to words in the top right of the photo.]

Noah: "We're all just creatures of." On the back...

[He flips the photo around and the white surface has words penciled in.]

Noah: "Not an Observer. Just an old connection. Yours."

[Noah lays the photo down.]

Noah: There's no signature. the bottom. Crumpled up. I found this badly burned piece of paper with text on it.

[He shows the burnt letter.]

Noah: I think it's a letter or something. Uh...I don't know who wrote it, or who it was intended to be for, but I just know that it's dated, "1995".

[He shows the top of the paper, pointing to the date.]

Noah: And that it mentions Milo.

[Noah points to a line saying, "He greeted himself at Milo." He then puts it down with a sigh.]

Noah: Penultimately...we have this old Polaroid picture.

[Holds up picture of a woman, man, and boy standing in under a tree, their faces blacked out]

Noah: It's also dated from '95. You can see three people standing together the middle of the shot. Their face... faces scribbled out. Like, sharpie, or something. The bottom-- it's kinda hard to read 'cause it's faded, but--

[He brings the bottom of the photo into the shot. The label reads in faded letters, "Mary, Milo, Dr. C - 1995".]

Noah: It says "Mary, Milo, Dr. C, 1995."

[He breathes uneasily.]

Noah: So, what I'm thinking-- apparently this is... Milo, at seven years old, seven-year-old Milo and his mom, Mary. It's... worn and faded real bad, scratched up to hell, but... I don't know who this guy is, this... this man, Dr. C... but, you know, I'm...

[He puts the photo down.]

Noah: I'm just presuming it's one of Milo's many psychologists that he frequented over the years... never seen this picture before. And finally... we have this.

[Noah pulls out a large cut-out piece of paper reading "unrel- narra-", presumably part of the phrase "unreliable narrator".]

Noah: A small, torn scrap of paper from god-knows-what. Uh, it says, "unrel... narra..." ...Er, narrator, maybe, I don't know, I can't tell if this is a code or not, or s-something like that.

[Noah points to one of the corners of the paper, showing a small dot of ink.]

Noah: But, uh, there's a little bit of black ink at the tupper right-- uh, upper right hand corner here, so, um, I'm thinking this is probably, maybe...

[He puts the sheet of paper down.]

Noah: ...a part of a larger piece of paper or something. And that's it. I'll scan all four of these things, and... put it up on my Twitter's twitpic so you can see them in detail for yourself. I'm stumped. For all I know, this... this might not even be from the Observer asshole...

[He holds up the back of the first photo.]

Noah: "Not an Observer", you know...

[He puts it down.]

Noah: ...So I'm trying to think here, but, maybe this is what he wants me to think. Whatever. I think it's fucking starting again. That's all I gotta say. Bye for now.

[Noah turns off the camera. The last image of the video is a shot of the Administrator with the words "OF TIME" in the Observer's handwriting.]


  • At the last frame of the video, the words, "OF TIME" appear. This completes the sentence from the previous two videos ("Summer Update" and "Secret Parent Interview"), saying, "IT IS ONLY A MATTER OF TIME".
  • The incomplete message reads "unreliable narrator". This casts doubt on whether or not Noah is giving the full story.
  • Dr. C refers to Dr. Corenthal from the EverymanHYBRID series, which has been linked in canon with TribeTwelve.
  • The purple tape is a recurring theme in EverymanHYBRID.
  • The style of the messages to Noah from the sender are reminiscent to those written by HABIT in EMH.
  • Along with the EMH references, the "We are all creatures of" would most likely be finished as "We are all creatures of HABIT"
  • The burnt letter's full text was revealed after the sixth trial of HABIT was completed in EverymanHYBRID. HABIT released 2 files on his Twitter. The second file, "1995.pdf", is the full letter along with several other letters. The letter reveals that Dr. Corenthal met Milo and that Milo had already encountered the Administrator as a young child.


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