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The Submissions are the first major part of the TribeTwelve series. They consist of clips that Noah Maxwell posted from tapes of himself and his cousin Milo Asher, which he filmed in 2008. Except for the video "Introduction - In Memory of Milo Asher", the Submissions are the first videos to be posted on the channel. Initially, Noah posted the videos as a tribute/memorial to Milo, who died from an overdose some time before he started posting to his channel. However, Noah begins to notice strange things happening in the recordings. Milo's coughs, constant paranoia and panic attacks, and appearances of an enigmatic tall figure were just a few of the things that worried Noah as he reviewed the tape. From then on, Noah begins to document his own investigation regarding the events of this tape.

The Videos

  • Submission 1 - Consists of Milo's arrival at Noah's summer house and a walk that they had at the boardwalk's Lakeside Deck, in Victor Park. Filmed on Saturday, Day 1.
  • Submission 2 - Also happens on Saturday, Day 1. It shows a walk that Milo and Noah had on the Boardwalk and the Observation Tower, both also located in Victor Park.
  • Submission 3 - Consists of a previously unknown recording that Noah wasn't aware of. It was recorded by Milo on the night of Day 1.
  • Submission 4 - Takes place on Sunday, Day 2. Once again, Milo and Noah visit Victor Park, but this time, they walk along the Nature Trail.
  • Submission 5 - Takes place on the night of Day 2, after Milo and Noah return from Victor Park. The video first takes place in Noah's car, in which they discuss Milo's paranoia over the past two days. Soon after, the recording goes on during the early hours of Day 3, once again recorded by Milo.
  • Submission 6 - The final Submission happens on Monday, Day 3. Consists of the return of Milo to Alabama, followed by a brief unknown recording by Noah.
  • Tape Analysis - Not an actual Submission, but an analysis of all of them. Noah decides to do this analysis after noting some audio-visual distortions, Milo's odd behavior and the appearance of a strange figure who appears to be following Milo throughout the Submission series.