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The Token Letter

The Token Letter is the sixteenth episode of TribeTwelve, and the 16th video of season 1. It was uploaded on December 6th, 2010.


Now I regret returning home even more.


[Shot of the view through the windshield as Noah drives down the highway.]

Noah: I came home today after several days of living in my car on the highway... uh, after I left Sarah's house the day after Thanksgiving.

[Fade to black, fade in to Noah walking up the path leading to the front door of his house.]

Noah: Um, when I got home, I found envelopes sticking out from... between my front doors. Um... had no address information or... or-or any information at all on it besides...

[Noah takes out the envelope sticking out of the door, holding it up to the camera and flipping it over.]

Noah: ...the word 'Token' on the front, and 'obey' on the back, with an arrow.

[Fade to black, fade in to Noah opening the letter on a wooden table.]

Noah: Inside the envelope, there was a bunch of strange shit.

[Noah pulls out a piece of paper from the envelope and examines a leaf that was also inside. Cut to Noah unfolding the paper to display the note, which shows a childlike drawing of a many-tentacled figure standing down a road]

Noah: First there was this note, uh, "Who is more foolish, the boy that is afraid of the dark, or the man that is afraid of the light?" and "Expecting you", this symbol-thing.

[He indicates the intersecting eyes symbol.]

Noah: This drawing in the middle... Question mark... I don't know if that's blood or not.

[Cut to Noah holding piece of tissue paper.]

Noah: And second, there's a piece of tissue paper with some shit written on it.

[The tissue says "I THOUGHT YOU COULD USE THIS", with a small intersecting eyes symbol drawn in the bottom right corner.]

Noah: This is, this is obviously making fun of my... my nosebleeds, mocking me.

[Noah holds up a small plastic bag.]

Noah: And then we have this, this little baggie of white pills, uh, there's... I counted, there's sixteen pills and they--

[Audio distortion makes the audio and video skip for a couple of seconds.]

Noah: --have no idea what they are. And inside there's a little note. "Take these, you'll feel better". I'm not gonna take these. Fuck you.

[Cut to Noah holding a fortune cookie fortune.]

Noah: There's a fortune from a fortune cookie in there too. Um, it says, "The guilty one is not he who commits the sin, but the one who causes the darkness." I dunno if that has any-- any significance, or whatever.

[Cut to Noah holding a broken key.]

Noah: There's also this key inside as well, uh, it's broken off at the neck and, uh, doesn't really look familiar to me at all.

[Noah drops the key on the table and moves a few leaves in-frame.]

Noah: Weirdly enough, there's a bunch of sticks and leaves inside. I don't-- I don't even know... what the hell I'm supposed to make of that.

[Cut to Noah holding a broken flash drive.]

Noah: And uh, finally, we have this. Uh, it's a flash drive, USB, and uh... at least the skeleton of one, and...

[Cut to Noah demonstrating what he describes.]

Noah: I plugged it into my computer to see if it worked and it did. It had this video file on it.

[Noah zooms the camera into his computer screen, the file name reads 'ULTIMATUM'. The name of the flash drive can also be read, 'DEARNOAH']

Noah: This is what it was.

[Cut to video.]

[Note: Given that this is a "Collective" video, there are no spoken words to transcribe; below is the text that appears in the video in chronological order.]

[Heavily distorted black and white images, possibly trees, accompanied by a low humming sound.]


[Fade to Milo Asher's grave marker.]


[Fade to a shot from underneath a car.]



[Fade to a house, possibly Noah's.]


[Fade to white.]


[Fade to a car tire in motion.]



[Fade to footage from "The Unboxing": Noah removing the cassette and all its tape from the box.]



[The word "DEEPER" appears on the box, the card Noah removes the box has been edited to show only an intersecting eyes symbol. Fade to white.]


[Fade to footage of a turkey struggling on the ground before going limp. Fade to footage of meat pouring from a grinder.]



["BUT" carries on into the next shot which appears to be from inside a building; someone running down a hall, turning left, seeing someone on the floor motionless, looking up, and seeing the Administrator outside, tentacles drawn. The audio grows sharper and sharper in tone until the camera quickly tilts down to black.]


[Dark laughter can be heard. The video file ends; cut back to Noah, the video being shot with tinnier audio than before, and minor audio distortion can be heard throughout the rest of the video.]

Noah: Uh, um-- [audio and video clip briefly] --update, uh... before I was gonna post this video, on a hunch I decided to... take another look in the box, the box that was left outside of my house about three months ago, and um... there was an area I realized I hadn't looked in beforehand.

[Cut to Noah holding the box, the inside seemingly empty.]

Noah: The bottom of the box, it's made of two flaps that could be folded back if... if you force them hard enough.

[Noah folds back the flaps.]

Noah: I found this.

[A giant intersecting eyes symbol has been drawn on the bottom of the box.]

Noah: And this, this symbol has been reoccurring in, in the letter, and the video, and the flash drive. I've no fucking idea... where it's from or what it means.

[Noah drops the box.]

Noah: This is-- this is really the first time I've been seeing it.

[He kicks the box aside. The video briefly clips near the top of the image.]

Noah: Also, uh, under the flaps there were two things, um, another fortune: "The deeper you look, the more you will find", and an old burnt picture of Milo and I.

[Milo's face is burnt out of the picture but Noah's is still visible.]

Noah: Now, uh, I'd given Milo this picture as a file back in '06 before he shut his email account down, and um, I don't know how this fucker got a hold of it, but... but maybe he has some connection with Milo... I have no fucking idea.

[Cut back to Noah's face.]

Noah: Okay, um, I really don't know who the fuck this person is, but they're really fucking with me, and I don't appreciate being fucked with. So, if you could step the fuck off, that would be nice. I'm really stressed right now, and all this crazy shit is not helping. So, right now I am uh, gonna look through my "Thanksgiving footage", and I'll post it after I mellow down some more. Uh, so... Noah out.

[Noah shuts off his camera. The distortion briefly grows louder, and the video's final frame is a distorted shot of Noah holding open the box to reveal the intersecting eyes symbol. The words "OBSERVING YOU" have been added on the inside.]


  • This is the first video in the TribeTwelve series to introduce one of the Observer's trademarks, the intersecting eyes symbol.
  • The Administrator appears during the video from the flash drive at about 3:43, behind the blinds. He can be difficult to see, but the tentacles are a bit more obvious.
  • The box with the intersecting eyes' 'symbol is seen at the very last frame, only this time with the words "OBSERVING YOU".
  • All the letters in bold from the drawing form the word "Milo".
  • Unlike in most videos that they upload, there is no music that plays during the "hellgaze" portion of the video. Rather, a long droning noise plays instead.