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The Unboxing

The Unboxing is the twelfth episode of TribeTwelve, and the 12th video of season 1. It was uploaded on August 11th, 2010.


Who left me this box?


Text: The Unboxing'

[The camera is pointing down on a box with thick black rope wrapped around it. Noah's legs and hands are visible. He`s sitting on the floor.]

Noah: Noah here, August 9th, 9:07 pm. This is the box that was left outside my front door on the night of the fourth. That night I did do something; I called the police and reported suspicious activity around my house. They came at around four and they searched around for an hour and they found nothing. So, I don't know who the hell left me this damn box. Uhh, I haven't opened it yet - as you can see - and to be honest, I was pretty freaked out when I found it. Sorry about the rampant cursing in the last video. And so I set it aside in the corner of my room and I didn't touch it until now. Under normal circumstances I would have opened it, but for obvious reasons I was pretty afraid at the time. So, uh, let's get down to business. It's wrapped in this black rope, I'll get it off. Uhh, actually, it's tied on rather loosely; just comes right off.

[He unties the rope and pulls it off]

Noah: Uhh, put that aside.

[He pushes the rope off-camera.]

Noah: And uh, this box is unmarked besides this torn label on the back.

[He picks up the box and turns it over, exposing the underside to the camera. The label is indeed torn, the barcode ripped and the information is blacked out.]

Noah: All the information has just been sharpied out, and there's nothing useful.

[The video begins to experience distortion.]

Noah: And uh, yeah this is really making me nervous, so uh, let's just open it right now. I'm gonna open it right now.

[There is a sudden burst of static and the screen goes black. It briefly flashes back to Noah and 'he knows what I have done' is written on the right side of the video. We see a stick figure etched onto a black screen that looks vaguely like the Administrator. The words show up again, then back to Noah. Faint static is in the background and he now has scissors.]

Noah: Let's do this.

[Sudden distortion and the video cuts. The whine of a small motor dying is heard.]

Text: My camera turned off by itself. This is the third time it's happened in the past week. I turned it on and continued cutting the box open.

[We go back to Noah, and the angle has changed slightly. We see he is kneeling and his arms up to the elbow. A remote is visible behind him and the camera seems tilted. He cuts the box open, and inside is cassette tape.]

Noah: What the hell?

[He picks up the tape.]

Noah: What the hell is this black shit?

[He begins to pull it out. A cassette is sitting on the bottom and the tapes seems to come from that.]

Noah: This is DV tape.

[He pulls out the cassette. Underneath is a paper.]

Noah: What the...god.

[He puts it down, and goes to pick up the paper. Underneath is a phone, a key, various batteries and metal parts.]

Noah: What the hell is this?

[The paper reads:


Noah puts it off to the side.]

Noah: There's a phone in here.

[He picks it up.]

Noah: A key...

[He picks the key up before setting both down, muttering unintelligibly. Fishing around in the box, he picks up a few pieces.]

Noah: These are uh, computer chips, parts...

[The audio begins to distort and double up.]

Noah: Circuit boards...

[A blast of distortion. If he says anything it is unintelligible. The video abruptly returns to normal, and Noah throws the pieces back inside the box before rummaging around again.]

Noah: I think that's it.

[The box is pushed off to the side and Noah turns his attention to the phone.]

Noah: Let's see more about this phone. Umm...

[He begins to press buttons on the side, then flips it over and pulls off the battery cover. There's a battery inside.]

Noah: Oh, there's a battery in it! Okay, let me try and start it up.

[He turns the phone over and flips it open. The screen falls to one side and he tugs on it. It falls further off one hinge.]

Noah: Oh, shit. Umm...the top part of this phone is broken, I think one of the hinge caps come off.

[Examining it, he forces the hinge back in place. It seems to have worked.]

Noah: Try and turn it on.

[The screen lights up.]

Noah: It works! But the screen is all messed up...

[The screen is black with some red-orange noise on-screen. A hiss of static is heard and the screen begins to move. What we see looks like more distorted footage on the phone's screen.]

Noah: Heavily messed up. Oh yeah, look at the screen; it's broken.

[He holds it up to the camera and we get a better view of what's on the phone. It looks like your typical damaged LCD screen. He moves it away and begins to press buttons, the screen sometimes changing.]

Noah: Buttons seem to work okay. Oh, uh, I should try and dial a number.

[He does. We can't hear ringing, and after a few seconds the screen dims. The phone is deactived, as the pre-recorded message that plays states.]

Noah: Uh, so I guess this phone's number is already deactivated.

[He turns the phone off and we briefly see the front screen. It is also broken. He turns it on his side and sees something.]

Noah: Oh, oh crap. It's got a micro SD card port.

[The phone is taken off-camera so Noah can take a closer look.]

Noah: But the slot is empty. Um, uhh, I might be able to get something off this phone... beca- [unintelligible], um, I'll look into that.

[He puts the phone down and runs his fingers through the tape from earlier.]

Noah: Um, I might be able to salvage this if I'm delicate enough in rewinding it into its case, but no guarantees on that.

[He rests his hand on the side.]

Noah: Um, I don't know about the computer chips - parts, I'll look into that to.

[Picks up the key off-camera.]

Noah: Uh, I have no idea what this key opens; looks like a uh, standard house key.

[The card from earlier is in his hands.]

Noah: And this card...what the hell does this mean?

[He turns it over. NOAH is written on the back. The O is has an X through it, making it the Operator symbol. Noah is clearly alarmed, and jumps back.]

Noah: What the fuck?!

[He stands.]

Noah: Jesus Christ...umm, okay uh...I don't know what to say about all this. Uhh...

[He kneels and picks the card up again.]

Noah: It's disturbing, it's confusing,'s all just scaring me pretty bad right now. So uh, I'm going to investigate more about all these things tomorrow. Right now I just really need to get some sleep. I have been up now for something like two or three days. Can't even keep track.

[Nearly falling, he steadies himself with one hand.]

Noah: Alright, uh, this is Noah Maxwell, signing off.

[He reaches for the camera and we're treated to one last bout of severe audio and video distortion before the camera is turned off.]


  • The box contains some computer chips, a broken phone lacking an SD card, a tape that has been pulled from the case, and a note.
  • The note reads:
                   THE RIVER'S FLOW IS WHERE
                                             IT BEGINS

(This was also said by Firebrand in the video "INTERCEPTION", claiming that it was his special quote from his childhood.)

  • On the back the note has the word NOAH in large letters, the O being made of the "Operator symbol" (a circle with an X through it). This symbol is more prominent in the Marble Hornets series, being rarely used in TribeTwelve. The name "Operator symbol" came from the Operator, that is name that Slender Man have on Marble Hornets.
  • Distortion at 1:33
  • At 1:38, when Noah is saying he's about to open the box, the phrase "HE KNOWS WHAT I HAVE DONE" appears in the distortion.  It was likely put there by Firebrand, as it has the same font that he has been known to use. The frame before this also shows an etching of the Administrator (white on a black background), suggesting that the Administrator is the "he" being referred to.
  • The very last frame of the video shows the message: "I WILL WAIT FOR YOU." Alongside the message is an etching of the Administrator without a head, and with tentacles. The entire image appears to be in negative/reversed colors. Whether this was put here by Firebrand (as it has his font) or an early version of the Observer is unknown.


He knows what I have done