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Unknown Caller

Unknown Caller is the fourteenth episode of TribeTwelve, and the 14th video of season 1. It was uploaded on November 3rd, 2010.


I have since destroyed the phone so it can no longer function.


Noah: Hey, it's Noah. 11:42 PM. October 31, 2010. Halloween. Uh, I turned off all the lights in my house because, uh, I don't want any trick-or-treaters bothering me tonight. Uh, as you've noticed from my Twitter postings I've been hearing strange noises around my house again... in the night and, um, I was beginning to think that it was the phone that I had gotten in the box, just buzzing, and... I heard it a few times, so I got the phone out of the box, put it on my desk and about an hour ago, I think 10:30, it rang again for sure and this time I answered it and got it on tape.

[Cut to Noah breathing heavily while watching the phone vibrate on his bed. He answers it.]

Noah: Hello?

Observer: Noah… [unintelligible speech]

Noah: Who is this?

Observer: We are watching... waiting for you... [unintelligible speech]

Noah: The fuck is this?!

Observer: Come. Come to us. Alone… [unintelligible]… No sleep. Evening. On the [unintelligible]. Or we will come in… [unintelligible]… tower… [unintelligible]… love. Why … [unintelligible]…  We want … [unintelligible]…  you…

[Noah sobs. An inhuman squeal/shriek come from the phone.]

Noah: Fuck this. [He shuts the phone] Fuck this. Fuck this.... Fuck this. Fuck this! Oh my god. The fuck will this stop?

[The phone rings again; Noah answers, breathing heavily.]

Noah: The fuck do you want?

[The caller laughs and says something unintelligible.]

Noah: Fuck!

[More laughter and unintelligible speech.]

Noah: ...The fuck?!

Kevin: [more human, but choked voice] Sorry.... sorry.... so... sorry... help... [gurgling, laughing]

Noah: Leave me the fuck alone!

[The audio distorts.]

Noah: Fuck this shit!

[Noah takes the battery out of the phone and throws the parts.]

Noah: Fuck this shit!

[Scene cuts to Noah narrating over footage of his camera.]

Noah: The following footage I don't remember filming. It was there when I turned on my camera just now to capture what I just shot. It was recorded some time between when I'd last filmed something—uh, October 13th—and today.

[Noah's room in night vision, Noah breathing heavily. He pans quickly around the room to the right, left, right, left again. It moves downward as if he's getting out of bed. Screen goes black for a moment. Video returns, heavily distorted and slowed down, seemingly of the same room. Static on soundtrack. Eventually regains clarity and normal movement. Visual tear and static as well as discoloration appear. Noah pans up from his doorway, then back down. Tentacles appear behind the right side of the door frame. Camera drops and heavy distortion follows. The last frame is an image of the Administrator with tentacles spread wide. Above it is written "NO ESCAPE".]


  • The caller's identity has been confirmed as the Observer.
  • At the end of the second call, it seems like the caller is being choked by someone; possibly the Administrator.
    • Alternatively, the Observer could have lost control of his vessel (Kevin), which would explain why he was apologising. The choking may have been the Observer regaining control.
  • At around 5:45, what looks to be the Administrator's tentacles emerge from behind the left wall.
  • On the last frame of the video are the words "NO ESCAPE" and an image of the Administrator with his tentacles out.