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The Boardwalk entrance at Victor Park during day time, photographed by Noah during the events of "Nature Trail Visit"

Victor Park is a park located in Glover Bright Trail, Cape Coral, Florida. The park is large and forested. The forests of Victor Park are known to be connected with the Administrator and the Collective entities in some way. Noah and Milo have visited Victor Park on multiple occasions. The park has a boardwalk, which leads through the forest to a lake, and a nature trail, which leads deeper into the forest. A tall observation tower is located near the center of the forest. Somewhere beyond the forest, there is a children's playground.

As shown in the video "Box Analysis", the Administrator appears with a young Milo Asher as revealed Milo's journal entry "campfire". According to Noah's Formspring, the playground outside the park was dedicated to a boy named Liam, who died a long time ago.

The Administrator seems to have a long history with Victor Park's Boardwalk.  On several occasions, the Collective has tried to lure Noah to the boardwalk, either to possess him or take him by force to their realm. It is possible that their powers and their influences on our world are stronger there.

It is also noteworthy that whenever the Collective instructs Noah to deliver Karl's Journal to them, they always say to bring it the Boardwalk.


  • Submission 2 - Noah takes Milo to the boardwalk at Victor Park. They go to an observation tower and then continue until they reach the lake. As they are leaving, Milo runs from the Administrator.
  • Submission 4 - Noah and Milo return to Victor Park. This time, they walk along the nature trail, eventually deciding to go to a large observation tower in the center of the forest. After finding that the tower is closed, they begin to leave, but Milo runs off after seeing the Administrator.
  • Box Analysis - Someone is running around Victor Park at night. The person walks around a playground. The person appears to encounter the Administrator and, at the end, a glasses-wearing man appears. As the video ends, a frame with a picture of the Administrator standing next to a young boy (confirmed to be a young Milo) can be seen.
  • HELLOTHERE - There is a few frames of what appears to be the observation tower at Victor Park, then cut to a train, then, again, cut to the nature trail, possibly the one from Nature Trail Visit, then fade to white.
  • COMECLOSER - A shot of a sign (most likely in Victor Park) appears. The sign reads "Start! Walking Path". Then cut to a shot of the boardwalk in Victor Park. Cut to a video of the observation tower. The camera points to the top of the tower.
  • Nature Trail Visit - Noah returns to the nature trail to scout the area, bringing a bicycle. Noah reaches the observation tower, only to find that it is still closed. Despite this, he goes to the top of it, where he finds a message left from the Observer. He tries to escape the park, but is attacked by the Administrator. He also explores a small portion of the forest.
  • INTERRUPTION - Noah is shown running through what appears to be Victor Park. As Noah continues running, the Administrator appears in front of him and the camera zooms in on its face. The text "RUN NOAH RUN" appears.
  • HAPPYBIRTHDAY - The Collective can been seen on the Boardwalk.
  • DEUS EX MACHINA - Firebrand appears several times at the boardwalk.
  • Fortunes - Noah retrieves a liquor bottle from off-camera and begins to drink. The picture and audio distort as the backdrop behind Noah changes to the Boardwalk. Some of the tree branches along the sides have been replaced with the Administrator's tentacles. The Administrator glides into view and charges towards Noah. A shadowy hand reaches into the frame and touches Noah's left shoulder. He is returned to his room.
  • DEATHTRAPEXODUS - Noah appears standing at the boardwalk.
  • Crawlspace - Noah finds that the space beneath his desk teleports him to the foot of the observation tower. He visits Victor Park the next evening against his will and loses Milo's journal to the Administrator. At the end of the video, he drives back to the park entrance to attempt to retrieve it.
  • Pitfall - The direct continuation of the video "Crawlspace". Here, Noah enters in a distorted version of the Boardwalk, being transported trough several points of Victor Park and falling a infinite/distorted version of the observation tower.
  • Sisyphus - Noah continues to walk through the boardwalk and gets chased by a large spider, he then meets a future version of himself that cuts his hand with a Nazi blade.
  • Rendezvous - Noah continues to walk along the distorted boardwalk, before getting cornered by the Administrator and the Observer. As he runs from the two, he ends up in a pocket dimension with a second future Noah. When he gets Milo’s journal back, he is transported back to the boardwalk.


  • Every Collective video has at least one shot of Victor Park or the boardwalk. The only exception is the video "INTERCEPTION".
  • Both Firebrand and the Observer have made it clear that Noah has to deliver the Journal on the Boardwalk.
  • Victor Park has at least 5 important locations: the Nature Trail, the Boardwalk, the Lakeside Deck, the Observation Tower and the Forest.
  • The boardwalk in real life is located in Cape Coral, Florida at the Glover Bight Trail in Rotary Park.